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Hey there, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you everything about Let’s Pet Pets – Items Upgrades Follow this guide each steps.

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I will now show you the second upgrade and describe the function of the Helpers.

Name: Magic touch (lvl 39 from 99 )

Meaning: Increases the number of Pet Points gained from petting by 25%.

Explanation What is manual Petting will earn you more Pet Points.

~~~> I’m not a mathematician so I cannot tell if you earn more Pet Points through Heart growing or through other methods. or by simply upgrading your pet’s status. I don’t care, as you can see on my levels.

Name Power Petting (lvl 39 from 99 –

Meaning: Increases the number of Pet Points gained during a Pet Time Bonus by 50%

Explanation: You can earn more points for your pet when the Meter of Dog Time Bonus is fully used.

~~~> Take an examination of the sentence. You will see big Stars together. I personally believe that it has the potential to discover in those.

Name: Prestigious Pets (lvl 49 from 99 ) –

Meaning: Increases Heart Points when you are a high-ranking person by 5 percent

Explanation: Press on the sparkling Button “Prestige”. (Only red colored) Before pressing !!!!) you will notice that it take longer and longer time to get it lets say full.

With this skill here you reduce The amount of manual petting To be able to do it quicker!

~~~> I misunderstood this one at first. I saw no change and no need but later realized that the truth was for me. I was awed by this ability or found it extremely useful after 15 times of using Prestige. My Personal Opinion.

Name: Labor Coupon (lvl 70-99)

Meaning It reduces the cost of upgrading Helping Hands by 10%

Explanation: If you look at the price of a Helper and find that there are 55 different types of it.

Maybe (like me) your eye pops out.^^ This Upgrade will reduce the cost…it is very useful.

~~~> This skill was used after 17. prestige points. I only put a little in 3 Helpers, and I can only get a benefit once you have invested 35 points in it. I’ve found it more useful than the other Uprades. Shrug Shoulders.

Name: Helping Hands (9 from 99 ) –

Meaning: Increases the number of Pet Points gained while offline by 10%

Explanation: Similar to handshakes if you take a break and come back you’ll have more Pet Points to helper you or a higher lvl from helper.

~~~> Did you know that every Helper has the same level of 1 000? ?

I hope that only one Helper can find it among the Items that have the 1 0000 Level. I won’t know until I get it.

There are so many items. Did you all notice the bag’s second button-down to the right?

Over time, Pet Points will show you some items that will enhance your pet’s affection and decrease the Helper Cost (laugh …)) or give you more Pet Poin’t from the work you do with your helpers.

For me, the most effective is the place I begin:

Name: Pet´s …….. (many other names, but they all begin with Pet’s).

Meaning: Increased chance of obtaining Heart Points

Explanation: YES you stand a better chance of obtaining random Heart Points.

Name Drink (Different kinds of drinks like soda, coffee, and so forth)

Meaning: Increased duration of the Pet Time Bonus

Explanation: You will have more time to pamper your pet when you activated the Pet Time Bonus Meter (it will blink when you press Space).

These were the only items that I could find to be of any assistance, but they are still useful if you remember that it is an insignificant items.

Name: ….. Trophy (different types of Quality, such as bronze, Silver and so on.)

Meaning: Lowers the cost of Helpers (depending on the quality of is 1%, 2 %….)).

Explanation: I saw almost no change in the cost of Helpers so… yeah it’s helpful, but not my thing.

There are tons of Items that help the Helpers increase the amount of Pet Points you earn from their hard work^^ Like I said, at minimum for one Helper, for certain, lvl 1 000 will show up^^

Now, the function of the Helpers is like the word “Helper” It’s just for aiding.

If you have more than one pet, you could purchase one.

I found that purchasing three Helpers per animal was enough to earn additional money in the beginning.

However, later on, when you have maybe 10 Pets than it might be better to purchase each pet an aid.

The Pet Poin’t they gain …. it’s to assist me in completing the Quest “EARN…Pet points”

with a faster animal and satisfaction.

For Prestige… It doesn’t help however I’m not sure for certain.

It surely counts! But I can’t say whether it’s a factor in getting Heart’s too (RED Letters).

It was too late.

Now, I require so many that I can’t tell you for sure, but if I do my manual petty, it’s fast full (RED). But… sorry for my bad.


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