Vindictus – How to use DXVK on Windows and DirectX to Vulkan

Vindictus – How to use DXVK on Windows and DirectX to Vulkan 1 -
Vindictus – How to use DXVK on Windows and DirectX to Vulkan 1 -

Hello and welcome, Vindictus – How to use DXVK on Windows and DirectX to Vulkan guide.

How to use DXVK, DirectX to Vulkan Translation Layer for Windows. Windows using Vindictus. It’s primarily a Linux-based technology but can be used with Vindictus. It can provide improvements in performance and other visuals.

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The layer of translation DXVK permits the use of
DirectX – [wikipedia.orgDirectX – [

9/10/11 – Games to be rendered using
Vulkan – []

. It allows the game’s output visual using a different library. It was designed to enable gaming on Linux.
It can be used on WindowsCan be used on Windows [github.comCan be used on Windows- [

Also, although the creators don’t officially endorse them.

What are the main differences between them?

It is based on the combination of your operating system, hardware, and game. This guide is designed for Vindictus running on Windows and Linux, since Linux users are left with no choice.

The advantages vary from nothing to significantly or slightly higher FPS or stability. There are some disadvantages like a black screen when you ALT-TABbing, different behavior for certain visuals and the inability to apply custom profiles using the NVIDIA profile inspector. It is recommended to test it yourself and see if any improvements can be made.

DX9VK (for DX9 and DX11) and DX11VK (for DX11) are the shorthand names for DXVK.


  • W11 DX9: 45-60 FPS
  • W11 DX11: 30-45 FPS
  • W11 DX9VK: 55-70 FPS
  • W11 DX11VK: 50-65 FPS
  • Linux DX9VK: 55-65 FPS


  • Kyou’s API comparison and benchmark with Radeon Vega64 and 24-A13518587A on a desktop PC: 525 FPS when comparing DX9VK and DX9VK
  • SirRFI’s testing of desktop PCs using i7-8700K and GeForce GTX 1080Ti Ardri raids show marginal or margin-of-error performance variations
  • SirRFI’s test on laptop using Ryzen 6800H and Radeon RX 6700M for Ardri raids
    • DX9: 290 avg FPS, 111 1% lows
    • DX9VK: 353 avg FPS, 139 1% lows
    • DX11: 339 avg FPS, 138 1% lows
    • DX11VK is not included due to visual bugs



DX11VK has been reported to cause visual bugs, like some objects (marketplace board, trees, rocks) are shrouded in fog despite they aren't far away. I haven't experienced it previously, but I do with my latest hardware, which is why I didn't include this variant in my side by side comparison video.


Some laptop users with NVIDIA GPU reported that DX11 is fundamentally broken.


DX11 and DXVK use more VRAM than DX9 does.


How do I use it?

0. You’ll require an GPU that supports Vulkan. It could be anything that was released after 2014 or later in 2014. DXVK 2+ might require Vulkan 1.3+ support. Make sure to check
GPU-Z – []

To be certain (Advanced Tab Vulkan select)

Download the most recent version of DXVK from [github.comThe DXVK version is available on github [

(2.2 was the number used when the article was written, i.e. dxvk-2.2.tar.gz).

2. Extract the archive

3. Transfer the following files to the directory in which Vindictus was installed (same with Vindictus.exe, and Vindictus_x64.exe).

When you are using 32 bit client 64-bit client
DirectX 9 x86/d3d9.dll or optionally x86/dxgi.dll x64/d3d9.dll or optionally x64/dxgi.dll
DirectX 11 x86/d3d11.dll x86/dxgi.dll x64/d3d11.dll x64/dxgi.dll


You can see currently used DirectX version in game by entering OptionsVideoAdvanced - it's on the bottom as "Hardware DirectX level" with select drop box next to it.

4. Start the game and it will work. Utilize external tools, such as RTSS‘s OSD (Rivatuner Statistics Server) to determine if it’s working. The name of the renderer that is used alongside FPS will be displayed.

5. [Optional]
Configure it – [github.comConfigure it – [

Save this file to [github.comSave this file to [

You can modify the game by changing the directory to dxvk.conf.

To remove, just delete the files you extracted from the archive into the game's directory.


I sincerely hope the Vindictus – How to use DXVK on Windows and DirectX to Vulkan was enjoyable for you to read. Please let us know in the comments box below if you find any errors in the post or have any recommendations for how it may be improved, and we will do our best to solve them as soon as possible. Thank you for your feedback! Don’t stress about it, and have a wonderful day! Creator and writer SirRFI was the inspiration for this article. Also, if you like the post, don’t forget to save us to your bookmarks; we update new posts every day with additional material, so be sure to check back with us frequently for more posts.

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