Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop – Faith Class and Stats

Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop – Faith Class and Stats 3 -
Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop – Faith Class and Stats 3 -

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Statistics and presentation

Eva “Faith” Jensen

Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop - Faith Class and Stats - Statistics and presentation - 7BA2CCFClasse: medic Type: support Team position: third

With the highest statistics in Healing, infestation curing and the second highest movement bonus Faith is without a doubt the better of the two medics in the Alien swarm.

Main task:

Slow down aliens in order to avoid your team being hit.

Secondary task:

Your team is able to heal itself


Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop - Faith Class and Stats - Gear - 41642CA

Tesla Cannon:

The primary goal of Medics is to protect their team, and to prevent aliens from touching your friends. For that, nothing more effective than the Tesla cannon.

It is among the largest aventagles of the cannon of tesla, and it is virtually impossible to cause any harm to your allies.

It can also electrocut the aliens and apply a slow to them.

Tapping with this weapon is a great way to reduce ammunition. It helps you to control the mini stun.

mini stun: interrupts the actions of enemies in progress if well timed.

Be aware, however, that Tesla cannon comes with some drawbacks.

Barrels and chairs, as well as other props, may block the electric beam of Tesla. Doors and other objects can attract the beam.

You might think of not putting your goal in alignment of your teammates if you were hoping to get tesla for them.

Medical Gun:

The reason a doctor must wear medical equipment is obvious, but why would you play the Medical gun and not the amp medgun, or the Heal Beacons?

The answer to the question of the amp medic is simple. Faith is the medic with the greatest healing potential and this makes the medgun of old more effective with her. On large maps, it could be more common to have a low in med. Your role is to keep your team alive with the amp medical’s limited healing power.

The Heal beacons are a good product, but they have two major weaknesses. First, it forces your team to remain static, which can be very risky, and second, it heals an infection slowly and can cost as much as 2 beacons.

Medgun managment:

One medgun round can replenish 10 health. A Marine who has lost his life will be healed by consuming the medgun ammunition, no matter what.

If a marine is missing 1HP, and you heal him, you’d only utilize 1 medgun ammo for 1HP, and you would lose a potential healing of 9.

To counter this “problem” it’s quite simple you should not heal the marines that need to be healed to full life (try to heal them at 90 or 95% of their maximum health). This will ensure that you only use 1 Medgun ammunition per 10 healing points.

Freeze Grenades:

The freeze grenades (or ice nades) are the additional support equipment by exelance.

In situations of emergency like an intruder too close to your team, or too many shieldbugs per square centimeter or even an entire army of xenos that are close to you, who are threatening to jump on you, using an Ice can be the ideal solution for all of these issues.

Note that freeze grenades are capable of putting out the flame when an ally burns.

The Gas Grenades are not recommended for use in play. It’s not an item that is very useful. Gas nades can be used in certain situations, but they are more suited for second-medic use.

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