Amazing Cultivation Simulator – Basic Start Guide After my first Few Hours

Amazing Cultivation Simulator – Basic Start Guide After my first Few Hours 1 -
Amazing Cultivation Simulator – Basic Start Guide After my first Few Hours 1 -
Basic Observations and strategy to save everyone some time


Character Selection

Your Party is broken into 3 people with one "Main Character" that also has background points. Keep in mind your Background defaults when you randomize. 
Stat Distribution 
The Stat grid thresholds are per pentagon line. Moderate is the innermost line and High is the next line out from there. I would encourage you to align your MC’s stats with your background’s art. 
There are really cool traits like heaven’s chosen and gifted but in practice im just glad to not have any negatives as I emphasize Stat distribution and Skills more 
I’ve read that the only skills your cultivators care about is Qi cultivation, Crafting and battle more or less in that order. In the early game You start with a free Level up Pill but cultivation is a long road. 
Generally I pick the following 
Artifact Savior/b] for 2 Points, Three artifacts to avoid the -15 penalty for being without one until I get around to crafting one. 
A Basic Law for 1 point, Ensuring you start with at least 100% compatibility is critical 
Sociable for the extra starter pawn as Inner Sect members do not do chores 


Generally starts are going to go in this order 
1. Chop Wood 
2. Place Campfire 
3.Place The two Crafting spots 
4 Cut Trees and/or Punch rocks 
5. Craft Planks or Bricks (probably both) 
6. Craft Tools 
7. Build a well 
8. Build Assorted tool stations that upgrade what you have 
9. Place Farms 
10. Build an Observatory 
11.Eventually Build rooms, I Build Four 3×5 Internals and one 5×5 Internal for my Sect Leader. 
Things to keep in Mind 
Rooms for cultivators should Ideally be made of the element that their element consumes with only the bed being their element. Other furniture should be of the consumed element as well. 
Doors should be on the south side 
You start with a cultivation Pill, once you have your new Inner Disciple they don’t work and will be very upset if they are not given an Artifact and a weapon. Weapons can be crafted or found on corpses and artifacts cost at least 5000 Qi in a material to craft. 
Secrets are functionally accessed under the world tab and a big one to look out for is a couple of weeks in you get a secret mission to investigate the old sect. This gives you all of the starter inheritances. 

Feng Shui

Honestly the in game tutorial is solid 
Biggest thing is to ensure your rooms are made of the element that is consumed by what you are trying to cultivate. The only item of your element should be the Bed/Throne object you cultivate on. 
And Bedroom doors face south 

Written by Kscoutb

This is all about Amazing Cultivation Simulator – Basic Start Guide After my first Few Hours; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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