Trombone Champ – Trombone Champion Gameplay

Trombone Champ – Trombone Champion Gameplay 1 -
Trombone Champ – Trombone Champion Gameplay 1 -

Guide for Trombone Champ

4 S Ranks

Simply get 4 S ranks. The easiest are…
Warm up
Ball Game
Trombone Skyze

First Baboon

Head over to the Baboon section of the Main Menu.
Click on the square to your left. With the 4 S ranks, you can click the corners.
Once you have done that spam, click on it while it is still on the ground.
You can fill the Cup by adding Toots. Keep doing this until you unlock Cosmetics or the Blue Key.

Card Collecting

Spam click on the candle in the bottom left comer. This will introduce you to…
In return for Cosmetics, he will ask for cards.
To unlock all cosmetics, you will need at most 1 or 2 of each card

Second Baboon

You will need the "Bass Clef” card.
Spam clicking it will take you to your third friend.
Instead of Toots to unlock cosmetics or The Red Key, you will need poop.

Final Battle

Similar to the "Bass Clef", you will need a "Trazom", spam clicking on it will bring up 2 key holes where the Blue and Red keys can be used.
The final battle begins with the use of the keys.
To defeat Trazom you must…
Champ Trombone
10 Hot Dog Cards
Babi Mask
You must set the Baboon Quantity to Inferno
Baboon Preference to Hamadryas
Both can be found in different settings.
"Battle" Trazom to become a Trombone Champion!


Written by Lemons

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Trombone Champ – Trombone Champion Gameplay; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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