Unholy Heights – Handy and Handless Trivia

Unholy Heights – Handy and Handless Trivia 1 - steamlists.com
Unholy Heights – Handy and Handless Trivia 1 - steamlists.com

Hello and welcome, we hope you find our Unholy Heights – Handy and Handless Trivia Guide to be useful.

This mini-guide includes some obscure information about the gameplay and its mechanics. Depending on how informative the trivia is, the guide has two sections.

Handy trivia

Cheepies is the first chicken tenant and seems weakest in the game. They are good at passing down genes. If your chicken pair consistently works out, and then they have their baby, and the child works out as well – fast forward a generation, and you’ll have cute but lethal murder machines with a preference for bibs or cigarette butts.

Monster spawn rates You will receive a proportionate amount of money based on the number you have plus one.

So, if you have one altar, it is twice more likely that a specific type of monster will be seen. Two altars make it triple etc.

It is also roughly proportional based on the affinity to the race. If they hate your guts, they will not show up even if they have an altar.

Equipment power-ups

Several items you can purchase will give your tenants permanent buffs when they use them. There is only one difference between the items in each category: how quickly your tenants get that extra stat. (This is indicated in the list as an approximate multiplier).

Physical Attack: Iron Dumbbells (x1), Punching Bag (5x).

Magic Attack: Wood Bookshelf. Stylish Bookshelf. Flower Bookshelf. Large Bookshelf

Close combat defense: Ab Master (1x), Mr. Bench Press (2.5x).

Ranged combat defense: Orange Desk (1x), Steel Desk (1.5x), Fashionable Desk (3x), Ebony Desk (5x)

HP: Jump rope (1x), Treadmill (12x).

Babies are also twice as quick to increase their stats.

Tactical baby making

Each tenant is limited in how much they can grow stronger by lifting weights or reading books. But! If they have a baby with a baby, the stats will usually be better, and the limit will increase! Keep those babies coming in! Once the baby is grown and their parents have passed away, you can keep them coming! An unfortunate tragic accident. You can repeat the process! Yay!)

One caveat to the previous paragraph: ranged defense. The baby data may not be updated as accurately as the other statistics.

Yes, the stats are permanently increased by Herb-Elix. It’s permanent.

If you have questions about the secret achievement, pay attention to the encounter after the first update!

Handless trivia

The colorful altar The description isn’t just flavor text.

No matter what monster you have, you will have a special baby if you place the altar in your room during the magical process of making a baby. (Not a practical baby, unfortunately.)

The Analog CRT TV Signal shuts down after 40 days.

It will be a big disappointment for all tenants who still have a CRT after 40 days. (If it says punching, then it’s game over. Replace it with a newer model or sell it.

Paper dolls ” are actually.
Teru Teru Bouzu – [wikipedia.org]

(teruteruFang Zhu) They are charms for attracting sunny weather. In-game, they work. “Mr. Stone Statue”, also known as Amagoi Jizou (Yu Qi iDi Zang), does the opposite, attracting rainy days.

The game has other objects that have similar effects. Their effects should be evident from their descriptions.

The original Japanese version You may see your characters reading g*y manga in their apartment if it has a flower bookshelf. The English version has replaced g*y stories with fairytales. This is why you never see a child reading “fairytales”. It’s too risque!

There are other funny translation differences, like tacos being substituted for ramen. Don’t worry! The translation is accurate, mainly!

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