Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen – 100% achievement guide

Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen – 100% achievement guide 1 - steamlists.com
Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen – 100% achievement guide 1 - steamlists.com
Guide to obtain all achievement in this legendsung.


Step 1: Finish the game

During this step we will complete the main story of the game. A few tips before you start: 

  • Enter the settings menu and select the extended soundtrack if it is not already selected. An achievement is obtained by unlocking the entire soundtrack of the game by listening to it during the game and the extended version includes many more tracks than the original. If you don’t select it, you will probably have to finish the story 2 times. If you finish the game with the extended one, there will still be a couple of tracks from the original missing but they are easily unlocked by repeating very specific scenes from the scene viewer. That will be explained in step 4. 
  • You can play on normal difficulty to make your life easier because there is no achievement related to difficulty. 
  • During the story mode missions, try to destroy all the objects in the environment (rocks and walls) because they give experience and sometimes they offer items. Story missions can be repeated as many times as you want in case you can’t get them the first time (Free battle). 
  • You can perform Training missions during the story to improve your units and make the rest of the game easier for you, or you can save them for last in which case your troops will finish these missions quickly but with a somewhat more difficult story mode. 
  • Beware of items 72 and 79 that are easily missable. Once obtained you can enjoy the rest of the story without any worries. I recommend that you review step 4 of this guide for more information. 
  • For combo attacks and finishing attacks achievements, write them down on a piece of paper because nothing in the game tells you which ones you used. There are 15 final attacks (one per character) and 13 cooperative attacks (one per character but not all of them have them). I recommend that you execute them as soon as you can at least once and then reserve them for defeating bosses.


Step 2: Training

If you have not done it in the previous step, try to finish now all training missions that are unlocked as you progress through the story. There should be 10 of them. Each one (with exceptions) must be repeated 4 times to obtain all items. There is no need to destroy enviromental objects, just finish them. Select the mission pattern that is easiest for you. The following training missions does not have any unique rewards so you only need to finish them once: 

  • Warriors (1st) 
  • Kimamauan Emperor (8th)


Step 3: Secret battle

Once the item list is complete, access the item list from the main menu and you will receive a notice telling you that a secret battle called "Where the Wild Things March" has been unlocked. This battle can be accessed from the bonus menu. 
In this battle you will use all playable characters in the game. They will be at an appropriate level and you will not be able to change their equipment. You will have to defeat all the bosses in the game. Good luck. 
Once you finished it, you will unlock an achievement and some more images from the gallery. 

Step 4: Cleanup

I am missing soundtrack achievement.

Get the whole soundtrack, enter its menu and you will get the achievement. 

I didn’t get all scenes achievement.

It is badly translated, get all the images from the gallery, enter it and you will get the achievement. 

I need 2 more songs to complete the OST.

Change the soundtrack in the settings menu to the original version and access the event viewer from the main menu. Repeat events 6 and 57 and you will unlock the missing songs. 

I need some more images to finisht the gallery.

It is likely that you are missing these images: 

  • One is obtained by losing a battle in the game. You can repeat any as a Free battle. 
  • 2 are awarded for finishing the secret battle "Where the Wild Things March". This can be played from the game’s bonus menu by completing the entire item collection. 
  • 2 are awarded by loading your saved game after finishing the game to see a new event at the base.


I don’t have lots of items.

You get most items in story missions by destroying elements of the environment (rocks) or eliminating enemies; or in the Training missions by finishing them (no need to destroy rocks). You can repeat the story missions with Free battle. 

Item 72 is missing.

This item is obtained in a highly optional scene. The scene takes place after the mission Ruler of the Wild Forest (the second one). When you return to the base choose to advance with the story/see events and make sure it happens in Square. The event consists of hanging clothes with Eruruu. Save before for safety. It should be the third event but if you have doubts select Square whenever you can. If you have lost it in your game, you will have to start a new one until this point. 

Item 79 is missing.

This item is highly optional. It is obtained when you reach a point in the story and have Teoro, one of your characters at level 10. If you do not have it, you lose the item and you will have to start another game and reach this point. Teoro must be level 10 at the end of the mission Special Attack, which is number 11. Use Free battle and Training to level it up if necessary. A good time to do this is after completing the mission Decisive Battle, which is number 9. 

Written by Elolawyn

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen – 100% achievement guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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