Town of Salem 2 – What are Bad & Useless Roles?

Town of Salem 2 – What are Bad & Useless Roles? 1 -
Town of Salem 2 – What are Bad & Useless Roles? 1 -

Town of Salem 2 – What are Bad & Useless Roles?

Alright, fellow gamers, let’s talk Town of Salem 2. You know, the one where you can be anyone from a ghost-chasing Sheriff to a sneaky Spy. It’s like a giant virtual costume party! But let’s face it, not all costumes are the star of the show. Some need more glitter, while others could use a full-on makeover. So, buckle up because we’re diving deep into the roles that could use a little love and how to pump up their cool factor.

1. Admirer: From Meh to Marvelous!

Admirer. Sounds fancy, right? But in the game, it’s more like a wallflower. Everyone’s been talking about it, and not in a good way. So, how do we turn this wallflower into the life of the party? Let’s get wicked and turn the Admirer into a Neutral Evil role. Picture this: Forced to tie the knot on the first night and help their new sweetheart win the game. That’s juicy, right? And hey, toss in a one-time shield to boot. Suddenly, the Admirer is not so “meh” after all.

2. Illusionist: Time for Some Magic Tricks

Illusionist. Now that’s a role that screams “potential”! But can they hypnotize like a Hypnotist? Nope. So, let’s sprinkle some of that hypnosis power their way. They can throw the Tracker and Lookout off their scent, adding a whole new level of strategy. Suddenly, the Coven has a new star player. See? Magic.

3. Investigator/Sheriff: Time for a Revamp

Investigator and Sheriff, the classic good guys. But lately, they’re feeling a bit, well, underpowered. The Investigator was a big deal in the Town of Salem 1. Maybe it’s time for a blast from the past. Bringing back their old skills could really up the game’s deception factor. Catching baddies would be so much more satisfying, right?

4. Spy: Keeping Things Interesting

Then there’s the Spy. Some folks think they’re just fine, but others are a bit miffed when there aren’t enough hidden roles to snoop on. How about a tweak in the Spy’s toolkit to keep things spicy, no matter the situation? That’d keep the thrill alive.

5. Coroner: Clear as Mud

And finally, the Coroner. You’re not alone if you’re scratching your head about this one. It’s a head-scratcher, for sure. Yes, they’re super handy late game, but by then, the Sheriff and Investigator are already ahead of the game. So, how about giving the Coroner some faster skills? Let them play detective a bit more, and suddenly, they’re not just an afterthought.

Wrap Up:

So, there we have it, gang. In the ever-changing game of Town of Salem 2, staying fresh and fun is the game’s name. Spice up roles like the Admirer, Illusionist, Investigator, Sheriff, Spy, and Coroner, and boom! We’ve got a game that keeps us on our toes. Here’s to the devs seizing the chance to amp up these roles. I can’t wait to see how the game grows and keeps us hooked!

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