BONELAB – Back to Basement Achievement Guide

BONELAB – Back to Basement  Achievement Guide 1 -
BONELAB – Back to Basement Achievement Guide 1 -

Long Waiting Time
Incinerate Clippie

You will also be able to receive “Back to Basement” if you achieve this achievement.

The Basement

Clippie is a hidden clipboard at the Museum Basement level. It can be found in the Sandbox module. Clippie must be thrown into a trash incinerator to unlock the achievement.

You can access the Basement via the Sandbox door located in the Bonelab.

Collect the battery from the top of the castle tower (from the perspective you spawn).

The battery can be used to power the door on an opposite wall, where you will find the menu and restart buttons.

Before you enter, you should either spawn a gun with the dev gun or bring it with you.

Explore the area. It is pretty linear and only has 2 paths. Both of these paths circle back to the beginning.

Go down when you find a darkened room with a square drop. Continue.

Clippie is seated on a trashcan to your left next to lit vending machines. Clippie will ask you to give him the sweet death of death.

Clippie should be carried back to the hub. If you circle back to that dark room with the square drop, you’re not in the right place.

Continue up the stairs until you reach the yellow room with the circular drop.

The incinerator can be seen on the right, just below the statue of the t-posing Boneworks founder.

Clippie in, and you’re good to go.


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