Boneraiser Minions – Liche Necromancer Class

Boneraiser Minions – Liche Necromancer Class 2 -
Boneraiser Minions – Liche Necromancer Class 2 -

Hi, welcome to this post, We hope you will find this page helpful as we provide information regarding the Boneraiser Minions – Liche Necromancer Class.

Each of the game’s playable classes gets an overview and strategy guide.

Liche Necromancer

Boneraiser Minions - Liche Necromancer Class - Liche Necromancer - 401DF88 “Thou subsists as a decrepit skeletal husk woven in undeath. The very bones of weak-willed dead rattle at thy approach.”


Companion Chum

Prerequisite Meta: None

Description: Thou rises anew with an extra random minion friendo. However thy Max Health is reduced by -10.

Notes: Exists twice on the grid (directly above and below center, both with no prerequisites), and stacks to a total of two extra starting minions and a penalty of -20 Max Health.

Crowd Cheerleader

Prerequisite Meta: None

Description: Each level 1 skelly minion increases all thy legion’s damage.

Minion Invigoration

Prerequisite Meta: None

Description: Each and every legion minion increases thy Max Health. Note smelly little Barrow Boners don’t count!

Bone Rattler

Prerequisite Meta: Companion Chum (Top Row) or Crowd Cheerleader

Description: Thy bone suckage abilities shall becometh truly jaw-breaking.

Divergent Force

Prerequisite Meta: Bone Enticement or Crowd Cheerleader

Description: Each different minion in thy legion increases all attack speeds. Note merely leveling up a skelly minion won’t count!

Bone Enticement

Prerequisite Meta: Bone Rattler or Divergent Force

Description: When boneraising a fresh skelly minion all unsucked bones shall most surely be sucked right to thee.

Barrow Boneraise

Prerequisite Meta: Companion Chum (Top Row) or Minion Invigoration

Description: Barrow Boners have a chance of spawning as a skelly minion.

Bone Seer

Prerequisite Meta: Companion Chum (Bottom Row) or Minion Invigoration

Description: When boneraising a fresh skelly minion thou shall also gain an extra re-roll when choosing minions.

Minionous Mortis

Prerequisite Meta: Minion Invigoration or Bone Salvager

Description: Upon thy seeming demise, a random skelly minion shall be drained of its life force, thus revitalising thy health.

Bone Salvager

Prerequisite Meta: Bone Seer or Minionous Mortis

Description: Thou shall rise able to re-roll six times when choosing minions.

Unlock Method

During play, boneraising 11 skelly minions will unlock Liche Necromancer.

This means choosing green skeleton minions and not bro minions, upgrades, or fusions.


Liche Necromancer is all about amassing as large a force as possible – the local “big numbers of low quality minions” user. Since boneraises are the bread and butter of any run, Liche tends to scale up very quickly in power.

Crowd Cheerleader is your key meta, increasing the damage of your whole legion for every unupgraded skelly minion (green) you have. If you want more damage, just keep raising a ton of little green fellows and you’re good – however, Divergent Force will increase their attack speed for each different kind of minion you have, so it’s not a good idea to neglect meldus, giant, barrow, bro and diablos minions altogether. It is also very much worth upgrading support minions such as Augurs, Witches, Tanglers and so forth as they do not benefit from Crowd Cheerleader, and their upgraded abilities will assist your legion’s damage output far, far better than their level 1 forms.

With all meta active, you will have -20 to your Max Health, starting you out at 80. However, your Minion Invigoration meta increases your Max Health for every minion you have, so you should scale out of this disadvantage fairly quickly – just ensure that you’re a little more careful in the early game and you should be good to go. In addition, Minionous Mortis sacrifices a skelly minion any time you die, so any fatal mistakes you make will effectively be cancelled at a cost – this perk tends to do relatively little but prolong the inevitable if you get completely surrounded and overwhelmed however, so don’t rely on it as a shield.

For utility, Bone Rattler and Bone Enticement will make it safer for you to obtain pickups without venturing too far from your minions, and Companion Chum and Bone Salvager will give you a strong start so you can get your legion into shape quickly right from the word go.

It should be noted that Barrow Boneraise does not work with the Barrowen Caress spell, so don’t dive into a crowd to try and get a horde of skellies all at once. It’s a passive meta that just sort of throws you a bone every so often, so don’t worry about it too much.





Meldum Serum

The serum gives you a one-time ability to raise a meldus minion by sacrificing only one minion – the serum itself is sacrificed in place of the second minion, effectively halving the cost of meldus minions. This will enable you to get more out of Divergent Force while not dropping Crowd Cheerleader’s power too much.

Penitence Pin

You take damage and get a level one skelly minion in return. Obviously very advantageous for building up your numbers, just make sure you’re not on low health when you take it!

Deboning Cutlery

With the full three stacks, each boneraise will give you a 12% chance of getting an extra random minion for free. Ties into Crowd Cheerleader quite nicely and great for padding out your numbers.

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