Boneraiser Minions – Deprived Wretch Class

Boneraiser Minions – Deprived Wretch Class 1 -
Boneraiser Minions – Deprived Wretch Class 1 -

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Build an army of deamonic undead to fight endless waves of heroes out to put an end to your bone-chilling ways! To survive King Gigald’s crusade, use the bones of slain heroes to raise your minions, collect powerful relics and spells, and unlock meta upgrades in this gothic-horror auto-battle roguelike!

Deprived Wretch

Boneraiser Minions - Deprived Wretch Class - Deprived Wretch - 616FAE0 “Thou art a miserable miscreant of peasantry lineage, but thy cowardly soul has a knack for swiping unwarranted treasures.”


Gold Scavenger

Prerequisite Meta: None

Description: Thou shall gain +1 gold coin each second survived (max 250).

Sleight of Hands

Prerequisite Meta: None

Description: Thou shall rise able to re-roll up to three offered relics.

Cowardly Rush

Prerequisite Meta: None

Description: When hurt thou gain a temporary boost to running speed.

Re-birthday Gift

Prerequisite Meta: None

Description: Thou shall rise anew clutching a random treasured relic, but only if it is a relic thou have already discovered.

Boner Gang

Prerequisite Meta: Gold Scavenger or Sleight of Hands

Description: Thou rises anew with the company of two extra Barrow Boners.

Chestious Treasury

Prerequisite Meta: Sleight of Hands or Re-birthday Gift

Description: Treasure chests may contain spell scrolls and relics.

Excavator Squad

Prerequisite Meta: Fettler’s Eye or Boner Gang

Description: Barrow Boners may instead spawn as Barrow Diggers.

Fettler’s Eye

Prerequisite Meta: Sleight of Hands or Excavator Squad

Description: When boneraising a fresh skelly minion, thou shall also gain an extra re-roll when offered a relic item.

Treasured Archeology

Prerequisite Meta: Gold Scavenger or Cowardly Rush

Description: Thy Barrow Digger and Behemoth Excavator minions may find mucky Spell Scrolls and Relics when digging.

Pirate Maps

Prerequisite Meta: Re-birthday Gift or Cowardly Rush

Description: Extra treasure chests shall occasionally be unearthed.

Pincher’s Feet

Prerequisite Meta: Cowardly Rush or Lockpicker Fingerer

Description: Thou gain a permanent boost to thy running speed.

Lockpicker Fingerer

Prerequisite Meta: Pincher’s Feet or Pirate Maps

Description: Thou can unlock treasure chests at breakneck speed.

Unlock Method

Deprived Wretch is available from the beginning of a new file, and does not need to be unlocked.


The majority of Deprived Wretch’s meta set revolves around getting more spells and relics and having more ways to obtain them – while this makes them less powerful than other classes right out of the gate, with some good choices and lucky relic offers Deprived Wretch can scale up in power very quickly.

In terms of survival meta, Cowardly Rush will afford you a bit more leeway to maneuver around threats, and Pincher’s Feet will enable you to get out of being trapped and repeatedly hit as long as you know what you’re doing.

Treasure chest-related metas Pirate Maps and Lockpicker Fingerer allow you to obtain chests faster, and Chestious Treasury helps you to get more out of them than other classes would – these are the bread and butter of your power scaling as Wretch.

Wretch has consistent access to more re-rolls through Sleight of Hands starting you with a few more, and Fettler’s Eye giving you an extra re-roll every time you boneraise – considering you go through quite a lot of boneraises every run, this adds up quickly and allows you to optimize your relic choices a bit more.

As a bonus, Gold Scavenger and treasure chest-related metas will enable you to gather gold coins much more quickly, allowing you to unlock things in the hub much more quickly and affording you more opportunities to construct archetech on your maps.





Joker Jester

Level 3 Joker Jesters are able to potentially upgrade treasure chests, allowing you to get more out of your increased chest yield. Beware however as they can and will occasionally downgrade chests, and transform enemies into more powerful forms – but if you can survive and tolerate this mischief, you can potentially gain a lot more scaling, especially in the early game.

Behemoth Excavator

You can raise a Behemoth Excavator by fusing a Behemoth Barrower (made by fusing three Barrow Boners) and a Barrow Digger (made by fusing two barrow boners, so you will need five in total). Excavators will dig up bones, gems, and occasionally treasure chests – as an added bonus, your Excavator Squad meta will improve their yield by allowing them to unearth relics and spell scrolls too.



Bonechemist Slab

Since you get more treasure chests and will likely be employing Barrow Diggers, adding bone value to gems will give you many more boneraises during a given run. In addition to more power, with your meta, this also means more relic re-rolls. They stacks three times.

Magnifying Glass

Improving the yield of treasure chests will stack with your Chestious Treasury meta, and more relics always means more power. With a full three stacks, you get a 66% chance of a relic/scroll in chests – stacking this with your meta will make the majority of chests will give you a power jump.

Broken Bones

With all three stacks, boneraises have a 75% chance of giving you a free barrow boner. This means more Diggers and Excavator, scaling your power up much more quickly.

Mimic Teeth

With the full two stacks, nearly every regular (gold trim) treasure chest will be a mimic – mimics aren’t very threatening at all, and improving your treasure yield goes along with your meta perfectly.

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