Where to Get Paolumu Wing in MHW

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Where to Get Paolumu Wing in MHW

Ever wondered how to snag a Paolumu Wing in Monster Hunter World? Let’s dive right into it and uncover the secret to grabbing this cool item!

Getting to Know the Paolumu

So, there’s this critter in Monster Hunter World, the Paolumu. Picture a flying wyvern, but with a twist – it’s super fluffy! Not as scary as some, but its wings? Pure gold for crafting Glacial and Lumu weapons. Let’s get down to business on how to score one of these wings.

Finding the Paolumu Wing

Ready for a little adventure? Head over to the Coral Highlands in Monster Hunter World. If you’re already at High Rank (HR), that’s perfect. You might’ve bumped into Paolumu on earlier hunts, but now, we’re after its wing. Quick tip: don’t bother hunting it at Low Rank or Master Rank – it won’t drop what we need. Stick to High Rank quests or expeditions for the best shot.

How to Break Paolumu’s Wings

Here’s the deal: aim to break those wings. It’s way easier when Paolumu is on the ground. Sure, you might get lucky with Gold or Silver-tier investigation rewards, but the real fun is in the fight. Getting up close and personal is the way to go.

HR Paolumu isn’t too tough compared to its Low Rank version. Its flying skills? Not so impressive. So, it’s not too risky to take it on. Keep it from flying by targeting its inflated neck. Got Flash Bombs? Use ’em when it tries to soar. Prefer to keep your distance? Ranged weapons or the nifty Insect Glaive are your friends. Once it’s down, it’s all about the wings. Whether you’re into slicing or smashing, go for it. When Paolumu hits the deck, that’s your chance to strike!

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