YouTube Has a New CEO

YouTube Has a New CEO 3 -
YouTube Has a New CEO 3 -

The Rise of Neil Mohan: YouTube’s New CEO


YouTube Has a New CEO 1 -
YouTube Has a New CEO 1 –


Susan Wojcicki, the current CEO of YouTube, is stepping down from her position, marking the end of her 25-year tenure at the company. In an email to her employees, Wojcicki stated that she is ready to start a new chapter in her life, one that is focused on her family, health, and personal projects. Wojcicki will still remain involved in the company, taking on an advisory role across Google and Alphabet. In her place, Neil Mohan, the former Chief Product Officer of YouTube, has taken over as the new CEO.


Mohan’s Tenure at Google


YouTube Has a New CEO 2 -
YouTube Has a New CEO 2 –


Mohan’s appointment as CEO of YouTube is a logical choice, given his extensive experience in online ads and ad networks. Before joining YouTube, Mohan worked at Google directly, and before that, he was the Senior Vice President at DoubleClick, an internet ads company that Google purchased in 2008. Mohan’s experience and knowledge of the online advertising ecosystem make him a suitable candidate for the CEO role.


The Future of YouTube

YouTube has been the go-to video site for a lot of people over the past decade. These days, YouTube is also considered one of the most used search engines on the internet, which means that there is a lot of pressure on the company to remain profitable. However, YouTube has not been profitable for most of its existence, and it was not until around 2016 or 2017 that it started contributing to Google’s earnings. As a result, one of Mohan’s primary duties as CEO will be to ensure that YouTube remains profitable and continues to grow its profits.


Mohan’s Role in Feature Changes

One of the concerns regarding Mohan’s appointment as CEO is his previous role as Chief Product Officer at YouTube. As the head of product, Mohan had the final say in what features would get added to YouTube or changed. This means that he would have had a lot to do with controversial changes that YouTube has made, such as the removal of the dislike button. Although Wojcicki approved of the change, Mohan’s approval would have mattered more, and he would have had to make the final decision. Some creators and viewers are skeptical about the change in CEOs and fear that YouTube will continue to make changes that negatively impact them.


The Removal of the Dislike Button

One of the most controversial changes that YouTube has made recently is removing the dislike button. YouTube stated that this change was to stop dislike attacks, where many people would go to a random video and hit the dislike button without actually watching it. YouTube claimed that these attacks were most common on smaller creators’ videos and that they were hurting new creators. However, some creators and viewers are skeptical about this explanation, believing it was done to hide negative feedback on certain videos.


Final Thoughts

The appointment of Neil Mohan as CEO of YouTube has raised some concerns among creators and viewers. However, given his extensive experience in online ads and ad networks, Mohan is a suitable candidate for the role of CEO. Only time will tell whether Mohan will continue to make controversial changes to the platform or whether he will steer YouTube in a new and positive direction.

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