Totally Accurate Battlegrounds – All Grenades Information

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds – All Grenades Information 1 -
Totally Accurate Battlegrounds – All Grenades Information 1 -

Each grenade and how it works


Your standard grenade, goes boom.
Bouncy Grenade
A grenade that skips like a stone and booms on each skip.
Cluster Grenade
Splits into several other grenades that all go boom.
Bombardment Grenade
Better cluster grenade.
Much longer fuse but much more damage to a much wider radius.
Splinter Grenade
Booms and sends out many ricocheting projectiles. VERY effective in small spaces.
Volley Grenade
Makes lots of high-damage arrows rain from the sky in a small area. Just a few hits will kill easily.
Fire Grenade
Creates a large firestorm bubble that lasts for 10 seconds. Kills very fast and reaches through walls to cook campers and looters alive in small houses.


Shield Grenade
Creates a shield bubble that lasts for 10 seconds. No bullets can get through the outside, but they can still be fired out from the inside.
Healing Grenade
Creates a small healing bubble that lasts for 10 seconds. It heals at a steady rate of 5 health every 1/2 second.
Wall Grenade
Create a small wall/tower that starts to shrink at ~15 seconds and completely disappears in 20. There is a doorway to enter the bottom and a ladder to climb to the top. Bullets do not pass through and grenades treat it as a bounce/trigger surface.


Stun Grenade
Whites out the screen of any player who had it on their screen. It stays whiter for longer the closer they were.
Smoke Grenade
Creates a puff of smoke that is emitted for 20 seconds. Can hide you (i.e. reviving a mate) but you can’t see either.
Snow Storm Grenade
Creates a large snow storm bubble that lasts for 10 seconds. Does a small bit of damage, lowers movement speed and jump height greatly, and reduces visibility. Like a smoke grenade but it hurts.
Cage Grenade
Creates a metal cage bubble that lasts for 15 seconds. It opens and closes bear-trap style, and you can shoot between the gaps. Pairs VERY well with fire grenade.
Implosion Grenade
Goes boom and pulls nearby players toward it. Damage is there but not high.
Knockback Grenade
Goes boom and pushes nearby players away from it. Damage is there but not high.
Black Hole Grenade
Creates a small black hole that lasts for 7 seconds. Sucks players in but does not harm them.
Dummy Grenade
Creates a fake player wearing random clothes and sometimes with halos that lasts for 20 seconds before flying away. They cannot be damaged or moved, just pushed over (only to right themselves). They have an AK-47 or SCAR-H that can neither fire nor be detached.
Cluster Dummy Grenade
Cluster grenade and dummy grenade had a child.


Launch Pad Grenade
Creates a temporary launch pad that lasts for 7 seconds. Yes they work sideways.
Orbital Strike Grenade
Summons an orbital cannon strike at the location of the beacon. The beam charges up for 15 seconds and creates a very large explosion capable of instantly killing multiple players and damaging anything in a very wide radius.

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