Batman™: Arkham Knight – Cloudburst/Excavator Fight & Upgrades

Batman™: Arkham Knight – Cloudburst/Excavator Fight & Upgrades 1 -
Batman™: Arkham Knight – Cloudburst/Excavator Fight & Upgrades 1 -

I will show you how to easily deal with the cloudburst fight and excavator fight


1) ESSENTIAL Cobra Lure – 3 upgrade points
Cobra lure is a MUST HAVE upgrade if you intend to not suffer during the cloudburst fight/excavator fight
what it does is whenever you fire the 60mm cannon (big gun) it will lure cobra tanks/cloudburst/excavator to the location at which it was shot at, really good for lining up a shot on the cloudburst or luring the excavator to a part of the caves and then ultimately leading it into the explosives in the tunnels.
Batman™: Arkham Knight - Cloudburst/Excavator Fight & Upgrades - Upgrades - 5B6C998
2) OPTIONAL Batmobile armor – 1/2/3/4 upgrade points (10 upgrade points in total)
Armor isnt a MUST HAVE upgrade but it helps a ♥♥♥♥-ton, after you defeat the cobra tanks and shoot the cloudburst tank 4 times, batman will be tasked with shooting at the cloudburst directly which is located on the front of the tank and as soon as you do this the cloudburst tank will immediately start shooting at you and dealing heaps of damage if your not a master at dodging its shots.
Batman™: Arkham Knight - Cloudburst/Excavator Fight & Upgrades - Upgrades - 6FD7297
3) OPTIONAL 60mm Cannon Reload Speed 2/4 upgrade points (6 upgrade points in total)
Reload speed upgrades are entirely optional but they help alot during the cloudburst fight and batmobile gameplay in general.
Batman™: Arkham Knight - Cloudburst/Excavator Fight & Upgrades - Upgrades - F92E408

Cloudburst Fight

Cloudburst Fight
Some Basic tips
So during the development of Arkham knight some genius thought it would super big brain of them to make the third person camera for the batmobile to zoom out to damn orbit whenever your in a chase scene i.e cloudburst fight/excavator fight. SO i have found a solution to this idiotic level of big brain game design, You can change the camera on the batmobile, using RB on a controller or F on keyboard, you can use this to go into sort of like a first person cam for the batmobile which makes driving it a helluva lot easier
There are 3 stages to the cloudburst fight
Cobras – take down the 6 tanks (the game says 7 but thats because it counts the cloudburst as a cobra tank)
Cloudburst pt. 1 – Shooting at it from the 4 sides
Cloudburst pt. 2 – Shooting at the cloudburst Directly
The Fight
Theres not much to say here except DO NOT GET COCKY
being over-aggressive will cause you to and i quote ‘eat shi+’ for most of the battle.
What you want to do is try to take down the 6 cobra tanks one by one, you can do this by using the cobra lure as stated in the Essential Upgrades section of this guide, also use CAT AND MOUSE TACTICS after taking down 1 cobra tank Run away as the the cobra tanks will turn red on the map signifying that they are alerted to the fact you just murked one of their friends and are closing in on your location! SO RUN LIKE HELL!
DO NOT GET HIT even if you have max batmobile armor, it will be VERY BENEFICIAL TO YOU, TO NOT GET HIT Getting hit by the cobra tanks and or cloudburst during the Cobras stage and Cloudburst pt. 1 stage will cause you to LOSE HEALTH and not have enough during the next stage of the fight Where you will be fighting the cloudburst DIRECTLY and it is very hard to dodge all of the bullshi+ that it will throw at you, So use the as stated earlier CAT AND MOUSE TACTICS i.e do some damage to the cloudburst then run away and rinse and repeat ez clap.
in my not-so thorough testing i have noticed that the missile barrage (even if level 4 (10 rockets)) does little to no damage to the cloudburst, not sure if the EMP has any effect but if anyone in the comments cares to enlighten me i will probably incorporate it into the guide some day idk.

Excavator Fight

Excavator Fight
Basic Tips
Cobra lure works during this fight, so use it when your lining up a chase sequence.
the camera trick i explained in the Cloudburst Fight section is very helpful during this fight due to the tight tunnels and narrow hallways you must traverse
The Fight
As soon as the fight begins you will be facing the Excavator so, turn around and drive towards one of the Yellow Dots on this map START OF ONE OF THE TUNNELS
Batman™: Arkham Knight - Cloudburst/Excavator Fight & Upgrades - Excavator Fight - 96723EB
at said yellow dot, you can fire the cobra lure in the opposite direction of you (the black dot) and the excavator will go to that location due to Cobra lure working on his brick-level IQ a*s, then all you need to do is fire at the excavator directly once he is in your line of sights and then drive the batmobile down the tunnel you were infront of then use the camera trick RB / F TO CHANGE CAMERA ON BATMOBILE TO FIRST PERSON TO MAKE IT EASIER TO DRIVE then rinse and repeat this easy process, and boom you just clapped his a*s

End Credits

Thanks for spending your time reading my guide, and I hoped it helped you overcome the most annoying boss fights for this game
Ciao my fellow gamers

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Batman™: Arkham Knight – Cloudburst/Excavator Fight & Upgrades, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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