Town of Salem 2 – Was Plaguebearer really that broken?

Town of Salem 2 – Was Plaguebearer really that broken? 1 -
Town of Salem 2 – Was Plaguebearer really that broken? 1 -

Town of Salem 2 – Was Plaguebearer really that broken?


Hey there! Welcome to our cozy corner, where we chat all about the Town of Salem 2. Today, we’ve got a juicy scoop on the Plaguebearer role and the shake-up it’s recently gone through. Ever been like, “Why the heck is Plaguebearer so buffed up, and why did they switch it up?” You’re in luck! We’re about to dish out all the reasons and the ripple effect it’s having on how we game. Buckle up, pals!

The Gist:

1. The “Plaguebearer Nerf” Myth:

The Plaguebearer’s role got a major makeover in Town of Salem 2, sparking all sorts of chatter about whether it’s still got its mojo. But here’s a twist – Plaguebearer didn’t actually get nerfed. Nope! It morphed into something totally different. The aim was all about shaking things up and keeping us on our toes. Sounds fun, right?

2. Plaguebearer Gets Pumped:

Despite the rumors, our Plaguebearer buddy got a little boost. They moved it up the visit priority chain so the plague gets around faster. This spices things up, making us rethink how to play the game. Now, we have to consider how the plague could spread with each move we make.

3. New and Improved Pestilence:

And here comes Pestilence, Plaguebearer’s beefier form, with some changes that some think are a nerf. The kill rate is a bit slower now, making it trickier to handle. But hey, the Coven can use this to their advantage by piling Pestilence stacks onto one poor soul for a bigger punch.

4. Handling the New Normal:

The Pestilence changes might look like a rough patch for the Town, but we gamers know how to roll with the punches. The town can pump the brakes on the game by stalling visits, making it tougher for the Coven to score. But remember, the Coven can turn visits into kills by spreading stacks – it’s like adding fuel to the fire, which adds an intriguing balance to the mix. The key is to stay sharp and keep cooking up new game plans.

The Wrap-up:

To sum it all up, these Plaguebearer and Pestilence tweaks in Town of Salem 2 have really got the ball rolling among us players. Plaguebearer got a little pick-me-up, but Pestilence’s slower kill speed and the Coven’s new trick up their sleeve add a fresh set of hurdles for Town. It’s up to us to think outside the box and rise above these changes. Whether you’re playing as Town or Coven, these shifts add a dash of unpredictability that spices up our gaming experience. So, are you pumped to tackle these new challenges in the Town of Salem 2? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so spill the beans in the comments below!

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