Cat Goes Fishing – How to Catch the Maw Tips + Location And Tools

Cat Goes Fishing – How to Catch the Maw Tips + Location And Tools 1 -
Cat Goes Fishing – How to Catch the Maw Tips + Location And Tools 1 -

This guide will show how to catch the Maw in Cat Goes Fishing!

Location And Tools

The Maw is a big, grey, long, fish that usually resides just above the caverns closest to shore. He will be seen eating a Bulb-fish.
The Maw is a tricky but rewarding catch, most likely needing recasts that can be costly.
You will need: A boat, Huge hook, and a Power rod (15,000 Plus the boat)
You MOST LIKELY will need: Sinker Attachment, Bomb stack attachment, A bomb, and a light-bulb. ( Sinker and Bomb stack can vary between rods. In total, 6,000 on the power rod. Up to 76,800 on the master rod. Bomb and light-bulb will cost 1200 total.)
*If on realism keep in mind you will need some gauge attachments as well*
ANOTHER THING TO NOTE: When the maw enters his “Aggravated” stage he will traverse deeper into the ocean to find more Bulb-fish to eat. This could cause him to get out of the range of your boat/rod, so if you can’t find him you might have to get a better boat/rod or reload your game to reset his position.

Casting n’ Catchin

When you cast for the maw, try to go right above the spot he is at and barely tap the mouse to cast. This will activate sinker, letting you move around to dodge other fish. Make sure to save your bomb(s) for the deep waters, as Mustard fish, Luminas, Snobfish, Felish, Anglerfish, and Spotters will be a GREAT hindrance in catching the Maw.
The Maw can found as close as right next to the first entrance to the caverns, to as far as the coral reef cliff. Radar will GREATLY help in locating him. There is some good news though, as long as they are not in their “Aggravated” state. They will stay at or near the spot you found them.
The Bulb-fish in the Maw’s mouth MUST BE CAUGHT AND USED AS BAIT in order to catch him. If you try to catch him with a different bulb-fish, he will enter his “Aggravated” state. Making it MUCH harder to catch him.
Then if you manage to catch him, Hooray! Enjoy your 450,000 paycheck.
If you are in realism, You will NEED to lead him away from the rocks to catch him. Depending on how much gauge you have, you need to either lead him to the top or away from the rocks quite the far amount.
Keep in mind that leading him to the surface is a risky but rewarding move, as the Maw fights pretty hard. You will probably need flick to doge the other fish on the way up though.

Aggravated state + Finishing notes

Aggravated State:
You will now when you see it, the Maw will begin rushing around eating EVERY SINGLE BULB-FISH near him. He will do this at such an incredible speed that you will need to go pretty far ahead of him and catch a Bulb-fish to catch him. Good News though! The Maw in this state can be caught using any Bulb-fish. If you have a good boat, this can actually make the Maw EASIER to catch! And with a big paycheck like 450,000. Its worth it as well!
Finishing notes:
The Maw is a great but tricky catch, so i would HIGHLY recommend you don’t spend a lot of money you don’t have and lose everything.
TheREALalexyoutube (real)
(I DONT have a YouTube btw.)

This is all about Cat Goes Fishing – How to Catch the Maw Tips + Location And Tools; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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