Cookie Run Kingdom – Herb Cookie Topping Guide

Cookie Run Kingdom – Herb Cookie Topping Guide 1 -
Cookie Run Kingdom – Herb Cookie Topping Guide 1 -

OK, good.

The subject today will be a guide to toppings.

Please pay attention to learn more about this Okay, guys.

As I mentioned in the introduction, this video will focus on Herb Cookie.

Herb cookie is, in my opinion, the second-best healer in the game, right behind pure vanilla.

Naturally, if You were able to pull for pure vanilla during the event Uh from the nether gotcha then that’s Great on you guys, but there are still Some players who are not able to pull it, Particularly the Free to Play Players, so I want to discuss herb cookie.

I leveled them all the way to level 4, the skill to level 40, and even have him at three stars but right now you know I haven’t used him in a while.

It’s difficult to include him in your team with only five cookie slots, especially since you already have pure vanilla.

However, for those players who still need a healer and don’t have pure vanilla, this is a problem.

Herb will rank as your second-best option.

So, for herb, if you guys will just quickly move over to skill, it says that healing is 47.2 Of attack and then it does an additional 19.4 every one second over five seconds, meaning that it does more healing overall.

Additionally, if you look at it, it says that it purifies and that all debuff effects are gone, so the thing about herb cookie is that it doesn’t heal a lot at once, unlike pure Vanilla, which can heal over 100% of an attack in one go.

Instead, he is a very steady, slow healer, but he can heal over time, which is something very special about him.

Additionally, it cleans up all DevOps on your team, including any defense and stun.

You may already be aware of debuffs or damage resistance, but If you look at it, His cooldown is at 17 and over 17 seconds instead of 70, Sorry about that, and if you look at Him, He is A Very Basic Healer Cookie With A Little Low HP At 35 000, And Then Attack Is At 5,000, Defense Is At 6,600, And Then Crit Is At 12% Crit Really Doesn’t Matter With Uh Area Cookie So If We Compare It To My Three Star Level 50 Hero Cookie, It’s All Those Things Uh All The simply vanilla Attack is at 8000 and defense is at 12,000 for pure vanilla.

So there is a level 10 Difference.

However, as you can already see, Herb has a significantly lower attack, HP, and Defense, which means that his only strategy is to heal gradually.

There are only two options at this point.

Syrian raspberry will increase the amount of healing you receive, or swift chocolate, which I don’t have at the moment, will be the alternate.

I used my last batch of soap chocolate on red Velvet, so that’s where it is at, but uh those are those two that are going to be your second- and third-best options for Herb Cookie.

So I’m going to run some tests with it.

I’m going to use searing raspberry first so you guys can see how much healing difference you get, and then I’m going to use swift chocolate to see the healing That is done Know Fast the cooldown comes down to, so Let’s start with no topping at all, and then let’s go into 8 30 and do the battle there, guys.

Here we go, I’m going to make my new team.

Right here.

This was the test run, but I’m going to add latte, which is my old scene, but I’m taking out red Velvet because I don’t want to Um because this is going to be my old team Right so Uh it’s going to be scythe and then the Jelly Watch so this is going to be the team.

Guys, this is No topping on herb cookie, and then with The 12 Level 12 Squishy Jelly Watch, so let’s just see how much healing he provides and what the cooldown is within the level uh maximum.

Jelly watch, let’s get started.

As a result, as you can see, he will recover quickly.

And since it’s at 13 seconds, it will decrease by 4 seconds when the jelly watch is fully charged.

Now, let’s see how much healing he performs at the conclusion of this.

I’m going to cut it off right here before I put the battle’s outcome in this section.

Guys, let’s get started.

I was just cleared on August 30.

My Team had a nice and simple run right here.

However, the most crucial thing is to examine how much healing Herb Cookie provided, so herb kiki is doing it now.

Did 376 169 Healing, which is a pretty good number, you know.

Let’s move on to nine, let’s move on to nine, and let’s try to defeat this.

I believe that will be a better comparison than eight thirty, where my cookies don’t sustain as much damage.

Since they sometimes just stop at a certain point, I want to see more healing take place at a more difficult stage so that I can make a more accurate comparison.

Right now, Herb Cookie is doing nice healing as part of the healing process.

And honestly, I can’t say that herb cookie is worse than uh.

Pure vanilla is extremely uncommon.

He is very special in that he has the capacity to both purify and heal gradually because, in some circumstances, healing gradually actually saves your cookies.

When Urban Cookie uses it, you get an additional five seconds of healing, which is just what you need because sometimes a burst of healing can restore all of your health, but you’ll still be vulnerable for the next 14 seconds until the cooldown expires.

All right so none of my cookies have maximum health at the moment at the end of it So here we go and 9 30 is a clear wood Herb cookie no topping at all The red velvet is not in here so healing Do.

Uh you know healing is on cooldown You’re getting additional five seconds Of healing uh being done it’s about a Thousand, but it’s still you know It still can be a lot later on when He Levels up and then also toppings are Added so So that will be our starting point, guys, and then we’ll see how much more healing he can perform using either Sir Chocolate or Searing Raspberries.

So, let’s get started.

I’m going to equip these Level 9 singing raspberries because you know you want everything to be the same.

Right here, he’s getting an extra 43.5 Attack, which is at 6,870, which is about a thousand more than he had before.

So, let’s see how much more healing he can Something like that He doesn’t attack so he heals about Wow okay it goes up uh here and there but His uh his healing was Four thousand right there Four thousand And then One thousand eight hundred thirty but I I think when he crits he goes all the way up to Six thousand and then it heals over two thousand over time, so here we go uh we’re back at Our boss Strawberry crepe and my team Not having many issues at the moment, but this skill is going to be Okay, so the strawberry creek is the only one who was damaged, so herb cookie is doing a lot of healing and trying to keep my team healthy, and we’re down to half health.

This run is actually a lot cleaner than the last one, so it’s probably going to be because my herb cookie is doing a lot more healing, but here we go. That’s a lot more hp than the last one, and let’s So let’s move on to this.

Wow, the healing is complete.

Good job, guys.

The previous healing was completed at 4 700, or 473 000, I believe, and we are now at 674 000.

Keep in mind that this is nearly 200 000 more Healing than what it was previously.

It was previously 470 Something thousand, and this was then 6,790,000, man.

I’m just throwing out some random numbers.

But first, let’s take off these toppings, and after that, I’ll remove the toppings from the red velvet cake.

Oh my gold, but for all of you guys, I can handle it perfectly.

I’m going to add these toppings now, and we are at 13.5 extra cool or 5% more cooldown. We are at 5145 attacks, and I am getting a small boost at 1.7, but this is going to be our topping for Uh Swift Chocolate, so let’s try it out and see how it goes.

Let’s examine the differences first, and then I’ll compare this to pure vanilla, so I’ll use pure vanilla in my comparisons.

Run here, and I’ll show you guys later.

In order to determine whether pure vanilla causes more heating or not, let’s look at the cooling process for the herb cookie right now.

With the full Swift chocolate uh topping on top of the Maxed out chili watch, the cooldown is now at 10 seconds, which is down from 17 seconds.

I believe that this is a short cooldown.

My pure vanilla is at 12 seconds or 13 seconds, but his cooldown begins at 19 seconds, so he does receive a little more of a cooldown buff due to the higher percentage of numbers, but Herb is pretty good considering that it only takes about three more seconds off.

However, the number is what we want to see.

We’re going to reverse Strawberry Create once more, but remember that if he can use his skill more frequently, he will also be able to purify your team more frequently.

However, purifying something takes time, or you need to have a buff, so here we go.

The strawberry pig is a little low this time, but her cookie will quickly heal it, so let’s look at the number.

Now That being said, let’s get started because this is where it counts, dudes.

We can see right here that healing has been completed because it is at 567 000.

Really, getting Searing Raspberry’s attack would be the better course of action.

The better option is to go up a little bit more, but our final test will compare pure vanilla with pure vanilla and herb It won’t be the best comparison, I guess.

Because pure vanilla is level 50, but this pure vanilla is using a full, um, sweet chocolate set, and his cool down is at 11 seconds, it’s important to keep in mind that he has just one second left on his original cool down of 10 seconds.

Long So that is why I am using Swift chocolate.

Healing will be a lot more for Pure Vanilla with steering Raspberry as Well because it is 180 Something percent off of his attack.

In light of this, please keep in mind that I am conducting this test in order to compare the two top healers in the game at the moment.

I apologize for the length of the final segment of this video, but you do realize that timing is crucial.

We are going to reverse strawberry crepe here and see how much healing Pure Vanilla will provide for our team.

If you look at It really, Pure Vanilla is keeping this team alive.

His normal healing was 30 000 right there, and his normal healing alone is doing 5 000 per tick, so or 8 000 right there 30 000 would in addition to the shield.

And you know his he’s Oh my God, so many people need healing.

You can see how much more healing Pure Vanilla provides, but herb cookie is still not bad and is going to be the game’s number two healer.

To summarize for you guys, the number one topping for Herb Cookie is going to be searing raspberry, and the number two topping is going to be Swift Chocolate.

There aren’t many other toppings you can use with Herb Cookie because you’re not making him a defensive cookie.

The topping is very self-explanatory at a certain point with certain cookies, but obviously, some of you guys may not have the resources to test out all of these different toppings, so I am here to do That for you.

There is no additional buff that he is applying to the team, and crit and all those things are, so I would say if you want to use Herb cookie then just make sure to use Chocolate.

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