Aliens: Fireteam Elite – All Weapon Types Information

Aliens: Fireteam Elite – All Weapon Types Information 1 -
Aliens: Fireteam Elite – All Weapon Types Information 1 -

A personal commentary on the various guns in Alien: Fireteam Elite.


This rant is a sandwich that's based on first-hand experience, biases, personal preferences, and "feels" with arbitrary opinions. This is not THE definitive guide to weapons. It is just one man's opinion.
It will not include attachments and will not tell you how to get them. If it isn't in the store, assume it's a missions drop.
Let's move on.

Rifles: Autorifles

The generalist guns, able take on any threat from babies to DA KWEEN. It is impossible to go wrong by having one, but it can also be costly. This category has 5+1 guns. Yes, I know that this makes six guns. But I will explain why in a moment.
1. EVI-87 Zvezda Plasma Rifle
It is a smg disguised as an autorifle. It fires quickly, but reloads a little slow. High mag size to compensate low dmg. It has a large damage dropoff and is not affected by most Range modifiers (. So far, I have only seen Recon's Down Range have an effect). It's great for self defense and brawling when things get chaotic and you don’t have a CQW. To increase agility, I recommend a reload speed attachment.
2. L36 Halberd
It is easy to see why the empire chose this gun. It is a very agile gun, without the range issues of the plasma rifle. The autorifles are very balanced, but you can choose the lighter and faster option. This gun can take you through waves upon waves of runners without any problems. Weakpoint dmg mods are my preference. They are the most accurate gun in this group, even the Zvezda.
3. M41A2 Pulse Rifle
It's the starter gun. Haha, just kidding. This is the ultimate Auto Rifle experience and a solid "true middle" gun. The old thing may not be exciting, but it can be built in any way you want and it will still work.
4. Type 88 Heavy Assault Rifle
It should not be. It is actually quite good in practice. This was my go to gun when I ran autorifles. My ADS was still working well with hipfire after I had it fixed. It also has the best sound quality of all the ADSs, so that's a plus. It may have some issues with stats and ammo, but it feels great to me, especially with the extra fire rate.
5. Kramer Assault Rifle
This gun is a favorite of many and I can see why. It is powerful and accurate, but it feels clunky for self-defense. Use (or demo). Despite the fact that it isn’t effective at long distance, it can still be used to plink distant targets due to its high impact and decent crit dmg.
+1. 4C2 Astra
This new indian gun is not an auto rifle. Why? It actually fires in bursts! Auto bursts are a good thing!
This gun uses all small attachments, and feels like a middle point between DMR and SMG, but it's a fast, accurate gun that can "burst" down weak points with surprising effectiveness. This is the best option if you are looking to become a Gunner with full fledged burst firing DMRs.

Rifles: Burst Rifles

Burst rifles are not something I like. They are too heavy and awkwardly placed between precision rifles and autorifles. I promised I would cover all guns, and I will. These 4 are DMRs, but I have thrown them in their own category because of how they behave.
1. X45 Bombard
It seems to be the most "combat-oriented" gun in the bunch. Lower damage, faster fire rate, more ammo. It's comparable to the L36 in terms performance, but the single burst of fire can be jarring in brawling situations. It's a strange gun, and I don't like that.
2. M41A3 Burst Rifle
Although I found the large optics choice on this gun strange, I thought it might be the precision choice. The extra zoom makes it easier to engage targets farther away. This is what burst rifles should do, in my opinion. It picks up distant targets with respectable accuracy, but it is not good at) self defense.
3.StG 24 Storm Rifle
While it is a sidegrade to the M41A3, it doesn't feel very good in practice. It was annoying to use for self defense because of the slower fire. The accuracy would be better at fighting synths than it does against xenos. It feels clunky and weak, unless you score some crits. This can be difficult with the gun's behavior.
4. AM-16 Gruppa
This rifle is the best burst rifle, apart from the Astra mentioned in the previous section. This rifle shoots well and handles well in both precision and close range shots. You can also use auto bursts to fire the gun in panic situations. Fluff claims that smaller mag sizes and longer reload times are a problem, but who cares? That's not me. This is the Astra if you are thinking of grabbing a burst gun for a mission. I endorse it.

Rifles: Precisions

The DMRs, and Snipers are the best of the game. You want that bastard dead, and you want it dead now. As of current, there are 3+1 Sniper rifles and 2 semi-auto DMRs. Yes, there is an exception.
1. Twilight V,4
This gun is a "light and agile" option. Both the stats as well as the feel are excellent. This gun is ideal for Docs and Recon who don't have to do big boy duties but prefer long range engagements. It can do 400dmg per shot, which almost equals to a burst of autos. With high crit, it could comfortably compete with green enemies.
2.M42A2 Scout rifle
The "heavy" DMR. The "heavy" DMR gives you the experience of sniper duty but without the ammo or handling constraints of actually using one. The slow fire rate can be jarring. I recommend attachments to help you overcome this. It does help you aim well and make every shot count. It's like learning how to use the big guns before you get up to the big guns.
3. X46 Ballista
This is a small step from the scout rifle to sniper territory. A "entry level" sniper. It can kill runners in one shot on Intense. Overall, it is a matter of taste. You can either want it to hit a bit harder or be a bit agiler.
4. M42A3 Sniper Rifle
The real. This bad boy is one the three pinnacles in per shot dmg e14Y. The third belongs to P.649) and under the right circumstances, it's almost impossible to miss the orange boys. Put on the tanker muzzle and tactical scope. Armour piercing rounds are also available. Grab all the rifle training perks that have crit dmg, grab recon's Down Range and sit at the start of the room. To kill any head weakpoint, you only need 2 mags. 1k raw dmg is not to be snubbed at. 400% crit is also not a bad thing.
5. L33 Pike
This is the second real for guys who love reloading. This offers a consistent damage profile because you don't need to reload a mag for it. Just slap one round in, and you're good to go. This is the bane of all synths and can clear any engagement pronto with just a little bit of finesse. It's even better that it's on sale in the shop! You must immediately purchase it if you don't already own it.
+1. Svat-92 Sokol
It is an odd one. It is advertised as a sniper gun. It is a gun that does many things, but excels in none. The auto fire is just a little higher than Twilight V4's capabilities, unless you buff. It also has lower damage and a lower crit multiplier. This gun is best used by a Gunner, not a dedicated marksman. As a heavy battle rifle.

Heavy: Launchers

The explosion radius of bombs in this game is always a little smaller than you think, and it always surprises you. This is a key point to remember when using the 6(+1 – launchers. Don't trust your instincts when it comes to the radius.
1. M12 RPG Launcher
The gun can be summarized in one word: Disappointment. It shoots HEAT warheads for light Anti-vehicle penetration and Strongpoint penetration, according to the fluff. It has a staggering 2k dmg on paper. A single rocket in a mag led to the assumption it was the best anti-orange tool. In practice, it was not. It did not do enough damage to the intended target, so you will continue to smash into it until it closes the distance. The rocket's poor accuracy is a major problem. It was quite alarming to see the rocket whiz past the target so many times it looked like they had plot armour or your reticle was slightly off.
2. M12A1 Rocket Launcher
This is more in line with what the big booms should be. Respectable damage and radius. It is best to not aim it at the large ones. The M12 had no chance, and this one will. You should, because damage is damage. Don't let the splash get to you.
3. M95 Grenade Launcher
Do you like wallbanging? Do you want the ultimate trickshot experience No? Then, put the gun back in its box. These grenades bounce off the gun, and they do. If you aren't good at playing angles or aren't careful, the environment will throw the ball back at your at all times. You can try, but your team should be cautious.
4. M94 Impact Grenades
This M95 can be used instead of the M95. This is the classic, no-nonsense grenade rocketer. It is a classic grenade launcher that needs little extra. It's almost as timeless as a shotgun.
5. Microburst
Although it looks like a missile gun on paper, in practice it is an ammunition waster. The gun's splash redius, which is almost non-existent, is not very accurate, and the projectile speed means that you cannot engage xenos at long distance because they will already have fled by the time it hits. It looks like a machine gun trying hard to be a missile launcher, and it is doing a poor job of it.
6. 2B1 Vajra
Do you like machine guns or not? Do you like grenades? Do you like suppressive fire This bad boy from Alphatech might be for you. You can fire down hellfire upon any incoming swarm with 32 grenades in one mag. Splash radius is almost negligible with 32 grenades. This weapon is an area saturation weapon, especially when it is paired with Ammo Hoarder cards and a good Overclock from the gunner. The gun becomes a joyride full of constant explosions that could almost rip apart everything. This one should be in your arsenal. It is available in the store.
+1. P.649 HEL
The laser cannon is a bespoke weapon and one of a few weapons that has a charging mechanic. It doesn't appear to have splash damage so it could be treated as a heavy rifle. You could carry 5k (!!! ammo with one uncharged shot, which costs 5 ammo. A full charge costs 12.) crit dose dmg ten-times per reload. An uncharged shot can kill a runner. It has a respectable fire rate, and a fairly large ammo supply. It has a slow a*s reload that should not be modded, but it is otherwise the best anti orange ordinance weapon lancers and demos could ask for.

Heavy: Machine Guns

Ahh, so you want that big dakka? Let's grab an Ammo Hoarder or recon card. You can have both. These 4 guns either have very few mags or go through their ammo quickly.
1.L56A3 Smartgun
Ah, yes, the smartgun. Although it does aim for you, I feel that I still need to put in the effort to point my gun at the targets. It has a very short range, which is one of its biggest and most well-known problems. It is quick to fire, so it can burn through ammo quickly. It does not give any headshot bonus. It is only useful for fighting off a small group of weak enemies.
2.L59 Minigun
This minigun isn't the fastest, but it fires like an auto rifle. There is an unavoidable delay in firing the minigun and the mag size is 120. This is not much if you have a mainline autorifle. I advised you to bring ammo supplements and extra supply. It can be quite an experience to enjoy 240 shots of non-stop fire.
3.M41E4 Heavy Pulse Rifle
It's exactly what it says on its tin: a heavy pulse rifle. It shoots hard, with some crit mixed in. This rifle is good for whatever the autorifles do. It will usually have a terrible ammo count if it is subject to the ammo penalty for intense or above. This can be used against the green names.
4. Thunderbolt Mk2 Autocannon
This new gun can do more than the bastard Microburst. It has a much larger magazine (, a slightly larger reserve), faster projectile speed, as well as explosive bullets. It feels great in my hands, despite the stats. It is also much more accurate than the Microburst due to its machine gun mechanic. Add some slowing and knockdown modifications to it and let the thunder roll. You should also bring extra ammo, as the shortage is worse with this gun than any other guns in the same category.

CQW: Shotguns

The classics! THE CLASSICS SHOTGUNS IS THE CLASSIC! These bad boys can be found in 7 different vermin skeeters.
1. M37A3 Pump Shotgun
The best shotgun, period. The best shotgun is the one you get. It does the most damage per shot. This gun is strong enough to run one shot runners on any difficulty, so the pros deemed it the best shotgun around. You can also add a reload speed mod to increase agility and prevent you from being caught reloading.
2. Heirloom Standoff
DLC exclusive shotgun. I have heard that it has the highest chance of falling out of the bunch (. It clocks in at 46%). But, knowing my luck, it doesn't really matter to me. It is an agile alternative to my M37.
3. DT-57 Medved
The old Double Barrel. It is the Pike shotgun in that it almost completely depends on reload speed. It can compete with the M37 for the best shotgun if you have patience and finesse. It's also stylish if you pair it up with the revolver, cowboy hat and a holster for an old-fashioned loadout.
4. Type 21 Tactical shotgun
A weaker version is better suited to brawling and trash cleaning. Remember what I said about getting caught reloading on M37? This one fixes it by using mag reload instead. It can be used for self defense and rear guard duty but it is not as effective as the OG in taking down the greens or oranges.
5. Type 76 Auto Shotgun
This shotgun is fun but ineffective, if you look deeper into the niche. It does not do enough damage to be useful in emptying into an incoming swarm. You will need at least two shots to kill a single runner on intense. If you don't want to use a shotgun, this gun is not the right one.
6. M51 Breaching Scattergun
Because there is a burst gun for every category that isn’t heavy. This gun is likely to be a bit more expensive than Type 21 because of its superior damage and double tap burst. Both could take on a swarm of xenos and kill them one at a time, but burst fire can cause you to run out of ammo quickly and require frequent mag changes.
7.EDS-93 Zadak Plasma Discharger
This shotgun is a new addition to Pathogen DLC. It has a short charge up to tighten its spread for a concentrated critical hit. Personally, I prefer this gun on intense. It can still kill runners in one hit and make the precise strike against tougher enemies with the same weapon. It's not ideal to run away while you get your 9 shots ready again, but that's the shame.


Close quarter combats can be difficult with shotguns. SMGs offer full-auto solutions. These guns all fill the same role, but they work slightly differently.
1.LEM MP11 Stormsurge
I don't like the smaller version of StG24, but it is okay. It is accurate enough to take precise shots, but the burst fire is not my favorite feature, especially at closer range.
2.M39 Submachine Gun
You should not step on this one. The grouping is surprisingly fast on its fire rate, so you could easily fill a poor sucker with lead if it gets too close. And you don't even need to aim too hard, because the gun will rip through any targets, except the large ones.
3.PPZ-49 Vol
This is what I use for long range engagements. It's a "heavy" smg that I use for short controlled bursts. Full auto is still available for brawling. Mainline use comes with an ammo problem and I tend not to run it dry.
4. X43 Barrage
The M10 for SMGs. It is a fun, effective gun that is also surprisingly accurate. You want to fire a lot of bullets at your enemies when you get this gun. This gun is my CQW madness gunner. This gun will be a great addition to your arsenal.
5. 6A Jaipur
Pathogen DLC has added a new product. This gun is 70% SMG, 30% shotgun. Its projectile splits into four barrels. It looks like dog spew on paper, but it is actually a solid gun in practice. The 57 dmg becomes 228 raw dmg once all four pellets hit (. Yes, it is very tight but you have to be special to understand how it works and decide to long range it to). It is easy enough to control and keep on target even in brawling situations.

Handguns: Hand Cannons

"Hand Cannons" are exactly what they sound like. They are powerful handguns that can kill a xenos in just a few critical hits (. But, it is important to use finesse to land those shots). There are 6 flavors to choose from.
1. Kramer .50 Magnum
Your starting handcannon is good enough to take down a runner in one headshot. You just need to tweak it a bit and be precise. I recommend the mag that will refund a round on kill. If you are good enough, you can clear a whole engagement without having to reload.
2. Frontier Revolver
Are you a cowboy? Do you feel lucky? No? You can still use this gun. It is fast to reload and is undisputedly the most powerful handgun. It is not a long-range gun and it only reloads one at a time. You can also style it by wearing a cowboy cap.
3. N79 EVA Laser
A pistol-shaped sniper, slow firing, but powerful at long distance (. If you turn down the dmg falloff, it actually goes up to). Although the gun fires fairly fast, it has an overheating mechanism and takes a few seconds for it to cool down. This disables weapon switching. To keep the gun firing, the user must use slowness.
4. Twinhammer
This gun is unusual, as it works in double tap fire/two round burst mode. Although it is balanced enough to allow for some forgiving on body shots, landing both shots on its head can prove difficult. This one is hard for me to say, other than that I find it odd and don't use it often.
5. Type 95 Combat Pistol
There is an equivalent pistol that isn't the sidearm! This is a great all-rounder pistol. It has a large ammo supply, mag size, good accuracy and good agility to make up the lack in firepower. Are you struggling to get headshots right? Do you want something simpler? This one is for you.
6. Conversion of U1A2 GL
Pocket Grenade Launcher provides explosive fire support for those who don't have it. It's terrible. The gun is fast to reload and has good ammo reserves, but it can feel like you aren't hitting anything unless you score direct hits. This is just like the gripe about other explosive weapons. It also has a projectile curve, so you need to make skillshots if you don't see the target.

Handguns: Machine Pistols

The machine pistols, on the other hand, offer a more generalist/mainline defence option of 4 guns.
1. M10 Machine Pistol
Do you like dakka? Do you enjoy shredding? Do you enjoy the idea of a magazine being emptied in seconds and a superior fire rate? The M10 is the right choice for you. The M10 can fire at a staggering 30 rounds per second raw, up to 40 modded, 50 rounds each mag, and has a lot of reserve. No runners will be able to withstand a quick, sharp blast from this gun. The biggest problem with this thing is the spread. Something this fast can't possibly be pinpoint accurate now.
2.Mark 7 Mod 2 CQB Pistol
Officially, I endorse this burst fire pistol. To take down a runner at close range, you only need one or two bursts. All four rounds could go into the dome to hit crits). The ammo reserve will keep any marksman medical safe from ammo boxes to ammo boxes. It's that easy: Buy it, use and love it.
3.Type 78 Burst Pistol
This pistol is a long-range burst pistol. All 3 levels unlocks have an effective range. It's somewhere in the middle of Machine Pistol and Hand Cannon. It is a good gun for mainline use, and I don't see any negatives.
4. 8A7 Dambulla Machine Pistol
This gun is a Pathogen DLC addition. It's an SMG disguised as a machine gun. It has a short effective range and other stats point to it being a heavier option to the M10. It serves its purpose well but the mag seems a little small to me.

Handguns: Riot Guns

The mini-shotguns are basically the same thing. There are only three of them, and each one is pretty basic. You can just grab it, blast the fools and reload.
1. Kramer Short-Barrel
Mini pump action. 5 shots, fires fast, reloads fast, decent damage. It competes with the M37
2.Rapid Responder
Mini auto shotty. It is in every way, I find it superior to Type 76, which is funny.
3.DKT-59 Misha
It is almost like a sawed off shotgun. It is superior in every way to the larger version.


Last but not the least. Flamethrowers. There are 3 guns in 2 categories. They don't fit well in any other section so I am placing them in their own section.
1.Type 99 Incinerator
It is a short-range flamer that does exactly what you would expect in a game. It emits a jet of flame that deals continuous damage, and leaves a little DoT. It is hated by many.
2.OCAP-91 Volcan
Bigger, Badder, Longer, Harder, Stronger. You should bring a flamer (that's not a turret) if you want to. Although it is a heavier weapon, it is clearly superior to the smaller one in every way. It also shoots a little further.
3. X1 Fireball
It is not a grenade launcher disguised as a flamethrower. It behaves just like an incendiary bomber, igniting a small amount of flame upon impact. It must be thrown so that it hits the target directly or very close to do damage. It's a novel idea, but it doesn't hold up when tested.

Extras and Ending

We are almost done so let's just do the last thing that every player has in their possessions by default.
E1. Sidearm
Do, not, , on, sidearms. These little guys are quite big and can take down runners with just a few headshots. They also have unlimited ammo. There's even an entire a*s challenge card that will help you beat any map using only them.
E2. Melee
Melee is often overlooked. With some phalanx bonuses that boost damage, you can interrupt runner attacks with a well-timed melee. You could even oneshot them on full stack. If latency is not an issue, meleeing runners and then executing it using a handcannon shot can be a great way to take out surprise strays.
We have it. From day one to the present, all the guns. Have something to say, advice or trash to share? Feel free to do so.


Written by Grandpa!

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Aliens: Fireteam Elite – All Weapon Types Information, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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