Hunt: Showdown – Core Values & Dual Wielding

Hunt: Showdown – Core Values & Dual Wielding 1 -
Hunt: Showdown – Core Values & Dual Wielding 1 -

This is just a collection of recommendations and experiences from a Hunt player who is trying to help other hunters. Do you want to be the Gunslinger that just drops your pistols and reloads? This is the place for you.


Hello everyone! I'm just a player with malding who wants to share my knowledge about Hunt's dual wielding.
I have played more than 900 hours of Hunt as of the writing of this article. Although it isn't a lot, I would say that about 500 hours of this play time would be double wielding. Let's get to it!

Core Values

Dual wielding revolves around accuracy by volume and being in the right place at right time. There are only two long ammunition pistols, one is compact and one is medium. It is important to understand the limits of your ammo, and how far away from a target you are able to afford.
Remember that you are most accurate when you stop moving. (is a joke because you raise your guns menacingly.). You can throw a lot of rounds and still hope for accuracy. If you have a free headshot and are close enough to guarantee it then take it. Worst case, you miss, adjust, and sling the lead.
Another important thing to remember is that the right person should be at the right place at right time. Dual wielding involves knowing the odds, evaluating them and using your map knowledge to recognize gun shot sounds. Each gun has its own ring and you can identify how a player moves and plays by identifying what it is. If you hear a Mosin Nagant squeezing a round, it is likely that they want to be far away from you. Be careful about how close you are to them. If you hear a shotgun, keep some distance between you and them to avoid becoming spaghetti. Information will also be provided if you are hit. Although there are no numbers, you can make educated guesses about the damage done such as a Lebel and Sparks. Dual wielding is a way to gain knowledge.
Dual wielding is fun. Be the rootin’ tootin' cowboy that you want to be.
Below are my thoughts and opinions on every weapon that you can dual-wield.

NagantM1895 Tree

The NagantM1895 Silencer and NagantM1895 Silencer make up the Nagant tree. These two pistols, which are the most basic, can be used to start at rank 1 and have a lot of potential. Let's start with the basics.
-Low rank – These can be used for dual wielding starting at Rank 1.
-7 Rounds per Pistol – Pretty Average when dual wielding is concerned, oddly enough
-Good accuracy – Fairly accurate accuracy that is consistent with single action pistols
-Cheap: Both pistols are inexpensive, making them great for experimentation.
-Easy level – If your goal is to run suppressed pistol pair, it's simple enough to obtain.
Low damage – Compared with other pistols and consistently three taps to the body
-Mediocre Types of Ammo – Custom ammo is a bit mediocre and you should pray for RNGesus not to give you an UWU box.
-Low Overall Range- These pistols have the hardest (drop off, other than the sparks pistols)
To be fully effective, one must be ambidextrous.
Nagant M1895 Silencer and NagantM1895 Silencer
These two types of pistols behave almost identically. These pistols are best suited for use at mid-range. If you stop moving before firing, you can hit shots at mid- to long range. The damage will not be very significant if you aren't within shotgun range. Be careful of being aggressive against teams that don't know their armaments. Your day will be ruined by one shotgun, cav sword, bomb lance, machete, or cav saber. You don't want your fight to drag on and you won't shoot more than twice or three times unless you are certain you can get the kill. You'll be glad you didn't do it for most of the fight. What does this all mean? Guerrilla tactics. Give it a try and you will soon be able to relocate. You can make your positioning unpredictable, but still be able to support your team in an emergency. You have the option to choose from a variety of ammo options.
High Velocity
HV (high speed). HV is nice but I don't find it useful because of the reduced accuracy from dual wielding.
Poison Ammo
The other is poison ammo. It does the same damage to the standard ammo as the regular ammunition, so the only thing you are losing is the penetration value. Because of the nature and function of compact ammo, it doesn't make a difference to other weapons. I would recommend this ammo if you are looking for a custom ammo. Standard ammo works just fine. Poison on Silencer can be annoying to encounter, so don't bother!

Scottfield Model 3 Tree

The Scottfield Model 3 tree houses several very strong pistols, including the Scottfield Model 3, Scottfield Model 3 Brawler and Scottfield Model 3 Spitfire.
-Low rank – These can be used for dual wielding starting at Rank 1.
-6 rounds per pistol – This is the average for pistols
-Fantastic accuracy – Extremely precise accuracy for dual-wielding
-Moderate price – Your pistol pair starts from 154 hunt bucks, and can go up as high as 261 hunt bucks.
-Extremely effective – This weapon is extremely strong for dual-wielding and has the best weapon in its tree for dual-wielding
-High Damage – Deals a base damage of 107 with the medium ammo models, meaning that its ammo can be effective up to longer ranges.
-Fantastic ammo types – Flexible and fun to use.
-None – This weapon set is very flexible and really doesn't have any negative value other than the price if you are just getting into hunting or you end up dying a lot.
Okay, now where do I start?
Scottfield Model 3
These pistols can be used at any range. With luck and the right circumstances, they can even be used to pelt snipers. It's quite amusing. My go-to ammo is Standard Ammo, but you could also argue for FMJ. It can be used for mid-range engagements but I don't like the reduction in muzzle velocity. These are solid and you can't go wrong with them.
Scottfield Model 3 Brawler
The brass knuckles added to these pistols make them less accurate than the base model 3. Dual wielding is not an option. The knuckles can be very, very powerful and very useful. Dual wielding is a bad idea with these pistols.
Scottfield Model 3 Spitfire
These things can be very hit or miss. They are less accurate than the brawlers, but they can rearm twice as fast, allowing you to throw lead down range much faster. They can be very unpredictable and I wouldn't recommend them. However, you can gamble with them if you want.
Scottfield Model 3 Swift
The strongest dual-wielding pistols. They are the same in accuracy, range, and stats as the base Model 3's, but have a clever trick. Your reload time is reduced to 4s from 9. The remaining ammo is lost, but people will push you to reload if you don't have enough rounds. These are my go-to weapon for dual wielding.
Full-Metal Jacket decreases your muzzle velocity by (, making round travel slower). This is in exchange for greater piercing abilities. FMJ allows you to punch through thin metal covers. It is extremely effective in pelting a bounty team or getting the follow-up hit on a tag through their covers. This weapon is amazing, even without the fast travel speed. Use low muzzle velocity weapons if you have them.
Incendiary Ammo
Although it's not the best, this ammo is very funny and versatile. Fire ammo can kill all AI, except Bosses, Meathead, and Immolators in one bullet. It's also very useful for clearing AI if they are being aggressive. It also instantly detonates all types of barrels and sets players ablaze in just two shots. This has been used to kill many people who were trying to turn a corner with a red barrel. It's very situational, but it's also very entertaining. This ammo is not recommended for regular use, but it's very, very entertaining.

Caldwell 92 New Army Tree

Unfortunately, the Caldwell 92 New Army is only available in a single tree and two custom ammo variations at the time of writing.
-Low rank – These can be used for dual wield starting with Rank 12
-6 Rounds Per Pistol – Right Around Average
-Small Tree- It's easy enough to get the custom ammo types
-High Rates of Fire – Spray and pray baybee!
-Good Ammo Types: Bleed ammo, FMJ, and other ammunition are great options
Low Accuracy – They are often missed at mid range and close range.
Compact ammo has a low overall range. Compact ammo is close to the user so you will need to be careful.
To be fully effective, one must be ambidextrous.
Caldwell 92 New Army
The only real option is to barrel stuff people and spray until they are gone. Keep shooting if they try to run away. You don't want them to have the option of pushing you. These pistols require you to be aggressive.
FMJ, like all pistols, is great if you can handle the low muzzle velocity.
Bleed ammo can be extremely powerful. I find myself trading with people who can't stop bleeding fast enough. You lose penetration, but you gain something to sound off of and the added danger of them needing stop the bleeding before being able to reposition or move.

Caldwell Pax Tree

The Caldwell Pax is currently found in a small tree that includes the Caldwell Pax Claw, the Caldwell Pax Claw, and two custom ammo variations.
-Early Rank Pistols – These can be used starting at Rank 18
-6 Rounds per Pistol – Pretty Average
Good accuracy – Fairly accurate accuracy, but still slightly less precise than Scottfield Model 3's
-Easy level – Small tree, so it is easy to get the variant and the ammo type.
-Good Damage – Uses medium ammunition like the Scottfield Model 3
Good Ammo Types: – Fire is flexible and bleed pressure is high
-Sad Variant Sounds – The Pax Claw is just as bad as the base Pax, and the knife isn’t very efficient.
It's solid and strong as the Scottfield Model 3's. There are no down sides.
Caldwell Pax
These medium ammo blasters can be extremely effective. You can use them at close range, mid to close range, and close quarters. They are reliable and consistent. You should play to your strengths at the mid-range while trying to stay in the fight and be effective. It's very simple and straightforward. Use your ADS to your advantage to scoop heads.
Caldwell Pax Claw
These things, while I hate to admit it, are kinda sad. Both of these weapons are great, but they lack a lot. The Pax Claw is less precise than the base Pax. The attached knife is great for AI dealing, but it's terrible for players. It's not very useful as a single pistol and it's even less so as a double. These should be avoided unless you are experimenting and playing around.
FMJ is a fantastic magazine if you haven't already. Low muzzle velocity is the only downside.
Flexible and fun, but not very useful. Use this with caution and remember that penetration is not possible.

Caldwell Conversion Pistol tree

The Caldwell Conversion Pistol Tree can be quite long. It includes the Caldwell Conversion Pistol and Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistols, the Caldwell Conversion Uppercut, and four types custom ammo.
-6 Rounds per Pistol – Pretty Average
-Excellent accuracy – Very tight accuracy
-Cheap- Both pistols are relatively inexpensive
-Good Damage – Highest of the Compact Pistols
-Very Good Types of Ammo – FMJ Bleed, Incendiary and Explosive? What more could you ask for? !
-Lots and Variants – It takes a long time to clear the trees
There are no other real negatives.
Caldwell Conversion Pistol
This paired pistol is comparable to the Scottfield Model 3's dual-wielding. You get more ammunition with this compact ammo. It has excellent range, accuracy, and damage. It's versatile enough to be used at short range, medium range, and even CQB. This weapon is extremely effective.
Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol
These things are hilarious. 17 rounds in one belt, plenty of rounds to fire with good reserves. These are not something I recommend, but they can be fun with certain tactics. These can be very dangerous if you can lock people down or stop their movement. Spray and pray with lots if bullets. You can cancel it anytime you want to return to the fight. Although not recommended for most users, it is very entertaining.
Caldwell Conversion Uppercut
Now. The hand cannon for revolvers. The only pistol that can fire Long Ammo with great range and damage. These pistols are very niche due to their crippling recoil, accuracy, and precision. These are not recommended for play, but if you do want to, one of the more fun strategies is to take the ammo from the tree and run double explosive ammo. You are basically a walking grenade-launcher. These are not recommended to be used in standard methods.
Excellent, low muzzle velocity, great penetration. Excellent all-around choice. It's hard to go wrong with this product.
Fire. It can ignite people, barrels, and AI. Good tactical choice, but loses pen.
Excellent choice for aggressive or spam players. Bleeding can make the enemy take you to task or cause you to drop everything to stop bleeding.
Unique to the uppercut. Moderate damage within a small radius surrounding the impact point. Players are quickly beaten down, especially if they have dual wield spam. Also can be used to open shutters, windows and gates with ease.

Bornheim No. 3 Tree

The Bornheim No 3 tree is medium in size and includes the Bornheim No 3 Extended, the Bornheim No 3 Extended, as well as two custom ammo options.
-Very high fire rate
-Compact ammo with lots of reserve
-Very Expensive, especially for dual-wielded
-High fire rate
-Lower Accuracy
-Lower Range
-Mediocre Options for Ammo
-Lower base magazine size than most sidearms
Bornheim No. 3
I was mildly impressed by the spray and pray for the new army 92's when I said Spray and Pray. Your 5 rounds can be ripped through like wet tissue paper. It's fed via a block clip so there are no individual round loads. However, it has a very limited range. These are best if you bring lots of flashes and rush down anyone who attempts to argue otherwise. This is a very aggressive play style. They are great, but they are expensive. They are not flexible, but they are the SMG's for Hunt.
Bornheim No. 3 Extended
These are basically the same thing as the standard Bornheim No. 3. A little less precise, but still pretty accurate. 5 more rounds per block clip. Two magazines of 10 allow you to really rip into them.
High Velocity
HV ammo can be used on single weapons, where you can use your sights. This ammo is not recommended if you want to get really close to people to spray them down.
High spam is very funny. Since you are aiming to be very close, cover shouldn’t matter much. Use at your own risk, it can be hot or cold.

Nagant M1895 Officer Tree

The Nagant M1895 officer tree includes two dual-wielder pistols: The Nagant M1895 Police Officer and the Nagant M1895 Brawler, as well as two ammunition types.
-7 Rounds per Pistol – Pretty Average when dual wielding is concerned, oddly enough
Ratatatat – High Rate of Fire
-Compact Ammo: Lots of it.
-Low accuracy – Fairly loose accuracy, which is consistent with all rapid-fire pistols
-Costly: It can be quite expensive to buy a pair of these.
-Mediocre Ammo Types
Nagant M1895 Officer
The M1895 officer is a terrible pistol to use dual-wielding. It is slower than its counterparts, the Bornheim No 3 and the Caldwell New Army 92, but it has less accuracy. It's a terrible pistol to dual-wield.
Nagant M1895 Officer Brawler
The M1895 Officer Brawler, which is basically a standard officer, is much worse. Although it's great as a single weapon it's not ideal for adding the knuckles to increase accuracy.
High Velocity Ammo
All day for a single officer. It doesn't matter if you're in pairs because you won't hit anything you aren't barrel stuffing.
Poison Ammo
Sure? You can make your officers more expensive if you can hit a target.

Lemat Mark 2 Tree

The Lemat MK 2 pistol is the most customizable in the game. It allows you to choose between two types of ammo and toggle between dual shotguns and dual pistols. This really makes the game more fun. The weapon and five types of custom ammunition are housed in the Lemat MK 2 tree.
-VERY Flexible – Double shotgun for close range, double pistols to mid-to long range
Good accuracy – It is not as accurate as the Scottfield Model 3's or the Caldwell Conversion Pistols, but it is close.
-Excellent Ammo – Good ammo options
-Good Rate of Fire
-Has the brass flower legendary skin
-Compact ammo allows you to take a lot more shots and you get a lot.
-Has the highest cylinder count of all pistols, except the Dolch96 and the Bornheim No 3 Extended.
-Costly when paired, particularly when using custom ammunition
-Shotguns are not always consistent with the OHKO range. It usually takes two shots to put someone down.
Lemat Mark 2
So. This is the most versatile, customizable, and unique pistol in the game. You can customize it to suit any occasion with 3 different compact rounds and 3 shotgun shells. This gun is great for dual-wielding, even though you can only use one type of ammunition with it for the shotgun and compact. The compact ammo can be used to hit targets at mid-range, and enough damage to do two taps at close range. If they get too spicy, you can fill their faces with buckshot. Pair this pistol with a long-range weapon such as a quartermaster or a similar hunting bow. These pistols can be used in any style. You'll be able to play any style with these pistols if you remember the basics of dualwielding.
Incendiary is the first alternative to standard compact ammo. Flexible, but not very useful. It's great for AI, barrels, and players, you name it.
Full Metal Jacket is a great pick for piercing walls at mid- to long range. It has a low muzzle velocity, but it is an absolute beast on these things.
These shotgun shells look like mini-slugs and do 1 damage. They also light things on fire with a low muzzle speed. It's almost impossible to pick these shotgun shells and it's really not worth investing until they do something about this.
Dragon's Breath
THIS. Yes, it is. It is good. It's not. It's funny and entertaining. Ohhhh yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. It's basically buckshot that, in addition to the OHKO feature on shotguns also lights things up. This includes barrels, AI and players, as well as Bosses. It is amazing how far you can set things on fire. This should be considered, if not to light people on fire but to mark targets for your friends. It is hard to lose sight of the huge beacon of light.
They're slugs. They're big bullets that can hit like trucks. They've been nerfed recently, but they're still very strong. They are fun and funny on the Lemats, but I have little to no success with them. Keep your distance and stick with buck shot or Dragon's breath.

Dolch 96 Tree

Only two weapons can be used in the Dolch 96 tree, and only one can be used for dual wielding: The Dolch 96.
-High Fire Risk
Large magazines that can be loaded via stripper clips, single tops or by hand.
-Highest accuracy of all rapid fire pistols
-Sickest Ambidextrous reload animation
-Very expensive at 750 hunt bucks per pop
Only really good at close range
-Distinct sound that attracts people all over the map
Dolch 96
The Dolch 96 is a very…interesting weapon. A high rate of fire is a sign that you should be close to the target, but a rapid down style of play indicates a rush. If you want to rush, I recommend flashes or med shots. You'll be fine if you remember the basics.

Sparks Pistol

-Very severe damage
-Long ammo means damage lasts over longer distance
-High Muzzle Velocity
-Good Ammo variants
-Can you cheese the reload to save a lot of time
Swaps of Blackbeard pistols
-One shot, one win — at least that's what you hope. You only have two.
-Decently meh accuracy
Recoil is what has earned them the nickname "The Wrist Breakers".
Sparks Pistol
So! This is where I have had the most fun with it. Bring two pairs of your favorite pirate hats and pretend you're one. Fire two, switch, fire the next two. If you don't feel like playing this way, bring your rifle. It's fun, but it can get costly. It's best to stay at mid-range, dodge, duck and dive, as well as dodge, dip, dive, dodge, and dodge. Keep moving and stay mobile. If you need to heal, get cover and keep moving. You can bring two types ammo for the pair, since they are single-shot weapons.
Fantastic. It doesn't matter what your cover says. I tag you, and I hit you through a brick wall. This is insane on the pistols. It seems to increase your recoil and also add a little more accuracy. This is a win in my books.
It is insane to use poison ammo that causes rifle damage and prevents people from healing for 8 seconds. It is possible to trade penetration for the benefit, but it is solid.

Closing Comments

This "guide" should show you a little more about Hunt:Showdown's lead-slinging techniques. My favorite pistols will always be the Caldwell Conversion Pistols, which come with standard ammunition, or the Scottfield Model 3 Swifts, which come with standard ammunition. I hope this has helped you see more of what you can do, and what your options are. If you have any questions or comments, please comment on this post. I will respond to them if possible.
Good luck Hunters! I hope to see you soon in the Bayou (, or whatever Desalle is supposed be).


Written by Son of Vulkan

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Hunt: Showdown – Core Values & Dual Wielding, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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