Town of Salem 2 – Rampage doesn’t give death notes

Town of Salem 2 – Rampage doesn’t give death notes 1 -
Town of Salem 2 – Rampage doesn’t give death notes 1 -

Town of Salem 2 – Rampage doesn’t give death notes

So, you’re here for the skinny on Town of Salem 2, eh? Well, strap in because things are about to get deceptive and strategic in a whole new level. Today, we’re digging deep into that one mystery that’s been bugging everyone – the case of the vanishing death notes during a crazy killing spree. Are you ready to crack this nut open? Let’s get going!

The Case of the Ghostly Death Notes

Ok, here’s the deal. In Town of Salem 2, you’ve got this wicked feature where you can leave death notes. You know, a little farewell message for everyone when you bite the dust. But there’s a twist. When you go on a good ol’ rampage, those death notes… poof, gone! You might be thinking, “What’s the big deal?” Without those notes, it gets harder to figure out who the baddies are. Confusing? You bet. But also quite exciting, right?

The Werewolf’s Wily Ways

And then there’s the matter of our dear friend, the Werewolf (WW). This furry trickster seems to have a knack for tossing that death note back into the role card. I didn’t see that coming, huh? It’s a total curveball that leaves even the best of us scratching our heads and wondering where the death note went. Sneaky, sneaky!

Solving the Puzzle

Here’s an example. In a recent match, a player visited a target that had been on the receiving end of a rampage. No death note. Nada. Zilch. This led to everyone thinking we had a pair of WWs in our midst. It turns out it was just one lone ranger on a rampage. And get this – you can switch up death notes during death reveals. I know, mind-blowing, right? But hey, if you’re a bad guy and still breathing, you’ve got the power. If not, we might look at a glitch in the system.

Long story short, the case of the disappearing death notes during rampages in Town of Salem 2 is a total head-scratcher. But isn’t that the fun part? Whether it’s a bug or a feature, it makes us think on our toes and keeps the game spicy. So, next time you’re on a rampage, don’t forget to look out for those elusive death notes – because who knows what’s up in the wild world of Town of Salem 2.

Just remember – switch up your moves, welcome the oddballs, and relish every heartbeat-pounding second in the chaos of Town of Salem 2! Get in there and get your hands dirty!

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