Town of Salem 2 – Prosecutor can’t prosecute someone due to “Spam”

Town of Salem 2 – Prosecutor can’t prosecute someone due to “Spam” 1 -
Town of Salem 2 – Prosecutor can’t prosecute someone due to “Spam” 1 -

Town of Salem 2 – Prosecutor can’t prosecute someone due to “Spam”

Right into the thick of it:

So, you’ve been there, right? Ready to lay down some justice in the Town of Salem 2 as a prosecutor, but bam! The chat spam prevention system hits you. I mean, come on! So, we’re going to dish about this whole mess, see what it’s doing to our game, and ponder over the pros and cons of chat spam prevention and how it’s messing with our day abilities like prosecuting and the Deputy shot. So, strap in, folks!

The Juice:

That gut-punch moment:

Picture me, the prosecutor in Town of Salem 2, all hyped and counting down from 5 to 1, about to nab my perp. But then, whack! Up pops a message in the chat, “Hey, don’t spam the chat, okay?” Oh, the agony of being blocked from my duty! Each time I try to go after the target while this “spam control” system is in effect, it stops me in my tracks. Such a bummer!

Realization hits:

After scratching my head for a few seconds, it hit me. The spam prevention system was the culprit behind my prosecution paralysis. Although created with good intentions to keep the chat spam-free, this cheeky little system inadvertently throws a wrench into our daily abilities, like prosecuting and pulling off that all-important Deputy shot.

Crying out for a fix:

It’s high time the whizzes behind Town of Salem 2 get on this. Day abilities are the bread and butter of the game, and any interference from the spam-prevention system can spoil the fun for everyone. We need a way for these abilities to work like a well-oiled machine without butting heads with the chat spam prevention system.

The Catch-22 situation:

So, you’re probably thinking, “Why not just let certain abilities slip past the spam prevention system?” Hold up, though! That could open Pandora’s box, with players bombarding the server with messages, leading to some serious in-game chaos. It’s like walking a tightrope, balancing smooth gameplay, and preventing spam.

A broader picture:

There’s more to it than just prosecuting. The chat spam prevention system in Town of Salem 2 also affects other abilities like the Jailor’s “execute roulette.” The server gets bombarded with messages about ability selections or target changes before confirming and tossing feedback messages into the chat. Letting players spam these options would be like throwing a ton of bricks at the server. That’s a recipe for disaster and a serious game buzzkill.

The wrap-up:

The bottom line, this whole prosecutor not being able to prosecute due to the chat spam prevention system in Town of Salem 2 is a real party pooper. Sure, preventing chat spam is important, but we can’t let it hinder our day abilities. It’s all about striking that perfect balance to make sure the game runs smoothly. Here’s hoping the game gurus come up with a fix soon to ensure our day abilities work without a hitch. Fingers and toes crossed, peeps!

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