Where to find Gold and Sharke Blue Keycards in Payday 3

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Where to find Gold and Sharke Blue Keycards in Payday 3

Say you’re in the thick of the thrilling Gold & Sharke Payday 3 heist, and stumbling upon the elusive Blue Keycard becomes essential. This little piece of plastic is your golden ticket to breezing through restricted sections like you own the place! The drill is, first, clear that ground floor and artfully dodge security, then make your ascent. And would you believe it, that’s when the Blue Keycard makes its grand entrance?

How to Spot the Keycard: Bank Manager & Upper Floor Offices

Where’s the usual haunt for this coveted card?

  • Look no further than the bank manager’s back pocket.
  • Spot the guy in the sharp, dark suit – that’s your manager.
  • Light fingers at the ready, nab the keycard without him noticing a thing. But hey, sometimes life throws curveballs. If luck isn’t on your side, those upper-floor offices are your next best bet. But heads up: don’t expect neon signs pointing to the card. It’s all about poking around, lockpicking doors with finesse, and keeping those eyes peeled.

When’s the Best Time for a Stealthy Grab?

Wait till the manager takes a leisurely stop near the vault stairs on floor two. When he’s peering down at the first floor, that’s your cue. Swift, silent, and stealthy, grab the keycard from his back. With no cameras or nosy NPCs in the vicinity, it’s as discreet as it gets.

What’s the Gold and Sharke Heist All About?

Envision this: a grand New York bank is your playground in the Gold and Sharke heist. Your mission, if you choose to accept, involves snagging a server and helping yourself to a hefty amount of cash tucked away in restricted zones. But it’s not a walk in the park — with cameras watching like hawks and doors sealed tight, it’s a fortress. Your mantra here? Explore every nook and cranny. And remember, treasures (read: important items) have a knack for popping up where you least expect.

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