Amazing Cultivation Simulator – How to Feng Shui

Amazing Cultivation Simulator – How to Feng Shui 6 -
Amazing Cultivation Simulator – How to Feng Shui 6 -
Feng Shui Basics for VA rooms


What is it and why does it matter?

Feng Shui is basically arranging rooms with corresponding elements and in certain ways to boost their comfortableness for characters that find themselves inside. 
Your characters receive mood bonuses from aspicious and very aspicious rooms, as well as correctly arranged elements, and later on get a boost to cultivation speed thanks to Feng Shui. 

Common Mistakes

Before I get into the elements and building I´ll list the few common mistakes people might be doing in their arrangements. 
Only rooms with Feng Shui nodes – beds and craft stations that define the rooms for example – are subject to all of this, if you build an empty room solely for storage it does not mess with Feng Shui because it has none – only rooms with purpose are Feng Shui rooms usually. 
Bedroom doors face South. 
Crafting room doors face East. 
Dining and cooking rooms face West. 
One of these doors has to be facing outside directly – you cannot connect it to another indoor room or it wont count as facing in that direction. 
If a room has doors facing multiple directions that lead outside its considered Feng Shui leakage and reduces your rating as well. 
Roofing has no actual bearing on Feng Shui by the way, make it whatever you like. 
There are also certain weathers that reduce all your rooms and items Auspicious rating. 
All stoves, forges and furnaces have to be made out of earth or fire element to reach very auspicious, because their flame inside is considered another feng shui aspect. 
Also if you happen to be unaware, you can check on your Feng Shui by building the observatory after you establish your sect. 
You can set up for example a Stove room that has outside door facing west, and at the same time have door on the right side facing east if its a walled room such as storage, that does not count as leakage. 
Amazing Cultivation Simulator - How to Feng Shui 
This is for example all very auspicious. 
Room sizes – or how much the room is cramped. Do not make your rooms too big and empty, or too small and cramped, I cannot tell you the exact sizes but this also affects Feng Shui. I shall provide a picture instead though. Both have very auspicious beds, but the first room is not very auspicious due to its size – too empty. Second room has both bed and room very auspicious. Its a literal one block width difference in size. 
Amazing Cultivation Simulator - How to Feng Shui 
Amazing Cultivation Simulator - How to Feng Shui 

Building and Elements

Most decoration items, walls, lights and flooring are imbued with a certain element. Its called "affecting five elements in their surroundings" ingame. The ingame diagram best displays their cycle. 
Amazing Cultivation Simulator - How to Feng Shui 
If we start from right, Water is boosted by Metal, Wood is boosted by Water, Fire is boosted by Wood, et cetera. The game translates that as "begets". Fire begets Earth and so on. This is what you mainly will be dealing with in arranging rooms. 
If you keep all this in mind, a very auspicious room or item is one that is in harmony with Feng Shui and boosted by the correct element – for instance an Iron bed should be surrounded by Earth decorations and sitting on earth flooring – no flooring also counts as Earth flooring by the way. 
Amazing Cultivation Simulator - How to Feng Shui 
If you look at the picture above, there are Iron beds sitting on Earth flooring, and each of the lamps is also Earth element therefore they are boosting all the beds that they reach up to. The walls are also made from Earth element but since they are exactly at this range from beds they do not affect them. As lamps have no Feng Shui of their own everything in the room is considered Very Auspicious. 
Items affecting Feng Shui also have their own range as visible when you build them, most decors only affect up to 2 tiles around them though. 
When majority of your Feng Shui items and rooms reach VA your sect gets "Blessed" Status. Not all items in the room have to be VA for the room to be, about 80 % is enough, if everything else is considered perfect. 
Closing word 
So all in all, if you keep the basics from above in mind, you should have no problems creating your own very aspicious rooms. 
Just one fair warning – When you receive "Blessed" status and 300 fame – if you have 0 fame, enemies with Qi Shaping phase start to assault you instead of the usual weak goons, or it possibly really beefs up your enemies should you hit another fame threshold, so basically don’t do that unless you are ready for it or wanna get murdered at the start. 

Written by Sharethepain

This is all about Amazing Cultivation Simulator – How to Feng Shui; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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