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Wobbly Life – All Treasures Locations – WIP Guide 1 - steamlists.com

16 of 27 Treasures Found
An INCOMPLETE guide to the treasures in Wobbly Life. I plan on updating as I play and find treasures. Feel free to hit me up with locations I don’t have and how to get them so I can update faster!
**Reason for creating early in Intro

A Couple Notes


I play the game at my own pace and will find more treasures and add them at that pace. I will take information though from different sources to help me as I play. If you are looking for a 100% guide, this isn’t currently it. Sorry ๐Ÿ™


I’ve been messing around with the Treasure Hunting in Wobbly Life with some friends and figured I’d record what I find for others. I planned on waiting till 100% completion but a treasure map rough draft (indicating some points I have recorded) I posted as a reply to a discussion received a decent bit of traffic. Because of this, I figured I would redo the image to be neater and easier to read while also allowing for me to update it as I find things. I know this will not give you all the information you need but it might help! I hope it becomes the 100% treasure guide later. This is also my first ever Steam guide so wobblebear with me….
Some Key Notes
– Treasure locations that require a map are where I found the treasure doing the noted map but I’m certain they can be elsewhere. I believe the game spawns treasure per map and the percentage is higher on “Hard” maps so I can say with certainty if you keep doing the map I annotate, you will eventually get the treasure.
– Some points require knowledge of how to access certain areas. I will give a brief description of these areas and how to get to them but will not be comprehensive in this guide.
– I generally treasure hunt with at least one other player while using a spawned (purchased) logging truck. One person drives while the other hangs in the back holding the Metal Detector. We have found that the logging truck does a better job than other vehicles in not having clipping issues. Using a spawned vehicle lets you despawn the vehicle in case it gets stuck. I also use the Jeep and SUV.


Wobbly Life - All Treasures Locations - WIP Guide - A Couple Notes - E381AE0

The Map

Wobbly Life - All Treasures Locations - WIP Guide - The Map - 4364BD0

How to Read

Each “X” indicates a treasure specific to a display in the museum, represented by the color of the “X”.

  • Red = Wobblysaurus-Rex
  • Purple = Dinosaurs
  • Orange = Gold
  • Brown = Caveman
  • Green = Jungle
  • Pink = Fossil

Each “X” has a number that you can compare with the information in “The Treasures” section. And yes, as of right now there are numbers missing to allow for better organization later.
Some markings don’t show the exact location of a treasure, but rather the entrance that will get you to the treasure.
“X’s” annotating a specific treasure map (ie: Hard Map from North Map Vendor) are simply where I found them. Do not use these…just keep doing the map affiliated with the treasure
***Some numbers have been outlined to allow for better reading

The Treasures

Wobblysaurus-Rex {Red}
1: Tail Bone (Free Roam Dig)
2: Arm (Hard Map from Main City Vendor)
3: Jaw (No Dig, Requires Pickaxe or Bomp Prop) **See Note Below
4: Leg (Hard Map from North Vendor)
Dinosaurs {Purple}
5: Dinosaur Egg (Free Roam Dig)
6: Mosquito Fossilized in Amber Resin (No Dig, In the Secret Lab) **See Note Below
Gold {Orange}
10: Golden Sceptre (No Dig, In Knight’s Vault) **See Note Below
11: Golden Ring (Buy for 500 Coins at Main City Treasure Map Vendor)
Caveman {Brown}
14: First Wheel (Free Roam Dig)
15: Wobbly Pizza (Hard Map from Main City Map Vendor)
16: Spear (Hard Map from Main City Map Vendor)
17: Fossilized Present (No Dig, Found By Smashing Hay in Farm Area) **See Note Below
Jungle {Green}
19: Venus Fly Trap (No Dig)
20: Wobbly Bomb (No Dig, In Big Temple Maze) **See Note Below
Fossil {Pink}
23: Shell (Free Roam Dig)
24: Shark Tooth (Free Roam Dig)

#3 Wobblysaurus-Rex Jaw

-The jaw is a no dig item and is obtained by going to the cave entrance on the beach (as indicated by the X.) You need to bring either a pickaxe prop or bomb prop. When you get to the cave entrance you will notice a cracked rock on the left side. Break it open with the pick or blow it up with the bomb and the jaw will be there.
Wobbly Life - All Treasures Locations - WIP Guide - The Treasures - ABFE581
Wobbly Life - All Treasures Locations - WIP Guide - The Treasures - 9A79D10

#6 Mosquito Fossilized in Amber Resin

-Gain access to the secret lab and go to where you can shrink yourself. Then, go find the hidden crack in wall that brings you to mother spider. On the bottom floor of the area behind a red pipe, you will see the treasure. (Look for guide on secret spider outfit for access details)
Wobbly Life - All Treasures Locations - WIP Guide - The Treasures - 825AB51

#10 Golden Sceptre

-The Golden Sceptre is found on the table in the Knight’s Vault. In short, get the Knight’s Sword in the Jungle Island during a thunder storm, bring it to the knight’s cave and put it into sword slot to access the vault. (Look for guide on Knight Outfit for access detaiis)
**I’ve done this about 5 times now due to repeated mishaps…
Wobbly Life - All Treasures Locations - WIP Guide - The Treasures - 6F87786

#17 Fossilized Present

-The Fossilized Present is found by smashing hay bales on the farm island with a vehicle. Keep an eye out as you smash for the treasure to spawn. I found it while using a tractor but I wouldn’t be surprised if you can use other vehicles. Get smashing!
Wobbly Life - All Treasures Locations - WIP Guide - The Treasures - 98A0F2B

#20 Wobbly Bomb

-Gain access to the big temple and go until you are entering the maze. Go into the first doorway to the right, Go into the next door then make an immediate right. The treasure will be sitting in the back right corner. (See guide on “The Temple Puzzles” for access to temple)
Wobbly Life - All Treasures Locations - WIP Guide - The Treasures - 2E90955

The End

Thank you for reading! Hopefully this helped a bit in your Wobbly journey for all the treasures. Sorry the guide is unfinished but know I do plan on continuing it. (No promises)
-A Special thanks to my buddy “Neko Charma” for helping with treasure finding and the entertaining adventures, love you man.
-Thank you to the Wobbly Life Discord community and Steam community for both inspiration and information.

“No Guts No Glory!”


Written by Platypoa

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Wobbly Life – All Treasures Locations – WIP Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!


  1. I found a claw from a wobbly raptor from a medium treasure Hunt from north treasure Hunters and thethe x was next to thethe place

  2. There is also a treasure section in the museum. Iโ€™ve found the solid gold goblet which was found as a No Dig, In The Big Temple Maze. It was in a case randomly throughout the maze. I actually found 3 my first time through the maze so you have plenty of opportunities to find it if you break vases throughout the maze. There is also a Rare Gems of Pure Uranium which I found minding uranium in the mining job. It has a chance to appear while mining Uranium ore. It took me a few tries before getting it. The third on Iโ€™ve found is An ancient scroll. I found this by destroying the grey garbage cans in the city.

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