Brookhaven – Basic Game Information Guide

Brookhaven – Basic Game Information Guide 1 -
Brookhaven – Basic Game Information Guide 1 -

In Progress Guide


This guide is in progress. You can help out by filling in the missing info.
Animals may be added over time.
Please let me know any suggestions you have as well. Thank you.

Important notes


  1. You will have to interact with your animals each day (pet and feed, see below) for them to drop items. The lower your friendship with them is, then the lower the drop rate will be.
  2. All animals, with the exception of Dragons, can breed. Female birds can lays eggs that you can incubate.
  3. Animals that are too young will not drop anything.
  4. You need heaters in your barns and coops in winter.
  5. You do not need to buy fencing for your animals, but will need to open the barn for them to graze if you’d like.
  6. You will hand feed zombies, they do not require food to produce.
  7. You put the required food into bowls for tameable animals. They do need food to produce.
  8. Coops and barns are special. You can fill the trough with wheat, have an upgraded barn to feed automatically with a silo (this will store any oat you scythe on your farm), or allow your animals to graze outside when it it is not snowing or raining. They do require food to produce.
  9. Your animals WILL NOT get harmed on a blood moon if they are outside.
  10. There are two rare events with achievements tied to having your barn/coop door at night. One will result in an animals death. Check the achievement guide for details if you want this. Otherwise, make sure to keep your barn doors closed.


Production Statistics

The current rate of resource drops for all livestock:
0 Hearts – 70% Fail rate.
0.5 Heart – 60% Fail rate.
1 Heart – 50% Fail rate.
1.5 Heart – 40% Fail rate.
2 Heart – 30% Fail rate.
2.5 Heart – 30% Fail rate.
3 Heart – 30% Fail rate.
3.5 Heart – 20% Fail rate.
4 Heart – 20% Fail rate.
4.5 Heart – 10% Fail rate.
5 Heart – 0% Fail rate.
The angry squiggles means you were unlucky for that day.

House Pets

Pet Where to get
Dog Quest from Natalie
Cat Abandoned Farm, give milk or Catnip
Aym Marry Emma
Charon Marry Naberius
EV Marry Daniel
Nemea Marry Roman


Farm Animals

Animals that you can take care of at your farm.

Farm Animals – Barn

You can use shears to get wool from your sheep and alpaca. And bucket to get milk from cows and goats. With an auto-collector, you will not need to do this.
All of those items are available at the ranch.
You can also use the ceremonial dagger to sacrifice larger livestock, such as your cows for buckets of blood.

Animal Where to get Cost Upgrade needed? Produces
Cows Livestock Store 500 No Cow Milk
Goats Livestock Store 1000 Large Barn Goat Milk
Sheep Livestock Store 1500 Large Barn Wool
Pigs Livestock Store 1250 Deluxe Barn Truffle
Alpaca Livestock Store 2000 Deluxe Barn Alpaca Wool


Farm Animals – Coop

All eggs should take 14 days in incubation.

Animal Where to get Cost Upgrade needed? Produces
Chicken Livestock Store 400 No Chicken Egg, Chicken Feather
Ducks Livestock Store 800 Large Coop Duck Egg, Duck Feather
Dragon Questline Free Large Coop, incubator. Dragon Scale
Rabbit Livestock Store 1200 Deluxe Coop Wool
Vampire Rabbit Vampire Attack (Random Event, or yourself) on OWNED RABBIT Free Deluxe Coop Vampire Wool
Peafowl Livestock Store 1500 Deluxe Coop Peafowl Egg, Peafowl Feather


Tameable animals – How to Obtain

  • Make sure you have the required house for each animal. Each house can carry 4 animals. Without a home with room, you cannot obtain an animal.
  • You can spend 3K~ gold to adopt an animal at Vespar. This is only birds.
  • You can also use the taming pellets (cauldron). This will require you to find the animal you are looking for, battle it until it is weak, and then use the pellet on them. The pellet will only be used on success.


Tameable Animals – Bird Tree

All eggs should take 14 days in incubation.

Animal Where to get Food Produces
Parrots Unwritten Lands: Forest OR Vespar Fish Pistachio, Pomegranate, Parrot Egg
Raven Unwritten Lands: Forest OR Vespar Fish Raven Egg
Emu Unwritten Lands: Dessert Fish Lightning, Lightning essence, Emu egg
Owl Unwritten Lands: Forest Or Vespar Fish Owl egg


Tameable Animals – Ice Igloo

Animal Where to get Food Produces
Ice Phoenix Dungeon Ice Levels, 21-40 Fish Water Essence, Blue Geodes, Phoenix Eggs
Penguin Dungeon, Ice Levels 21-40 OR Vespar Fish Penguin Egg, Penguin Feather


Tameable Animals – Rock Igloo

Animal Where to get Food Produces
Red Fox Unwritten Lands: Forest Meat Tulip, roots, morels, fox fur
White Fox Dungeons, Ice levels (21-40) Meat Tulip, roots, morels, artic fox fur
Skunk Unwritten Lands: Forest Meat Needs Confirmation


Zombie Mansion

Feed your zombies over the course of a week and they will love you. You will be able to pet them and not be attacked. Two or more zombies in the mansion can reproduce endlessly.

Animal How to get Cost Produces
Zombie 50 Brains into the tank Meat, handfed Brains, cloth, money



Minion Where to get
Zombie Mail after Sophie Heart Moment 2
Bullywag Trade 75 frogs OR toads in a single stack to the Toad King
Wolf Perk of becoming of werewolf
Quasit Raise Magic level, Cauldron
Owl bear Raise Magic Level, Cauldron
Akaname Magic Level 10, Choice Left
Elemental Gem Rare Drop – Elementals
Golem Manual Rare Drop – Giant Golem
Fae Book Rare Drop – Ogre
Sewer Lute Rare Drop – Rats



Mont Type Where to get
Horse Quest
Deer Complete Unwritten Lands: Plains
Bear Complete Unwritten Lands: Forest
Sabertooth Complete Unwritten Lands: Desert
Penguin Complete Unwritten Lands: Tundra



These are for your character. None are permanent and can be changed at anytime. With the exception of Werewolf-Vampire, you can be two at once.


  • In the Dungeons, around level 50, you will encounter vampire coffins. If you are bitten, you have a 5% chance to become a vampire in about 3 days. Prevent this by wearing prayer beads.
  • As a vampire, you can bite enemies. This attack will cause damage and fill your new blood meter. If your blood meter depletes, you will begin to take damage.
  • You can also bite large livestock, animals, and villagers. They might act surprised at first but will hold no grudge.
  • You can also turn into a bat, which grants faster movement speed.
  • You will get hurt by the sun. So cast rain spells, make a cloak of the spider/cloak of the hellrat, or bring a lot of healing to negate this.
  • You can remove this life state with a blessing potion.



  • You will unlock a questline to investigate the possibility of werewolves by Natalie during your first summer.
  • On full moons (moon phase is indicated in owl clock), werewolves will appear in the forest. Each scratch will have a 5% chance to turn you into a werewolf, which is automatic.
  • Prevent this by wearing wolfsbane.
  • As a werewolf, you will have a wolf minion you can summon at any time.
  • You can only transfer on full moons.
  • You can remove this life state with a blessing potion.


Other Minor Transformations



  • To unlock this ability, you must finish a quest in the cave in the house above the forest (Solve the bear cub quest first) you will receive an amulet, which will allow you to breathe underwater.
  • After you build the bridge at the beach, go into the water south of the lighthouse and dive under the water. To remove this state, remove the amulet or leave the water.
  • There are no other advantages at this time.


Frost Giant


  • At level 6 (needs confirmation) you can make the β€œGiant’s Blessing” in the cauldron. This requires moonstone, sage and lilac.
  • Equip the cross. Click “T” to use. To remove this status, press “T” again, or remove the cross.
  • There are no other advantages at this time.


Elk Demon


  • At level 10 magic skill, you can choose to gain a cloak you can equip with the right choice.
  • Click “T” to use. To remove this status, press “T” again, or remove the cloak
  • There are no other advantages at this time.


Written by Tsukichild

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Brookhaven – Basic Game Information Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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