Ultimate Assault Build and Master Skills in Payday 3

Ultimate Assault Build and Master Skills in Payday 3 1 - steamlists.com
Ultimate Assault Build and Master Skills in Payday 3 1 - steamlists.com

Ultimate Assault Build and Master Skills in Payday 3

Starting Strong: Ammo Specialist

Here’s the deal, in Payday 3, running out of ammo is no joke. Drop just one point into Ammo Specialist, and suddenly, you’re the player who never runs dry, keeping the fun (and bullets) flowing.

Unleash Power: MOWER (ACED)

With the MOWER skill under your belt, it’s your turn to shine on the battlefield. It’s like turning into a lawnmower, but instead of cutting grass, you’re acing the game.

Handle It: Recoil Mastery

Ever wished your gun was as steady as a movie hero’s? Invest in Recoil Handling, improving your shot’s precision, making you the cool, unshakeable player everyone admires.

Keep It Coming: REPLENISH

Every bullet is precious in pulling off a successful heist. The REPLENISH skill ensures your reserves are always ready, like having an invisible assistant constantly handing you ammo.

Be Quick and Stealthy: Infiltrator

Some skills just aren’t worth it, but not Infiltrator (Basic). This one opens the door to Quick Fingers, turning you into the quickest, slickest operator in the room.

Speed is Key: Quick Fingers

Imagine effortlessly breezing through locks like they’re made of butter with Quick Fingers. It’s invaluable for notorious heists where time is of the essence.

Be Indestructible: TANK (BASIC)

The Tank skill is your ticket to feeling invincible, beefing up your armor so you can laugh in the face of danger.

Max Protection with EXTRA PLATES

Adding Extra Plates is like wrapping yourself in a fortress. Your teammates might as well start calling you “The Wall”.

Essential Gear: ARMOR UP

Want respect? Get ARMOR UP. It’s not just good manners; it’s an essential skill for anyone serious about their heisting career.

Ultimate Precision: Sharpshooter (Aced)

The Sharpshooter skill is your secret weapon for precision so sharp it could cut glass.

Efficiency is Smart: Cutting Shot

With Cutting Shot, every bullet packs a punch, making each shot a masterpiece of efficiency and power.

Quick on the Draw: Speed Aim

Why reload when you could switch? Speed Aim makes your pistol your reliable sidekick, always ready for action.

Heavy but Fast: Swift

Who says heavy armor has to slow you down? With Swift, glide through the battlefield, fast and unstoppable.

Smooth Operator: Quick Draw

Like a cowboy in a high-stakes shootout, Quick Draw lets you switch weapons with unbelievable speed, always staying one step ahead.

Primary Firepower: KU-59

Now, for the primary weapon, consider the KU-59. Sure, the SA A144 is popular, but we sense a nerf coming its way, turning it into a relic of the past. Trust us, the KU-59 won’t let you down.

Tuning Your KU-59:

  • The Hybrid Muzzle Break for your BARREL EXT enhances performance.
  • Choose the Rail Barrel for a dependable BARREL.
  • Get a grip – a Biofit Grip.
  • An Extended Mag means less reloading and more action.
  • For the STOCK, HQ is your best bet.
  • SIGHT is up to you – pick your favorite.
  • Stub Grip as your VERTICAL GRIP makes handling a breeze.

Secondary Sizzler: Castigo

On to the secondary: Castigo. This compact powerhouse is not just a weapon; it’s an experience. While there’s another decent revolver out there, the Castigo is in a league of its own.

Tweaking the Castigo:

  • Opt for the Ranged Barrel and watch your accuracy soar.
  • Your preferred SIGHT is your choice, pick what feels right.
  • Hold steady with the Biofit Grip.
  • The Compact Compensator will be your best friend for stability.

With these tweaks, the Castigo doesn’t just shoot; it sings. Whether you’re up close or picking off enemies from afar, this little powerhouse is your reliable partner in crime. So, grab a Castigo, kit it out, and let the heist begin!

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