Cookie Run: Kingdom – How to complete the Crystal Constellation?

Cookie Run: Kingdom – How to complete the Crystal Constellation? 1 -
Cookie Run: Kingdom – How to complete the Crystal Constellation? 1 -

Welcome to this post, This Cookie Run: Kingdom – How to complete the Crystal Constellation? The guide was written to be useful to you, and we hope you will find that to be the case.

In order to fulfill the requirement of completing of the Crystal Constellation in order to acquire Moonlight Shards in Cookie Run Kingdom, We’ve prepared a guide to assist you in this process.


Instructions on how to complete the Crystal Constellation in the Cookie Run Kingdom

You will be given a brand new set of Daily Missions to complete daily. The completion of these missions will allow you to progress through The Crystal Constellation and gain access to its rewards. You will need to accomplish the following tasks on the first day: consume 50 Stamina Jellies; create something 100 times; get the reward from the Bear Jelly Train once; complete three bounties; and play five times in Kingdom Arena. You will be awarded 50 Gems and 30 Moonlight Shards as a reward for completing this task.

Participation in the Moonlight Shard Gacha is possible between the 19th of January until the 6th of March 2023. You must collect 100 Moonlight Shards before you can take part in the draw. This can be accomplished by completing daily missions and other tasks. You will receive a daily treat of 40 Moonlight Shards. If you would like, you could purchase additional Moonlight Shards.


About the Game: Kingdom Cookie Run

Cookie Run: Kingdom is the sixth installment in the action-role-playing gacha gaming series. Devsisters developed it. The game’s primary objective is for players to build their Cookie Kingdom while accumulating a stockpile of Cookies to use in battle with gacha.

Each player is given a plot on which they can build structures and other features. This will allow them to gain resources faster in the beginning of the game. The player must increase the Fountain of Abundance level, the production structures, and the Cookie Castle to gain additional resources and items. Players must also construct additional buildings to trade or raise their levels. Players can build various items for their kingdom by using various production buildings. Enhancing the Cookie Castle once the player has obtained sufficient items or has completed specific tasks is possible. This allows them to expand the space available, increase the level of existing buildings or build new ones. The same can be said regarding the offline version of the Fountain of Abundance. The player can also expand their territory by using different materials and engage in combat with different enemies in certain areas.

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