Town of Salem 2 – Coroner Buff Suggestion that makes sense

Town of Salem 2 – Coroner Buff Suggestion that makes sense 1 -
Town of Salem 2 – Coroner Buff Suggestion that makes sense 1 -

Town of Salem 2 – Coroner Buff Suggestion that makes sense

So, picture this: you’re chilling in Town of Salem 2, right? You’re playing as the coroner. Yeah, I know, not the most exhilarating of roles… But what if we could give the coroner some serious swagger? We’re brainstorming here and have some ideas that might make the coroner the most fascinating character in the game! One of those ideas is letting the coroner “spy on the autopsy target.” Think about it. That’s not just a minor upgrade; that’s a game-changer! Are you ready for some juicy details? Let’s dive right in.

1. Seeing Dead People…But Not in a Creepy Way!

Alright, get this: what if the coroner could astrally observe their autopsy subject? It’s like they’ve got a permanent bug on the corpse. Sounds creepy? Well, it’s going to be super handy! It’s not just about collecting information; it also opens up all kinds of fun role interactions. Picture this: you’re the coroner, and your astral watch alerts you when someone, say, a retributionist or necromancer, tries to interact with the corpse. That’s not just a new piece of information; it’s a lead, a thread you can pull to uncover who’s who in your little town. Exciting, huh?

2. Flirting with the Amnesiac: Not Your Typical Love Story

And hey, what about the amnesiac, you ask? We’ve got something fun for that too! What if the coroner could interact with the amnesiac on Night 1 before they choose a corpse? Distinguishing a balance here could be tricky, but imagine the possibilities! Maybe the coroner could get a hint that there’s an amnesiac in the game. That’s not just gossip; that’s another layer of strategy for both the coroner and the amnesiac. That sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

3. Getting Our Sherlock Holmes On Detecting the Killers

But we’re not stopping there! We could really up the ante by injecting some CSI excitement. What if the coroner could pick up more info every time they autopsy a victim killed by the same bad guy? You’re not just studying bodies; you’re collecting clues, narrowing down the list of potential killers. It’s like solving a mystery while playing a game within a game! Who doesn’t love a thrilling “whodunit” chase?

Wrapping It Up:

So, what’s the verdict? Pretty cool, right? We’ve just transformed the humble coroner role in Town of Salem 2 into a full-blown detective thriller adventure! With the “spy on autopsy target” twist, the coroner can observe the corpse astrally, interact with the amnesiac, and even play detective with some CSI-esque mechanics. Imagine the rush of piecing together clues and outsmarting the villains! Let’s cross our fingers these ideas make their way into the Town of Salem 2 gameplay. It’ll make the game a whole lot more exciting.

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