Valheim – An Overview Guide and Useful FAQS Detailed Guide

Valheim – An Overview Guide and Useful FAQS Detailed Guide 1 -
Valheim – An Overview Guide and Useful FAQS Detailed Guide 1 -

Useful Tips for new players and how to get started in game!


Lets start with good seeds

(Some i found myself, some i took from the Forum)

My evaluation



+ During some people like very large (long) islands, for me its a knock-out criterion. If a island is so huge that it blocks travel with a ship and make a 10 minute tour a one hour tour theres no point in such a seed.

+ Trader is inside the 25% circle (nearly all maps allow this)


+ (optional) Spawn island is good for a Base

+ Enough bee hives arround start

+ Eikthyr can be reached without passing higher level biomes

+ Elder can be reached without passing higher level biomes

+ Trader is easy to reach

+ There are (iron) Crypts easy to reach


+ There is a really nice base spot (like a small island)

+ Bonemass can be reached without passing higher level biomes

+ Moder can be reached without passing higher level biomes

+ At least 10 (iron) crypts near the Base spot

+ At least 3 larger mountains near the Base spot

Irrelevant in my opinion

+ The traders location itself, he sells noting that cant be teleportet

Seed: Crazy – []

(Map centered on a nice Meadows island for a Small-Medium base)

(All other good points are given)

– No iron crypts on the start island, but east and west on the next islands

– Bonemass, Moder, Yagluth are a bit furter away and the player must be carefull to sail not into plains

Its a very good seed with a nice decent sized Island for a Meadows base

Seed: HHcLC5acQt – []

There is a really nice Dark Forest islandwith a bit plains NW of the startbase.

It is really a easy going seed with a gigantic Start island

Only drawback is that the nearer Moder is sourrounded by plains

But the Bosses are so near together its nearly pervert

The very start: Meadows 1/2


Like out of sight

As very first collect some wood (you can punch the small trees with your fists or torch, but dont overuse the torch you need the torch as start weapon and the fire make all startregion enemys flee)

* Build Club

* Build Stoneaxe

* Build Hammer

* (asap) Build reserve Torch


Keep in mind that the torch make Boars and Greylings (not greydwarfes) flee


Find wanter (river or ocean) follow the waterline your first aim is to get 8 Boar hides.

On the way, collect

* Mushrooms

* Berrys

* Feathers (so many as possible)

* Flintstones (so many as possible)

* Stones (max arround 15)

* Wood (only collect branches, it makes no sense to transport wood you get from chopping trees, you will find trees everywhere)


* Necks (Meat = Food)

* Boars (Meat and Hide)


If you have some meat you can place a camp fire and (1-3 fit above one fire) Cooking station(s)

Thats not gamestage related, having better food is allways good


Dont build a Base/House at that point, it only slows you down. if you find a old shack you can drop a Workbench and a bed. But your day ends not before you have the 8 Hides for a Crude Bow. So maybe you run all night arround to get these.

Then when you could make your crude bow and 100 Arrows you have reached the goal of this stage.


Trophys, these Yellow flowers and Abundant Wood and Stone you can put in a crate or throw away.

They are so common no need to fill your small inventory with it


Still the Start: Meadows 2/2

Now that you have a crude bow you can start to hunt deers.

Finally you do the same as before. Collect the same stuff, do the same stuff but hunt deers if you see them. Do this to skill your Bow (its the most important skill)

During you do thats check every single Cabin for a Bee Hive, shoot the Hive with your bow, wait until the bees have gone, collect the Bee Queen. You want later more than ?6? own Bee hives for honey

The aim of this stage is to get the bow skill high enough to kill a Troll in his Cave with a bow before he kills you. Besides that you will get some better equipment until then.

Trollhunter: Between Meadows and Dark Forest stage

This stage is more a option, but a good one in my optinion.

Follow the waterline of a Dark forest and hunt some Trolls

[Wip] need to test this in H&H

Console Commands




How to find the ingame trader


How to build


Written by BGratz

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Valheim – An Overview Guide and Useful FAQS Detailed Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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