Amnesia: The Bunker – Monster Guide and Gameplay

Amnesia: The Bunker – Monster Guide and Gameplay 5 -
Amnesia: The Bunker – Monster Guide and Gameplay 5 -

Hi, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you everything about Amnesia: The Bunker – Monster Guide and Gameplay. Follow this guide for each steps.

It’s understandable that many players are confused about how Monster A. I works since the code hasn’t been discovered yet. This tutorial aims to provide a general understanding of how the Monster operates, although nothing is fully confirmed.


The Monster is comparable to the Alien: Isolation in its behavior. It will respond to the player’s activities, such as what noises they are making and what kind of noises they are making. It has the ability to kill players instantly in one hit, although in some situations, it may only hurt them.

It can be frightened in numerous ways, but this will just enrage it, making it stronger in the end.


The Monster will react to any noise the player will cause at any point throughout the game’s playthrough. There are almost no scripts to force-spawn the Monster, it is almost completely independent and will behave on its accord.

Even if you cause the following noises, the Monster might not always emerge when actively powered lights are in the area.

Let’s talk about the noises. I’ll name them two types of noises; Quiet and Loud.

The following are considered quiet noises;

– Cranking up the flashlight.

– Running.

– Tossing objects.

– Tossing empty bottles.

– Flares.

– Slamming doors.

The following are considered loud noises;

– Gunshots.

– Explosions.

– Destroying doors.

– Prisoner yelling.

If a quiet noise is done, the Monster may or may not emerge from a hole. Causing quiet noises will only increase the random chances for the Monster to emerge and is not a guarantee that it will definitely come out.

For example, running for two seconds is not a guarantee that it will emerge but the more you run, the higher chances it will emerge. The same goes for how many times you crank your flashlight in a row. You only need to crank it twice.

On the other hand, if a loud noise is done, the Monster WILL most likely emerge. So, if you shoot a keychain or whatever, seek a hiding spot. You may hear the Monster crawling into a wall before emerging from a hole.

When either noise is caused and the Monster emerges, they will investigate the source of the noise. Whichever hole they seek to emerge, it’ll be the closest to the source of the noise.

How long the Monster will investigate depends on how many and how loud the noises were. If an explosion was caused, it may take up to a minute. If two explosions, it could be two minutes.

In either case, the Monster emerging does not mean they are fully aware of your presence just yet.

When the investigation is completed, the Monster will enter a hole again, making it safe for the player to travel. You may hear the Monster crawling elsewhere.

Certain actions do not seem to cause any noise such as pulling in or out the flashlight and any other item so you are safe to do those.


Amnesia: The Bunker - Monster Guide and Gameplay - Holes - 24EE40F

The Bunker is full of holes that the Monster uses to move around and explore. It easily navigates through the entire area while you struggle to find keys to unlock doors. Unfortunately, the score is currently Monster – 1, You – 0. Be aware that you may hear the Monster crawling through the ceilings and walls, causing dust to fall.

Don’t mistake this for artillery outside the Bunker. If you make even a small noise, the Monster may crawl out of the nearest hole and stay there, causing dust to flow out. Do not approach or stand near an active hole as the Monster could grab and kill you instantly. Be prepared for the Monster to occasionally emerge from the hole, hurting you and leaving you incapacitated for a short time

When a hole is active, some nearby lights may start to flicker at a slow pace.

Amnesia: The Bunker - Monster Guide and Gameplay - Holes - D9FF73A

Holes can be blocked with a heavy object. Doing so will prevent the monster from emerging from that hole and will try to emerge from other holes in the vicinity instead. However, heavy objects may break on further attempts if the Monster keeps trying to emerge from a blocked hole.

Lights and Darkness

Amnesia: The Bunker - Monster Guide and Gameplay - Lights and Darkness - 730B7AF

To make the game easier and safer, you can use generator lights to illuminate the bunker and prevent the Monster from freely roaming. When the lights are on, the Monster will hide in holes until disturbed by noise or the player. Lights near the Monster will flicker rapidly when it emerges, while those further away will flicker slowly, giving players a clue about its location.

However, the Monster can still move freely and may not return to its hiding spot after being disturbed. Additionally, explosions can knock out nearby lights, so players should be cautious when using them.

The Monster

Amnesia: The Bunker - Monster Guide and Gameplay - The Monster - 18FE47D

(Credits Ⓙⓐⓒⓞⓑ for the picture)

The Monster will not appear in the game until you collect the red wheel crank. Instead, it will remain in the holes, attempting to snare unwary victims. When the red wheel crank is picked up, it will begin to emerge in response to noises or dark locations.

The Monster will appear on its own in dark regions. During a patrol, it may demolish any thing in its path except metal doors, which it will try to open if they are unlocked, even the doors to the save room. If they are opened, it will be able to freely enter that area as well as the generator room. Heavy items take several hits before being destroyed.

It can see you from a long distance and will raise up on its hind legs and growl before charging. This gives you plenty of time to respond, leave, or fight yourself.
If it gets you, there is no escape since it can overpower and kill you.
It may occasionally damage you instead, such as when emerging from a hole when you are close to one.

There are a few ways that you can defend yourself; Shooting at it, using gas grenades, using fire or using any explosive items. In normal circumstances, injuring it will cause it to flee into a hole and leave the area temporarily. However, this will only make it angrier the next time you encounter it. This also means that further defenses will not work efficiently.

In EASY mode, the Monster will always flee on the first gunshot, regardless of game difficulty. The defensive tools become worthless the more times they are employed on the Monster on NORMAL mode and higher. In the NORMAL setting, for example, it will flee on the first bullet. However, if it returns, up to three rounds may be required to force it to escape, and so on. In HARD mode, you might need to take two shots the first time.

After fleeing in EASY mode, it may take up to 10 minutes for the Monster to reappear. Until then, it will lurk in the crevices, waiting to prey on unsuspecting victims. After fleeing on NORMAL mode and higher, the Monster will reappear after a few seconds.

If the Monster loses sight of you, it will travel to the most recent location where the noise was made (i.e. running before you stopped running). It will then investigate the nearby surroundings, possibly breaking down doors, tables, and so on. The Monster is also capable of passing through vents.

During the investigation, the Monster may stand still, as if listening for whatever noise you make (e.g., cranking the flashlight).
If you are harmed, the Monster may easily find you down by smelling your blood.
The Monster is incapable of learning new things. It will, however, catch up with you if you pursue something for too long.

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