Types of Heroes Guide in Microcivilization

Types of Heroes Guide in Microcivilization 1 - steamlists.com
Types of Heroes Guide in Microcivilization 1 - steamlists.com

Types of Heroes Guide in Microcivilization

Yo, squad! Let’s break down Microcivilization’s hero scene. There’s the ‘standard’ crew – 12 awesome heroes we all know. And then, there’s the ‘unique’ bunch, these mysterious champs whose numbers are as secretive as their powers.

Ready for a Colorful Adventure?

Jump into the kaleidoscope world of hero colors! We’ve got the big three – Blue, Red, and Green ruling the roost. But hey, there’s a fourth color hiding in the shadows, waiting to surprise us all!

What’s Your Color?

Each color’s not just eye candy – it’s like a secret code that shapes your hero. Mix and match these colors, and you’re playing with the DNA of hero awesomeness, tweaking their strengths and quirks.

Shapes and Heroes: A Match Made in Geometry

Now, let’s talk shapes – it’s like hero origami! We’ve got four: Circle, Up-curve, Square, and Down-curve. Each shape is like a magic spell, changing what our heroes can do.

Rare Gems in the Hero World

And then, we stumble upon three types of hero rarity: Normal, Elite, and the coveted Rare. Each one’s like finding a different treasure chest!

Hero Colors Unleashed: What Can They Do?

Each hero color is like a different flavor of awesomeness:

  • Blue heroes: These champs are like the autopilot of greatness, shining in stuff like Auto Research and being militia maestros.
  • Red heroes: The adrenaline junkies! They’re your go-to for handling the hot messes, acing Resource Management, and chowing down extra food.
  • Green heroes: The active play heroes – they’re all about slashing risks, nailing bonuses, and boosting the militia vibe.

Power Levels: How Heroic Are You?

Hero power isn’t just random – it’s a recipe of color, shape, and level. We’ve got three main leagues: Normal, Elite, and Rare, each packing its own punch.

The Unsung Heroes: Normal Category

Normal heroes are like mystery boxes – sure, they have a steady power, but they always pack an unexpected extra punch.

Stepping It Up: Elite Heroes

Elite heroes? They’re the cool kids with not one, but two random powers. Talk about being ready for anything!

The Cream of the Crop: Rare Heroes

And the Rare heroes – these legends are rocking three random powers, making them the superheroes of our world!

Whether you dig the surprise factor of Normal heroes, the versatility of Elite ones, or the jaw-dropping power of Rare heroes, there’s a hero for every style. Pick your favorite and get ready for an epic journey!

Roll the Dice: Random Powers Galore

The range of random powers is like a hero buffet – from enhanced authority to stunning capabilities, it’s a wild ride!

Level Up: How High Can You Go?

And remember, heroes! Level 43 is the sky – that’s as high as you can go. So, aim high and reach for those hero stars!

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