Town of Salem – The ultimate exe Guide

Town of Salem – The ultimate exe Guide 1 -
Town of Salem – The ultimate exe Guide 1 -
The ultimate guide to win as exe


Play 1: Ambusher play


Ambusher play

This one is personally my favorite because it works 90% of the time and can be done D2 without being accused for being exe (I’m also the first one I’ve seen do this). The set up is easy. You can pick any of the below roles: 

  • Sheriff 
  • Doc 
  • BG 
  • or any role that doesn’t need info to be considered correct

Now you just plug it into this will format: 
Thank god! Doc saved my life 
N1 [Rando that isn’t target] NS/GF (you saw [target number] set up an ambush) 
Now it’s just as simple as push that as hard as you can. 
What makes this so easy and successful is the fact that the mafia will support you 100% because they know the person you’re pushing isn’t an ambusher. You’re secretly screaming at the mafia “Hi I’m exe and this is my target! Help!” 
Some tips: 

  • Make sure you are LOUD. The bolder and more confident you are the better, it gives people less incentive to say this is an exe play. 
  • On the off chance that the ambusher actually killed just remove the doc part. There’s less to confirm 
  • If someone actually asked whoever healed you to come out just call them an idiot for trying to reveal the doc. Better yet, accuse them to be mafia trying to kill tp. “Up [target] and then [smart person] for trying to reveal tp.” 
  • If someone starts to defend your target shoot them down as mafia defending other mafia and town will hang them next. 
  • You can not say the person you invested is sus. Imagine you put all this work in just to say the damn mayor is sus. Better not risk it. 
  • If someone also found a sus person the same night and is pushing for them to be hung first you have a few different options. The first is to say that your target is a confirmed evil and the other sus isn’t. For some reason this works really well even though there is nothing to confirm you saw them as an ambusher. The second is to call the other person an exe and tell them to shut up. The goal is to belittle that player so that you seem more reliable. 
  • As a side note this can also be used as an evil role to confirm yourself as exe but it’s a little risky. If the person you hang is any evil besides ambusher, you’re .


Play 2:Escort play (any all)


Escort play (any all)

This is very similar to the ambusher play so ill keep this one quick and simple. 

  • Oh no, I am but a simple escort 
  • Let me rb [target] 
  • You were attacked by the sk you visited (Oh no!) 
    but wait. 
  • You were healed by a doctor (OH YES!)

See where I’m going with this? Get creative. 

Play 3: Tried and. not so true :/


TI says [target] is sus


So there are a couple ways to play these but they’re all very risky (variety is the spice of life). 
Method 1: False claim 
Let’s say you’re precious little target claims he’s a doctor. How thoughtful of them to heal people :). Too bad my invest results found that they are actually Vig,Vet,Maf,Ambu (VVMA). Hang their a*s. 
Here are some ways to improve your chances of pulling this off 

  • Start upping people by vfr-ing them (vote for role). Maybe do 1 other random if you don’t want it to seem like you’re targeting someone. I personally don’t care too much, dare I incur the mafia’s wrath. Once you up them and get them to claim pull out your magical role list and be loud and proud when telling town to guilty them because they’re VVMA. 
  • Whisper them before the day starts asking for their role. If they refuse to claim yell at the town they refuse to claim when they’re VVMA. Usually town will do the rest but it’s nice to just remind them that they do want to guilty. 
  • Well. what do I do if they are V or V? Uhhhh good luck you have reached the pray to Jesus moment of the day. My best suggestion is to tell town that you don’t believe them since they took too long to claim. If no Vet deaths have happened yet point that out. If they claim Vig you can also say they’re gonna be witched so hang them (I can’t really recommend this because no one wants to hang town).

Method 2: Sheriff 
I’ve seen this method every D2 in every game, it doesn’t work. Unless you don’t do it D2. This is again under the not so true methods so it can be risky but it can also be pulled off if you have a little luck. The sheriff method does have the advantage of potentially pulling mafia over to your side. 
The goal is to play fake sheriff as long as you can without being ousted as being fake and without your target being confirmed. I usually wait until D3 or 4 but not any longer. Then just as simple as that say your target is sus and push loud and proud 
Method 3: LO Method 
No, you did not see them visit the dead person. You actually didn’t see them at all. even though they claim to have been on 3 who you were watching. This method is simple enough that I won’t explain it in detail. 

  • This method works really well on spies who didn’t get any info on their target that night. 
  • This method does not work on targets who have non-visiting roles. 
  • You can be countered by other LOs. 
  • I’m personally not a big fan of this one, but it’s something to keep in mind


The Conclusion (general tips)

Your goal as exe is to be loud and proud. You can not let others be hung the day you push your target. This gives vigi a chance to shoot you and another day for your target to prove themselves or be proved by others. 
If you’re being called an exe by anymore than 2-3 people (including the target) then you need to revise the method you’re using. Learn context clues for what will work with that lobby. 
Push any supporters of your target firmly in the evil supporting evil category. 
The ambusher play is your friend. Most people don’t know about it because I’m the first one to use it as far as I know and I’ve only seen it done by one other person in my 200+ hours of the game. It’s also powerful. There’s next to no way to disprove you. 
Well. this is the end. I wish you good luck in your exe plays and I hope your evolve from the D2 sheriff push. Please leave a comment sharing your experiences with certain plays and share your own plays! 

Written by Co(o)r

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Town of Salem – The ultimate exe Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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