Warhammer 40000: Boltgun – Attacks and Strategies for Exterminatus difficulty

Warhammer 40000: Boltgun – Attacks and Strategies for Exterminatus difficulty 1 - steamlists.com
Warhammer 40000: Boltgun – Attacks and Strategies for Exterminatus difficulty 1 - steamlists.com

Hello and welcome, We are going to tell you everything there is to know about Warhammer 40000: Boltgun – Attacks and Strategies for Exterminatus difficulty in this guide.
This guide goes through the attacks used in the Exterminatus challenge by the Great Unclean One, and shows you how to defeat him without too much hassle. This fight won't be as clean and easy as the Lords of Change because you can't remove all the adds. The adds can accumulate over time, but if you face them directly, it will reduce their impact.


This guide covers how to deal with the Great Unclean One of the Exterminatus level.
This fight is very different on each of the difficulties. One of the best ways to burn a GUO is to be in close range. The Doomsday Bell is triggered by being in close distance on certain difficulties. It's a long AoE which deals light damages to the player. Exterminatus doesn't have this attack.
The Bilesword is now the priority attack. It fires twice as many shockwaves on each swing. It is repeated up to three times and each shockwave causes 160 damage. These are easy to dodge on their lone, but add a lot more risk when you combine them with the Nurglings in large numbers or get caught running loops.
The strategies here, therefore, are primarily more aggressive. They focus on confronting and destroying GUOs without retreating. But for those without Vortex Grenades or even many heavy weaponry, there's a trick to kill them without taking too much damage. In the video, bolters are used to complete the fight within a minute.
I would consider the exact weapons, movements, and techniques as examples. There is no doubt that there are many variations.


Great Unclean One Attack List

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If GUO faces you in the middle of the room, he will launch this attack. It performs an animation of slashing with its blade and two shockwaves move towards the player. These move so slowly and are close enough together to be easily jumped over with just one jump. The attack will be repeated after a brief delay. This attack is subject to a cooldown. The GUO then switches between his other attacks.
This attack has a number of important aspects, as it is one that has had the greatest impact in the fight.
First, it will only launch this attack if the GUO sees the player. If not, the attack will be skipped. This attack will still occur even if line of view is broken. I have experienced shockwaves traveling through pillars. To avoid getting clipped, I tend to let this attack occur and concentrate on damaging the enemy while jumping. You can use the GUO with a weapon that does splash damage and pay peekaboo to kill Nerglings. But I did not find that more efficient.
It's not advisable to engage the GUO if you're standing on a slope. This will, in fact, cause the shockwaves not to be vertical and remove the possibility of jumping. It was… a surprise.
The high damage from this attack could trigger Know No Fear if the player has 100+ Health. Know No Fear allows you to cancel the damage when you receive a fatal blow, and also provides a brief period of invulnerability. It is recharged with kills. Nerglings can be used to recharge this skill. It is possible for you to intentionally trigger the ability. If you do, it's probably best to use the third barrage, since this attack is longer overall than the invulnerability duration.
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If the GUO has not completed the Bilesword assault, it will perform a second animation wherein it opens the gaping mouth in its stomach and releases a torrent containing these vicious yet fragile critters. Using a weapon which deals splash damage on the GUO or throwing a grenade into the mix will be enough to make quick work of them. It is best to start off with the plasma, but it may be necessary to switch away from it as you accumulate adds. The meltagun is the most suitable weapon due to the high DPS it offers and the fact that you can stockpile it with the Munitions Boon available on this stage.
You want to do splash damage on the GUO to kill the added enemies, not just deal damage to them. I think it's better to just avoid the Nerglings and damage the boss if they are separated. This attack gives you a chance to melee attack the GUO if he is at critical levels of health. Note that dying GUOs do not remove all adds. The volkiteblaster can be used to remove them.
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Puke Bile
The GUO then performs a second animation, where it plants its saber in the ground before opening its mouth for a similar poison attack to that performed by plague-toads. This attack is more prolonged than the previous one and it tracks the player weakly. This isn't dangerous, if the player can move. It also gives them a chance to continue to hurt the boss.
Warhammer 40000: Boltgun - Attacks and Strategies for Exterminatus difficulty - Great Unclean One Attack List - 18CC114
Doom Bell
As stated, this attack is not present in Exterminatus. It is a bit disappointing because it's an interesting attack. This attack triggers at close range and has a relatively higher priority. The GUO is a channel that deals AoE trick damage. On the lower difficulty, the player can bait this attack in order to deal damage with range, but they will have to eat all the ticks, if using a melee attack.
This means there is a slightly wider window for melee attacks against the GUO at this difficulty. As long at you don't charge straight into the Bilesword Attack, finishing this monster off with melee is a relatively low-risk option. This may also allow for more melee-focused attacks.

Kill Methods

Method A: Vortex Burndown
This level offers all the tools you need to kill GUOs in under 10 second and with 0 Damage. Vortex grenades can be found immediately before the GUO, as well as a machine spirit or munition blessing elsewhere on the level. Throwing the Vortex Grenade early will allow you to jump past a single Bilesword strike and the fight won't end until your meltaguns run out. The plasma can be used here with machine spirit. However the risk is not worth the splash damage.
Method B No Retreat
During the first Bilesword strike, move to one corner and use the Plasma to damage. Throw a rocket and continue your attack during the Nergling spawn. (I usually reload my melta gun just before tossing the grenade. However, this isn't necessary. When the GUO releases its Puke Bile grenade, approach it and circle while unloading your melta. The aim is to land in an area that you can deal the next attack. This might be jumping another cycle of Bileswords slashes.
The GUO could be at a low health level at this point. In this instance, you can break your line of site to lure a new round of Nerglings. Throw another grenade at them and then fire, finishing off with melee when critical health is reached.
Method C – Grind the Gears
Shoot the GUO and avoid the first Bilesword. Once the boss is defeated, you can run down and to your right. To your left, there will be a set if deadly gears. Sprint over them and jump to the narrow ledge at the other end.
Nurglings may die on the gears. The GUO has arrived. Unload any weapons, including your standard boltgun. You'll be required to jump the Bilesword attack, but it's not that difficult at this distance. Technically speaking, you might need to sidestep poison attacks. This is not very common and the damage it does is very small. The fight can be finished in less than 1 minute.

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