Tyrion Cuthbert: Attorney of the Arcane – Full Walkthrough and gameplay guide

Tyrion Cuthbert: Attorney of the Arcane – Full Walkthrough and gameplay guide 1 - steamlists.com
Tyrion Cuthbert: Attorney of the Arcane – Full Walkthrough and gameplay guide 1 - steamlists.com

Welcome to this post This Tyrion Cuthbert: Attorney of the Arcane – Full Walkthrough and gameplay Guide was written to be of use to you, and it is our honest hope that you will find that to be the case.

The guide has two parts to it, first, when you’re gathering evidence, I’ll let you know what causes you to get a new piece of evidence just in case you’re stuck.

The second part presents evidence. I’ll either tell you the statement # or tell you what line you need to give the evidence on.

Just remember you need to do your due diligence too.

Typically in these games, you examine everything, exhaust all the dialogue options, and press every statement.

Case #1

Episode 1-1

I only trade organic products: Present Store-Bought Apple Juice

This juice is worth far more than what I’m offering: Intuition

Episode 1-2

Celeste’s Sword on 4th argument

Press (4th statement? maybe all)

5th statement: Present Autopsy Report: Flinhart McCoy

Episode 1-3

Investigate the bottle next to the body for the Shattered Bottle of Lotus Juice

Investigate the lamp on the wall for Broken Power Cell

Talk to Orym White

Ruby Tymora is a crooked lawyer: Deflect

2nd: Defend

I have no reason to trust you: Defend

Talk to him again

+ Crime Scene Map (McCoy Tavern)

What can we tell about how Flinhart died?

Flinhart Didn’t move during the murder

How did the bottle shatter?

Flinhart dropped the bottle during the attack

What can we infer about the state of the crime scene?

The crime scene had no lighting during the murder

Move: Upstairs

Move: Inquisition Barracks

Talk to Celeste McCoy

+ Celeste’s Bedroom Key

Move: Celeste’s Bedroom

Talk to Jolene McCoy

Talk: Flinhart McCoy:

+ Flinhart’s Sister

Move: Barracks

Talk: Celeste’s Closure (ARGUMENT)

He’s always hated magic. There’s no reason behind it

Present: Flinhart’s Sister

It was selfish of me to learn magic.

Present: Celeste’s Occupation

In his final moments, he could only think of how I betrayed him.

Present: Shattered bottle of lotus juice

Episode 1-4

4th statement: Present Broken Power Cell

4th statement: Present Mage Blade

(Garrick Pierce enters)

Press 3rd statement

4th statement: Present Conjure Light

Which spell did Lord Pierce use to commit murder?

Present: Shape Liquid

I saw the murder! I witnessed everything!

Present: Conjure Light

She was wielding her sword after the murder!

Present: Crime Scene Picture

I came here to reveal the truth and testify against that criminal!

Present: Perjury by Garrick Pierce

Empowered Eye:

Present: Shape Liquid

There is no evidence of a liquified weapon at the crime scene

Present: Shattered Bottle of Lotus Juice

Case #2

Episode 2-1

Just talk

Episode 2-2

Move: Classroom 2-B


Examine Chalk Outline:

+Bloodstain Under the Body

Bottom right: Detect Magic

Examine: Purple

+Autopsy Report

Talk: Rancid smell

+ Foul Classroom Smell

Talk: The Murder

+ Imperial Academy Map

Talk: How was the body discovered

+Who discovered the body?

Move: Headmaster’s Office

Talk: The Murder

+The Headmaster’s Actions

+The Academy Lockdown System

Talk: Wallace’s Spell Compendium

+Unattuned Spell Compendium

Talk: Catherine Bellwether

+Bellwether’s Reputation

Move: Imperial Academy: Kitchen

Finish talking to her then Examine

Use Detect Magic

Move: Imperial Academy: Hallway

Talk: The Murder

+Jan’s Statement

Talk: Firing the Academy Staff

+Bellwether’s Plan

Move: Inquisition Barracks

Talk: Spell Compendium

+A lot of spells

How does the evidence implicate Wallace?

A magical trace of necromancy was found on the body

Which spell do they think Wallace used?

Necrotic Blight

+ Bloodstain Under the Body

What is wrong with the crimescene?

Bellwether’s Body was covered in blood

Move: Imperial Academy: Kitchen

+ Valentina’s Magical Trace

Talk: Did you see something? (ARGUMENT)

My conscience is clear: Empathy

I don’t have to tell you anything: Threaten

I don’t know anyone who can use magic: Valentina’s Magical Trace


Why doesn’t Valentina know that the spell was necromancy?

The spell cast on Valentina healed her

Episode 2-3

Statement 4: Present Bloodstain Under the Body

Which spell would leave a trace of necromancy?

Present: Mend Wounds

Statement 3: Press

Statement 4: She used first aid and applied pressure to her wound to stop the bleeding: Present Autopsy Report

Statement 5: Interpret

How did the twins trick the Inquisition?

Valentina switched places with Valerie

Episode 2-4

Talk: Illusion Magic

+Major Illusion

Talk: Major Illusion

+Jan’s Statement

(There’s one more Talk after that)

Move: Imperial Academy: Library

Talky talky. Examines have been refreshed too

Move: Imperial Academy: Locker Room

Talk: The Headmaster

+Steelwind’s Orders

Talk: The Secret Witness

What is motivating Steelwind to keep secrets?


Who has steelwind trusted for this case?

Tyrion and Celeste

Why does Steelwind trust us this time?

Tyrion isn’t controlled by the nobility

What can you infer about the secret witness?

The witness is a noble

+ The Four Pillar Families


+ Construct in the Locker Room

Miriam Frega

+ Evidence in the Locker

Which locker had the most suspicious evidence?

Miriam Frega

Move: Imperial Academy: Library

Talk: The Secret Witness: Argument

Nothing about my behavior has changed: Present Steelwind’s Orders

Why would I act in such a way? Present: The four pillar families

My investigation doesn’t involve the Fregas. Present Evidence in the Locker

You can’t prove that piece of evidence exists: Threaten

Talk: The truth

+Evidence of Academic Dishonesty

+Bloody Rapier

Move: Dorm Room 107

Talk: Replacing the headmaster

+Bellwether’s Plan

Talk: Arcane Construct

+Construct’s Logic Limitation

Episode 2-5

+Steelwind’s Deduction

Statement 3: Present Steelwind’s Deduction

Statement 3: Press

Did you hear her make any sounds?

Statement 3: Present Animate Corpse

What created Bellwether’s voice?

Present: Arcane Constructs

Who ordered to Construct to hide the body?

Present: Theodore Redmond

5th Statement: Present Bellwether’s Plan (The second one you have to scroll down for)

2nd statement: Present Bellwether’s Plan (The second one again)

I was alone and had nothing to overpower Bellwether with

Present: Arcane Constructs

I wouldn’t have the consturct linger around the library


I wouldn’t have placed incriminating evidence in that locker

Present: Evidence in the Locker

There’s no reason I would make a mistake like that!

Present: Arcane Constructs

There’s no evidence of my orders!

Present: Construct in the Locker Room

Empowered Eye:

Present: Construct’s Logic Limitation

Present Construct in the Locker Room

What stopped the Construct from leaving the locker room?

Present: The Academy lockdown system

How did the lockdown affect the Construct’s actions?

Redmond’s series of commands were interupted by the lockdown

Case #3

Case #3: The Progenitor of Horus

Episode 3-1

+Aurinax Blockade

Episode 3-2

Talk to Tyrion Cuthbert

Talk: The Accident

+Rika Helped Justin


+Justin’s Job

Move: Aurinax Arcane Refinery: Walkway

Examine for magic traces

Click on yellow

+Transmutation on the Guard Rails

How did the transmutation spell affect the guard rail?

The spell weakened the structual integrity of the guard rails

What was the intention of weakening the guard rails?

The unknown mage wanted someone to fall into the vat

Move: Aurinax Harbour

Talk: Your Patron

+Morrison’s Testimony

Move: Aegwyn Tavern

Examine: Room at the end of the hall

Talk: The Accident

+Aster and Morrison’s Testimony

Move: Mosourika’s Cafe

Talk: Why were you at the refinery?

+Mosourika’s Food Delivery

Talk: Justin’s Behavior

+Justin’s Meeting?

Talk: What did you see?

+Mosourika’s Testimony

Present: Rika Helped Justin for the rest of the psychological Profile

Talk: Justin’s Friends (ARGUMENT)

I wasn’t that close to Justin Waye

Present: Rika Helped Justin

I only helped him because I’m a generous person.


He always kept his past a secret from me


There wasn’t anything strange about the way he was acting

Present: Justin’s Job

(Talk: Where are the delinquents before you leave!)

Move: Abandoned House

Talk: Lockpicking and Safe Cracking

+Justin’s Planned Robbery

Talk: Justin’s Debt

+The Eyetaker

+Justin’s Planned Robbery

Move: Musourika’s Cafe

Move: Aurinox Harbor

Present: The Eyetaker?

Move: Aurinax Arcane Refinery

Episode 3-3


4th statement: Press

What was Mosourika doing?

5th statement: Present Mosourika’s Testimony

2nd Statement: Present Aster and Morrison’s Testimony

They’re both telling the truth

Another person fell into the vat

This was clearly an accident.

Present: Transmutation on the Guard Rails

Episode 3-4


+Send Message

Talk: The Trial

+All Employees Present

Move: Aurinax Arcane Refinery: Walkway

Examine: The vat

+Neutralizing Liquid

Talk: A second body

+Vat Contents

Move: Aurinax Arcane Refinery

Talk: Vat Contents

How did metallic shards appear in the vat?

A metal object was thrown into the vat

What should the magical liquid have done to the object?

The vat liquid should have completely destroyed the metal object

Why wasn’t the metal object fully destroyed?

The vat liquid was neutralized shortly after the accident was reported

+Metallic Shards

Move: Aurinax Arcane Refinery: Walkway

Talk: Metallic Shards

Move: Aurinax Town Square

Move: Von Sanctus Manor

Talk: Von Sanctus Industries

+Metallic Shards

Move: Aurinax Arcane Refinery

+Products from Von Sanctus

+Rod of Mending

Episode 3-5


Statment 3: Press

+Magical Door

Statement 4: Present Justin’s Planned Robbery

Statement 4: Present Products from Von Sanctus

Who sent the Arcane Construct?

Present: Lloyd Von Sanctus

Statement 6: Present Send Message

Someone else could have sent that Construct!

Present: Products from Von Sanctus

I’ve sold Constructs to other individuals


The saboteur could be someone who secretly entered Aurinax

Present: Aurinax Blockade

Which piece of evidence would connect the murder to von Sanctus?

The object that Lloyd Von Sanctus attuned to

How could von sanctus easily destroy the evidence?

The evidence was thrown into the vat of volatile liquid

What piece of evidence would Von Sanctus also dispose of?

The Arcane Construct

Why did von sanctus sabotage the guard rail?

Von Sanctus wanted justin’s death to look like an accident

Case #4

Episode 4-1

+Sword of Spell Eating

+Autopsy Report: William Frega

+William Fregas’ Inheritance?

+Beatrice’s Blindness

Statement 7: Present: William Fregas’s Inheritance?

Episode 4-2

Move: Hallway

Move: Gallery

Examine: Red Sword

+Sword of Spell Eating

+Haroldson’s Security

Examine: Loop thing on the left

+Armbands of Intellect

Examine: Thing on the right

+Earrings of Vitality

Talk: Small Monkey

+Familial Bond

Move: Ballroom

+Beatrice’s Blindness

Episode 4-3

+Celeste’s Missing Sword

Move: William Frega’s Study

Talk: The Murder

+Autopsy Report: William Frega

+Murder Weapon

Talk: Lockdown

+Anti-Magic Field

+Lockdown System

Talk: Lord Frega in the Study

+Laefe’s Testimony

+Frega Manor – Floor 1

+Frega Manor – Floor 2

Talk: Beatrice Frega

+Beatrice’s Story

Talk: The meeting

When did the murder occur?

The murder occured during the lockdown

+Method of Entry

Where did the murder weapon come from?

The murderer took the murder weapon in Frega’s Study

What is flawed with the prosecution’s case?

Beatrice Frega is completely blind

Move: Storage Room

Talk: The Murder

+What Jan Heard

Talk: The Storage Room

+Rats in the Vents

Move: Beatrice’s Bedroom

Examine – Detect Magic – Yellow thing on the floor

+Celeste’s Sword

Talk: What did you see?

+Laefe’s Testimony

Talk: Beatrice’s Room, Willliam Frega, Beatrice Frega – Psychological Profile should be 3/5

Move: Sitting Room

Talk: Beatrice’s Return

+Laefe’s Engagement

Move: Beatrice’s Bedroom

Present: Beatrice’s Blindness – 4/5

Present: Beatrice’s Story – 5/5

Talk: What was William doing? (ARGUMENT)

I have no idea what my father was doing

Present: Laefe’s Testimony

I was not involved in this!


I was never aware of the details of my father’s will.

Present: Laefe’s Engagement

I can’t trust you.


Talk: What was william doing?

+William Frega’s Inheritance

Move: Gallery

Talk: The Theft

+Sword of Spell Eating

Talk: Other stolen items

+Armbands of Intellect

Talk: The thief

+Haroldson’s Security

What do we know about the thief of the Sword of Spell Eating?

The thief is a powerful mage

What does this tell us about William Frega?

William died after the lockdown was activated

Move: Inquisition Barracks

Episode 4-4

Statement 5: Present William Frega’s Inheritance

Statement 5: Laefe’s Engagement

Empowered Eye:

Project: Laefe’s Engagement (1/4)

Project: Autopsy Report: William Frega (2/4)

Project: Miriam Frega (3/4)

Project: Ruby Tymora (4/4)

Episode 4-5

Move: William Frega’s Study

Talk: Where is the will?

+William’s Modified Will

Move: Sitting Room

Talk: Beatrice’s Alibi

+Beatrice’s “Alibi”

Move: Beatrice’s Bedroom

What did Tracker hear when he woke up?

Tracker heard rats running in the vents

Why didn’t Laefe answer Tracker’s message?

The familial bond was nullified by Anti-Magic Field

Why did Tracker finally hear Laefe?

The stick that Tracker obtained was actually the Sword of Spell Eating

Move: Hallway

Examine – Detect Magic, green stuff at the vents

+Tracker’s Testimony


Episode 4-6

Press 6 – How did you find Eugene?

Statement 6: Present Lockdown System

Empowered Eye:

Project: Beatrice

Project: Sword of Spell Stealing

Project: Eugene

Who did Tracker See in the air vent?


Why was Eugene in the air vents?

Eugene was acting of their own free will

How could Eugene have carried out this plan independently?

Eugene wore the armbands of intellect

Statement 3: Interpret

Where are the Armbands of Intellect right now?

Eugene is wearing the armbands at this moment

Statement 3: Press

Statement 3: Tracker’s Testimony

How did the Sword of Spell Eating end up in that hallway?

The thief dropped the sword In the hallway

Why was the thief in that hallway?

The thief was sneaking through the air vents

What did beatrice use to commit the murder?

Present: Familial Bond

Episode 4-7

Statement 3: Press

Statement 3: Invisibility

Statement 3: Interpret

Why is Marrunath using the term “Master” ?

Beatrice is not Marunath’s master

Why wouldn’t Marrunath simply lie?

Demons are not able to lie


I didn’t bring anything dangerous into Frega manor.

Present: Marrunath

I did not commit any crimes during the Lords’ ball

Present: Sword of Spell Eating

Marrunath will take the fall on Beatrice’s behalf


How do you prove that Beatrice ordered Marrunath?

Use physical evidence that connects Beatrice and Marrunath

What is unique baout Beatrice’s relationship with Marrunath?

Their connection is facilitated through a pact

Who told you something about Demonic Pacts?

Present: Harold Haroldson

+Beatrice’s Blood Contract

Case #5

Episode 5-1

Talk: Tyrion Cuthbert

+Letter from Garrick Pierce

+Map of the Grand Cathedral

Move: Common Room

Move: Garden

Move: Prayer Room


+Beatrice’s Actions

Episode 5-2

Move: Prayer Room

Talk: Beatrice Frega

+Celeste’s Testimony

Examine stuff + Detect Magic and she’ll tell you it’s time to move

Move: Common Room

Talk: The Murders

+Autopsy Report: Garrick Pierce

+Autopsy Report: Coraline Sibyl

+Autopsy Report: Lloyd von Sanctus

+The murder of Garrick Pierce

How did Sibyl’s body end up in the lake?

The murderer threw Sibyl from the balcony

What’s strange about the order of the murders?

The murderer could have killed Pierce second

+The Murderer’s Route

Talk: How were the murders discovered?

+The Report

Talk: The Comatose Guards

+Comatose Knights

Talk: Beatrice Frega

+Beatrice’s Actions

+Beatrice’s Spell Compendium

+Familial Bond

+Mend Wounds

+Send Message

+Animate Corpse

+Necrotic Blight


+Feign Death

+Illusory Disguise

Talk: Spell Compendiums

+Garrick Pierce’s Spell Compendium

+Sibyl’s Spell Compendium

+Von Sanctus’ Spell Compendium


+Conjure Light

+Conjure Water

+Frost Wave

+Force Cage

+Mage Blade

+Slow Fall


+Strike True

+Detect Magic

+Stone Skin

Examine: Detect Magic: White stuff

+Von Sanctus: Traces of Abjuration

Move: West Balcony

Talk: What did you see?

+Archeus’ Encounter

Talk: The Prayer Room

+Archeus’ Testimony (Revised Archeus’ Encounter that doesn’t exist anymore)

Talk: Why didn’t you hear anything?

+Soundproof Room

Examine: Detect Magic: Yellow stuff

+Debris Near the Balcony

Move: Garden

Talk: Aria Steelwind

+Marriage Meeting

Talk: What did you see?

+Glyph of Contingency

+The Trapped King

Move: Nave

Talk: What did Virgilae see?

+Virgilae’s Alibi

Talk: Steelwind’s Demeanor

+Alaric’s Testimony

Move: Inquisition Dungeon

Talk: What happened?

+Steelwind’s Testimony

Talk: The purple conspiracy?

+The purple mark

Talk: Saving Steelwind’s Future (ARGUMENT) – Dont worry, theres no psychological profile it’s auto-100%

A villain controlled my mind.


The person responsible was just a sadistic killer.

Present: The Trapped King

The prepetrator didn’t need to enter the cathedral to commit the murders

Present: Force Cage

Fighting this will put people in danger.


Talk: Saving Steelwind’s Future (ARGUMENT)

+Aria’s Spell Compendium

+Fire Bolt

+Hold Creature

+Steelwind Strike

Episode 5-3

Statement 6: Present The Purple Mark

What event was Beatrice referring to?

Marrunath hid the purple mark from Beatrice

Why would Marrunath interfere?

The Purple Mark is related to a demon

How could something demonic control Beatrice?

Beatrice Lost control of their actions due to a Blood Contract

What does this tell us about Aria?

Aria lost control of their mind due to a Blood Contract

Which demon did Aria make a blood contract with?

The Empress of Discord

+Aria’s Blood Contract

Why would Aria sign this contract?

Aria signed the contract because it looked like a normal document

Who else was responsible for Aria’s actions?

The Patron

Episode 5-4

5th statement: Press, Lloyd von Sanctus

6th statement: Von Sanctus’ Spell Compendium

What implies that Von Sacntus cast Force Cage

Present: Von Sanctus: Traces of Abjuration

How did Aria suffocate von sanctus?

The fire consumed all the oxygen in the common room

+The murder of Von Sanctus

Statement 3: Present Autopsy Report: Coraline Sibyl

She died after she hit the water

What spell did Sibyl cast on herself?

Present: Stoneskin

Why did Sibyl cast Stone Skin on herself? 1:52

Sibyl cast Stone Skin before they were thrown in the lake

Why was Sibyl motionless despite being conscious?

Sibyl was affected by a spell

What spell did Aria cast on Sibyl?

Present: Hold Creature

How did Sibyl suffocate?

Sibyl drowned in Lake Galakrond

What’s similar about some of the targets?

Von Sanctus and Sibyl are house leaders of pillar families

Why didn’t the Patron target Lucio Steelwind?

The Patron wanted to frame House Steelwind for the murders

Why did the Patron target Garrick Pierce?

Pierce knew the identity of Celeste’s parents

Who did PIerce originally send that letter to?

The Patron

So who would that leave?

Select all of em’

Episode 5-5

Move: Frega Manor

Talk: Where were you during the massacre

+Laefe’s Testimony

Talk: Contracts with a Demon

Why did the Divine Edict harm you?

Aster does not have a Blood Contract with the empress of discord

+No Blood Contract

Move: Grand Cathedral of the Scaled Lord

Talk: The Force Cage

+The Trapped King

Move: Ratholme: Back Alley

Move: Tymora Law Offices

Talk: The Eyetaker

Why are Ruby’s memories different from yours?

Ruby signed a blood contract

Who is Eris Illmatera?

Eris Illmater is the empress of discord

+Ruby’s blood contract

Episode 5-6

Statement 4: Press

Statement 5: Present: The Murder of Garrick Pierce

Which phrase did Eris use to mislead you?

“…to kill my victims”

Who killed Garrick Pierce?

An unknown person

What do we already know about the Patron through the first two murders?

The Patron is experienced in using lethal magic

Why didn’t Eris use Beatrice to kill Pierce?

The murderer wanted to kill Pierce personally

Who did Eris make a blood contract with on the day of the murder?

Present: Celeste McCoy

Who did Eris make a blood contract with on the day of the murder?

Present: Celeste McCoy

Who did Eris make a blood contract with on the day of the murder?

Present: Celeste McCoy

Who did Eris make a blood contract with on the day of the murder?

Present: Celeste McCoy

+Celeste’s Blood Contract

2nd statement: Present Laefe’s Testimony

Which Physical piece of evidence contradicts Celeste’s memories?

Present: Letter from Garrick Pierce

What explains CCeleste’s contradicting memories of what happened?

Eris Illmater changed the memories of Celeste McCoy

Episode 5-7

My contract was written without flaw.


What else proves Beatrice didn’t disappear until 2:00 PM?

Present: The Trapped King

Why did Eris change Celeste’s memories?

Eris needed Celeste to believe the events occured earlier

An event occured that required Eris to change Celeste’s memories

Present: The Murder of Von Sanctus

Why would Celeste hand Aria a Blood Contract

Aria dropped the contract in front of celeste

+ Aria’s Blood Contract

Beings of my power are able to resurrect people from the dead


What could have created this scenario?

Present: Feign Death

Who killed Garrick Pierce?

Present: Garrick Pierce

Statement 6: Present: The Trapped King

What part of the plan required Aster’s physical involvement?

Aria was tricked into signing the Blood Contract

What did Aria think she was signing?

Aria signed a marriage license

Wasn’t there something someone mentioned about that?

The Scaled Lord

Who is Celeste’s father?

Present: Remus Virgilae

The Tyrion Cuthbert: Attorney of the Arcane – Full Walkthrough and gameplay guide is something I hope you found interesting. Please let us know in the comments box below if you find any errors or have any recommendations for improving the content, and we will do our best to correct them as soon as possible. Don’t stress out, and enjoy the rest of your day! Creator and writer CATGIRL was the inspiration for this article. Also, if you like the post, don’t forget to add us to your bookmarks; we publish new posts every day with additional material, so be sure to check back with us frequently for more posts.

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