Vertigo 2 – How to Get All Secret Weapons

Vertigo 2 – How to Get All Secret Weapons 4 -
Vertigo 2 – How to Get All Secret Weapons 4 -

Hello and welcome, In this guide, we will tell you everything about Vertigo 2 – How to Get All Secret Weapons Follow this guide step by step.

This guide will be updated over time, but it already includes the essential information.

Secrets are obvious spoilers! You’ve been warned!

How to unlock each hidden weapon, as well as a walkthrough video.


Hello! This guide will contain the following:

  • Where are the secret weapons located?
  • How to obtain every secret weapon
  • Tips for each weapon in the secret arsenal
  • Each secret weapon is shown in an enlightening video walkthrough


The video walkthrough can be found here.

Comment if you think I’m missing something!

The Gordle Pun

The Gordle Pun can be found at the beginning of Chapter 2.


The Gordle Pun is found in an opening in a hole that is bottomless.

The first door to the right is the one you will see as you go into the hallway.

You may want to travel to the other side.

Look down. There is an opening. Teleport into it.

Step-by-step instructions

In order to obtain the Gordle Pun, follow these steps:

  1. Continue on the same level until you arrive at the hallway with four doors.

    Vertigo 2 - How to Get All Secret Weapons - The Gordle Pun - C33DC5E

    This one:

  2. The first door is to left, and then traverse the pit.
  3. Teleport to the pit by looking into the pit.
  4. Follow the straight route
  5. Have fun!


The Nostalgic Pistol

The Nostalgic Pistol can be found within Chapter 6.


In a closed barricade the Nostalgic Pistol can be found.

A touchpad can be found on a wall in the room where you can increase the power of your weapons.

It is located right next to the server.

There is a door that is not there. Perhaps you can enter it without difficulty?

Be attentive to the 4th note tune using your headphones. Keep it in mind.

On the VR Headset, and the piano is shown to you. Replicate the tune.

F, G#, G, C.

If you’re not musically attuned I don’t blame you. Use the keys to navigate through the image.

Step-by-step guide

To acquire the Nostalgic Pistol, you must follow these steps:

  1. Continue on the same level until you get to this room.

    Vertigo 2 - How to Get All Secret Weapons - The Nostalgic Pistol - B7AA3E2

  2. In the server room (the one that has the upgrade), there is a touchpad near the entrance of the room. Click it.
  3. There is a fake wall just outside the door, behind the barricade. It is possible to enter it.
  4. There will be a screen in the middle, and right next to it is a VR Headset. It’s easy to put on the headset and press these keys into the piano.

    Vertigo 2 - How to Get All Secret Weapons - The Nostalgic Pistol - 4C0585E

  5. Have fun with your new gun.


The Atherian Quadbow

The AEtherian Quad-bow can be found in Chapter 9.

It’s also the easiest thing to do accidentally


The AEtherian Quad-bow can be found in a treasure chest along a different path.

This is all you should know about.

The Super Shotgun

Chapter 4 contains the Super Shotgun.

But, it is the hardest to get.

This weapon is best found on your NG+ playthrough.


The Super Shotgun can be found in an unlocked lockbox (the key to which can be located in the room next to yours in chapter #) after the whale has been defeated.

Step-by-step guide

These steps will help you to get the Super Shotgun.

  1. Chapter 4: Find the key from the next room and place it in your inventory
  2. Now play the ENTIRE game until the whale has been spotted.
  3. On top of a rock, you will find a lockbox. Lock it with the key and take your prize.


The Finger Gun

The Finger Gun is found at the beginning of Chapter 14.


The Finger Gun is located in an uncondemned laboratory, which is located in the opposite direction to the quantum key room.

Up the escalators.

You can make use of your skills to get through the door.

Continue on through the lab, and then put your hands in the opening.


Step-by-step guide

These steps will assist you in getting the Finger Gun.

  1. At the beginning of Chapter 14, go to the dark escalators. At the top, your flashlight will turn on.
  2. Teleport through the broken doors
  3. Break the boards with any of your weapons.
  4. Proceed through the condemned lab and stick your hand in the hole.
  5. You must run and shoot as fast as you can return to the point where you started. You can reload by sticking a syringe into the tip of your finger.



Kauboi’s Revolver is located at the close of Chapter 16.

Due to the nature and how you got this weapon, I won’t be able to give you the solution to your problems.

Kauboi’s Revolver can be found by interacting with Kauboi and agreeing to help. [/spoiler]

Step-by-step guide

To get Kauboi’s Revolver, follow these steps:

  1. Take the elevator down when you reach the tower with the floating pyramid at the top.
  2. There will be two sets of stairs, I suggest you take the left set first.
  3. Use the mirrors as a deflector to direct the laser towards each spot. When you solve the puzzle, you’ll know.
  4. The second puzzle involves making the Kauboi logo with the stars. Adjust the sliders until you’ve solved the puzzle.
  5. Return to the statue and then into its mouth.

I sincerely hope the Vertigo 2 – How to Get All Secret Weapons was enjoyable for you to read. Please let us know in the comments box below if you find any errors in the post or have any recommendations for how it may be improved, and we will do our best to solve them as soon as possible. Thank you for your feedback! Don’t stress about it, and have a wonderful day! A post that Plsyer made inspired this guide, so a big thank you goes out to him for that! Also, if you like the post, don’t forget to add this website to your bookmarks; we publish new posts every day with additional material, so be sure to check back with this website on a regular basis for more posts.

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