Cookie Clicker – How to unlock easy achievements

Cookie Clicker – How to unlock easy achievements 1 -
Cookie Clicker – How to unlock easy achievements 1 -

Welcome to this post We’ll discuss the Cookie Clicker – How to unlock easy achievements in this post, and we sincerely hope you find it helpful.

This short guide will help you unlock a few achievements in Cookie Clicker.

What’s in a Name?

Change the name of your bakery by clicking the bar that is above your counter for cookies, and typing a name other than what’s in the box already.

God Complex

When renaming your bakery, rename it to ‘orteil’, or ‘Orteil’. But, I would recommend renaming it to something else afterward since you will incur a debuff of -1% CPS when you use this name.

Wake and Bake

Only click the cookie once. That’s it.

Baking at home is a bit Wrong

Get 1 CPS. This can be accomplished by owning 10 cursors or one grandma. If you do decide to buy the grandma, sell it afterwards to receive the Just Wrong achievement.

5: Tabloid Addiction

The news bar is located that is located just above your building display. It will alter the headlines depending on the number of cookies that have been baked. Click the bar to change. This achievement is available when you click the bar at least 50 times.

6: Here You Go

Between the achievement spaces of What’s in a Name and Tabloid Addiction is a slot. Click on the slot to get the achievement.

Tiny Cookie

Look at the General section on the Stats page. By the number of Cookies in the bank, Cookies baked (this ascension) and Cookies baked(All time) there is a tiny cookie. Click on the cookie to receive this award.

8: Olden Days

Click on the tab that reads info. You can view an update log of every update this version received. Scroll down to the bottom. In the bottom right corner, there should be tiny icons. Click it to be awarded the achievement.

9: Cookie Dunker

This feat requires that you are not in fullscreen mode. You must have a small amount of milk for this to work. Make your window larger so that the cookie touches the milk (i.e. make it smaller). It may be necessary to move it down further than you thought and resize your window back to its original size in order to get the desired effect.

For Cookie Clicker – How to unlock easy achievements, see this guide. Please let us know in the comments below if you find anything incorrect or outdated, and we will attend to it as quickly as possible. I hope that today turns out well for you. A post that beansontoast151 made inspired this guide, so a big thank you goes out to him for that! Don’t forget to add us to your bookmarks if you like the post; we update the site frequently with fresh articles.

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