UNBEATABLE [white label] – [UNBEATABLE] – Guide/Tutorial

UNBEATABLE [white label] – [UNBEATABLE] – Guide/Tutorial 1 - steamlists.com
UNBEATABLE [white label] – [UNBEATABLE] – Guide/Tutorial 1 - steamlists.com
A quick guide about the game since I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about the tutorial on this game. I don’t think it is that bad but well here’s a guide if you feel that you are lost.



So I don’t have many hours on this game however the potential of this game is HUGE and in the reviews, I see a lot of people complaining that the game is unreadable or that the tutorial is not that good so they have no idea how the game works. Hopefully, this guide will cover all of it. 
I’m just a random player so some of this info can be wrong. 
Also English is not my native language so there might be some grammar errors but hopefully nothing too bad. 
First of all, I recommend all of you to watch this video made by the developers to explain how the game works (and will work when it’s fully released). 



Well if you have seen the video, the goal of the game is to hit the notes while they come to you. 
The notes can come from up or down, and you need to hit them accordingly. 



  • UP- E,D,I,K 
  • DOWN- F,J

Personally, I play with E and F. 


If you find that your game is unreadable (hard to see or to react to the notes), you can go to OPTIONS and change the following settings: 

  • REDUCE CAMERA MOTION: ON (The camera doesn’t shake as much) 
  • VHN FILTER: OFF (The static goes away) 
  • POST EFFECTS: OFF (The blur is smoother) 
  • BG DIMMING: 90% (The background is darkened)

I love how this game looks so I just play with the Background Dim. 


The first thing you should notice on the screen are the two lines that divide the UP and DOWN segment and the two circles which say how accurate was the hit. The closer to the circles the more accurate the hit is. 
UNBEATABLE [white label] - [UNBEATABLE] - Guide/Tutorial 
On the top, you have your health bar. 
UNBEATABLE [white label] - [UNBEATABLE] - Guide/Tutorial 
When it gets low it appears a “HEART BREAK” warning so you know that you have low health. 
UNBEATABLE [white label] - [UNBEATABLE] - Guide/Tutorial 
On the bottom, you have your accuracy, score, and combo. 
UNBEATABLE [white label] - [UNBEATABLE] - Guide/Tutorial 
UNBEATABLE [white label] - [UNBEATABLE] - Guide/Tutorial 
UNBEATABLE [white label] - [UNBEATABLE] - Guide/Tutorial 
As you play, you will notice that the screen goes side to side. When this is about to happen you will get a “UP NEXT” warning. 
UNBEATABLE [white label] - [UNBEATABLE] - Guide/Tutorial 
In this case the up next is on the bottom of the screen which means that the next note on the other side will be on the bottom side 
NOTE: This doesn’t mean that you will be pressing the DOWN key since the next note can be a triangle one (more on that below) 


There are 6(+1) ways a note can be registered, and each one gives a certain accuracy. 
Perfect – 100% 
Great – 48% 
Good – 36% 
Okay – 24% 
Barely – 12% (doesn’t count towards combo) 
Miss – 0% (obviously doesn’t count towards combo) 
Nice – 100% (Given by the triangle notes) 
If you hit a Perfect, you will see a number after the Perfect message. 
UNBEATABLE [white label] - [UNBEATABLE] - Guide/Tutorial 
I believe this is the seconds that the note was hitten, so in this image, the note was hitten 0.16 seconds after it should be. The closer to 0 that number gets, the more score you get. 


There are 7 types of notes: 
(I don’t know if they have official names so I will just make them up) 

  1. Single Tap Note 
  2. Double Note 
  3. Hold Note 
  4. Double Tap Note 
  5. Pink Guy Note 
  6. Spam Note 
  7. Triangle Note

1. Single Tap Note

This note is as simple as it gets, click it when it is on top of the circle.UNBEATABLE [white label] - [UNBEATABLE] - Guide/Tutorial 

2. Double Note

Sometimes these notes come with a red line connecting them, this means that you need to hit both at the same time with the up and down keys.UNBEATABLE [white label] - [UNBEATABLE] - Guide/Tutorial 

3. Hold Note

When this one appears, you need to hold one of the buttons (sometimes both) AND release it at the correct timing, if you don’t release it at the correct time the note is counted as a miss. 
This note appears a lot in one row with Single tap notes in the opposite.UNBEATABLE [white label] - [UNBEATABLE] - Guide/Tutorial 

4. Double Tap Note

When this note appears, you hit it normally, and then hit it will shift to the opposite lane, so if it appears on the bottom you would do DOWN, UP. There is a circle that tells you the timing to hit it so don’t rush it. 
UNBEATABLE [white label] - [UNBEATABLE] - Guide/Tutorial 

5. Pink Guy Note

This one might be the trickiest, it will always appear in the “middle” lane and you can hit it with any key, after that the note will stop near you and little pink “blobs” will come towards it, you need to press any key every time that the blobs clips into the note. 
(This sounds more complicated than it is) 
UNBEATABLE [white label] - [UNBEATABLE] - Guide/Tutorial 

6. Spam Note

This note is huge compared to any other, the goal is to hit the first note in time and then spam both keys as fast as you can. But still, be aware of the coming notes otherwise you will be unprepared for them. 
UNBEATABLE [white label] - [UNBEATABLE] - Guide/Tutorial 

7. Triangle Note

This note is the one that you don’t want to hit so you need to press the opposite key of its lane, If it comes from the bottom you need to press UP for example. 
There is no timing on this one, either you get hit by it (which is a miss because you are supposed to dodge it) or you evade it which counts as a hit. 
UNBEATABLE [white label] - [UNBEATABLE] - Guide/Tutorial 


I hope this guide helped at least someone and if you find any grammar or info mistakes please let me know. 
discord.com – https://discord.com/invite/cVhZahh 
unbeatablegame.com – https://twitter.com/dcellgames 
The guide icon is from the unbeatable website. 
Every other image was taken during gameplay. 

Written by LazySan

Hope you enjoy the Guide about UNBEATABLE [white label] – [UNBEATABLE] – Guide/Tutorial, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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