To The Core – Full Walkthrough And Achievements

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Hi, welcome to this post, Everything you need to know about To The Core – Full Walkthrough And Achievements may be found in this guide. Take each step in accordance with this guidance.

To do this, you can engage in simple incremental gameplay by utilizing your ship to mine through planets in search of minerals, which you can then use to upgrade your boat.
To learn how to play the game, read the following chapter or follow the tutorial.

The Very Basics

From the beginning, you will have access to only 1 planet: Home. Although you can see this planet’s moon, you cannot go there yet. You can also visit the shop, but there’s not much of a point since you begin with no money.

To The Core - Full Walkthrough And Achievements - The Very Basics - C03B31D

When you go to Home for your first time, you will have 60 fuel to mine. Fuel in this video game is similar to health. While you will constantly drain fuel just by existing on the planet, you will also suffer damage from hitting rocks.

To The Core - Full Walkthrough And Achievements - The Very Basics - BC59C47

In the beginning, you will have very little control of your ship. Use the mouse for aiming, only the tip is powerful enough to break blocks. Use A/D to move left/right and let gravity pull. If you hit a rock, you’ll be bounced around a bit, which can be used to get back up. Gather as much metal as you can. You won’t be able to dig any deeper until you have fuel.

To The Core - Full Walkthrough And Achievements - The Very Basics - 2CF4350

The first time that you visit the shop, 5 upgrades will be visible: Drill damage, Vision Upgrades, Silicon Platings, Ore extraction & Fuel tank+. The last two upgrades should be available at least a few levels in. Upgrades are available for different materials, as well as money. This means you will need to carefully collect the materials you need to purchase upgrades.

These upgrades are described in a few words.

Drill Damage: Increases rock breaking speed.

Silicone Plating: Reduces damages to your ship when it hits rocks

Ore Extraction – Increases the amount materials dropped by rocks

Fuel Tank+: Boosts the amount of gasoline you have.

Vision Upgrade: Unlocking this upgrade (and its later versions) will allow you to unlock new materials to upgrade other items.

The resources menu is also accessible from the store menu.

To The Core - Full Walkthrough And Achievements - The Very Basics - 265E8F6

This section allows for you to view your materials and sell them (NOTE – There is a slider at the top of the Resources menu that allows to you to select how much you want to sell). There is a section with buffs, and a progress bar. Each material in the game “levels-up” when you gather more.

You’ll have completed the tutorial by now and seen the basic loop in the game. Now you should be ready for your own progress!

The Core

As your main goal, it should be easy to see where you need go. There is a core of white at the center of every planet. This core has a decent amount health (relatively to the planet), and can easily destroy your vessel in one hit if it doesn’t have enough regen, fuel or shielding. The core will shrink based on the amount of damage you cause, but its actual hitbox remains the same.

When you have become strong enough to crack a core, you will see this message:

To The Core - Full Walkthrough And Achievements - The Core - 717D00E

If you choose prestige, you’ll continue at the level you were currently playing. If you decide to restart the game, you’ll get a new planet with the next level.

To The Core - Full Walkthrough And Achievements - The Core - A17EB16

You can change the level of prestige if you find the new prestige for a particular planet to be too difficult for you ship at that time. Here you can also see the exact level multiplier.

To The Core - Full Walkthrough And Achievements - The Core - D248341

You can choose to perform challenges after a planet is completed. If you defeat the planet’s core with a challenge active, it will grant you a stat buff for future play on the planet. The buffs you receive are permanent no matter what prestige you are playing on. However, challenges can only be completed one time per prestige.

Upgrades: Better Movement

Gravity Locks & Thrusters should be your first priority. These upgrades are tied into the Drill Damage, and Silicon Plated Drills respectively.

To The Core - Full Walkthrough And Achievements - Upgrades: Better Movement - 4683888

The Gravity Lock Upgrade allows you press shift to counteract much of the rebound from mining rocks. It also makes it easier to smash through weaker rocks. This mode will make your ship a darker shade. The upgrade costs very little and should be purchased early.

The Thrusters Upgrade is more expensive and requires Aluminium. However, it allows you to control the vertical movement of your ship with W or S.

Upgrades: Milestones

Milestones are one of the first upgrades to aim for once you have achieved Vision 1. Although it is tied to Vision 2, you do not need to unlock this upgrade first. You can purchase Milestones immediately after Vision 1 if you wish. Milestones is a first upgrade you should aim for after achieving Vision 1. While it is tied to Vision 2, you do NOT need to unlock it first. You can buy Milestones straight after achieving Vision 1.

To The Core - Full Walkthrough And Achievements - Upgrades: Milestones - 239FEC2

You will receive a new menu once you have purchased an upgrade. This menu contains several things.

To The Core - Full Walkthrough And Achievements - Upgrades: Milestones - AFEE89F

The first thing to look at is the number of blocks you have broken. This counts the total number of blocks you’ve broken AFTER buying the Milestones upgrade. You receive a reward for each goal you reach. This includes materials, stat boosts or skins. Once you destroy the core, a second goal will appear that tracks your core destruction and awards similar rewards.

To The Core - Full Walkthrough And Achievements - Upgrades: Milestones - 1A15E96

The skins submenu allows you to customize your ship as you reach milestones.

To The Core - Full Walkthrough And Achievements - Upgrades: Milestones - 2343747

And just because Jimmy has to break 30,000,000 blocks, doesn’t make it the worst.

Upgrade: Crafting

After unlocking a craftable object (likely Gunpowder and/or Circuit Boards), you will unlock the Crafting menu.

To The Core - Full Walkthrough And Achievements - Upgrade: Crafting - DE6E617

You can craft products from this menu, unlocked by upgrading, which you can then use to purchase other upgrades. Like the resources menu, you can select how much crafting to do by using the slider at the top-right.

To The Core - Full Walkthrough And Achievements - Upgrade: Crafting - 02C5677

You will see the name of the product, followed by the number of crafts (1 by default), and then below you will see the amount being crafted. Below that you will also find the amount you can create in brackets. Each item has a progress bar that shows how much time is left until the craft is complete. While this time cannot change, you can spend gems to increase the amount of the craft.

If you are yet to encounter gems, do not worry. They come as a secondary drop through the upgrade trees from any broken rocks. They are not a microtransaction!

Upgrade: Equipment

The equipment menu is unlocked when you buy any equipment upgrade (this will likely be Lens Enhancer or Siphon Expander).

To The Core - Full Walkthrough And Achievements - Upgrade: Equipment - 0097589

Equipment works as a form of “ally” system, you may equip 1 item of equipment at a time which will then give you various buffs, for example the Lens Enhancer gives you a laser that can be fired with LMB to destroy blocks at range at the cost of fuel while other equipment, like the Siphon Expander, simply gives you buffs to stats.

To The Core - Full Walkthrough And Achievements - Upgrade: Equipment - E823912

While all equipment will start with okay stats they will also upgrade, each item has 2 materials that when collected will give it relevant XP when it reaches the required amount on both it will level up and any bonuses will be boosted. An items current level can be seen next to it’s name in brackets. Items do have a level cap though it varies item to item, however it will simply say MAX next to it’s name rather than a number.

Upgrade: Farms

Farms can only be unlocked after Vision 3 as the Ore Infusion upgrade before it requires Diamond, because of this farms are a reasonably late game feature.

To The Core - Full Walkthrough And Achievements - Upgrade: Farms - 5D15994

The Farming menu is a very useful and powerful feature allowing you to grow materials, while directly after purchase the menu will be empty you must first simply collect seeds. To gather seeds choose a material you require and gather it as normal this should get you some seeds of that type, if not there is also an upgrade following the Farms upgrade that increases the odds of getting some.

To The Core - Full Walkthrough And Achievements - Upgrade: Farms - 93B2680

Once you have some seeds for a material you will see it displayed as above. All unlocked materials will produce 1 of their material per second, you can upgrade the crop using more seeds however you will notice this will not increase the materials per second, this is where the cores come in. Cores can be used to prestige crops, 1 level of prestige will update the materials per second to be relative to the level of the seed each subsequent prestige will multiply this amount. You may add and remove prestige points to crops as you wish and need.

This can be a very easy way of farming materials late game.


The planets in the game are the main levels on which you will play. Every time you visit a planet it will be randomly generated to a set of basic rules primarily size, roughness and composition. You can see all of these from the planetary map when you select a world alongside the fuel drain per second.

To The Core - Full Walkthrough And Achievements - Planets - 4C5BE5C

Size is fairly self explanatory, it is the size of the planet. Smaller planets will have less rocks to mine while larger ones have more. Simple.

Roughness defines the general shape of the planet, a planet with high roughness will have a far stranger and less spherical shape.

Composition is what materials you will find on the planet, the order the appear in (top being surface) and the ratio of those materials. Home has a composition of 20 iron, 10 silicon and 5 aluminium meaning it has a layer of silicon half the height (from the core) of the iron layer.

Planet: The Sun

To The Core - Full Walkthrough And Achievements - Planet: The Sun - 8A28D00

Quote “The Sun”
Size 30
Terrain Roughness 30
Fuel Per Second ~
Composition 30 Hydrogen, 20 Nitrogen, 10 Neon
Vision Tier to Unlock 0
Cost $150,000,000,000,000,000 ($150Q)

Notes: While you can theoretically get to The Sun at the beginning of the game the cost would make it very time consuming. The fuel per second also changes depending on what level of vision you have unlocked.

It should also be noted the surface moves and is not like the other planets, the terrain roughness is not very accurate for this.

Planet: Home

Quote “Strange Hmmm”
Size 20
Terrain Roughness 10
Fuel Per Second 1
Composition 20 Iron, 10 Silicon, 5 Aluminium
Vision Tier to Unlock 0
Cost $0

Notes: Is unlocked when starting. Feels a little wrong to be destroying a planet literally called Home…

Planet: Home’s Moon

Quote “More strange hmmm”
Size 10
Terrain Roughness 8
Fuel Per Second 5
Composition 10 Rock, 8 Coal, 4 Sulfur
Vision Tier to Unlock 1
Cost $1,000,000 ($1M)


Planets: Glacies

Quote “Applies frostbite which causes you to take more damage and slow you the more frost you have”
Size 30
Terrain Roughness 6
Fuel Per Second 12
Composition 30 Ice, 15 Sand, 5 Rock
Vision Tier to Unlock 2
Cost $80,000,000 ($80M)

Notes: Causes frostbite, a meter will show at the top of the screen while playing on the planet indicating how much frostbite you have. This is the same frostbite as the one used in one of Home’s challenges.

Planet: Endura

Quote “Moon of Glacies”
Size 15
Terrain Roughness 6
Fuel Per Second 50
Composition 15 Sand, 12 Coal, 5 Cobalt
Vision Tier to Unlock 2
Cost $500,000,000 ($500M)


Planet: Vita

Quote “Life finds a way, enemies spawn on this planet”
Size 25
Terrain Roughness 20
Fuel Per Second 20
Composition 25 Plant, 22 Soil, 5 Clay
Vision Tier to Unlock 2
Cost $2,000,000,000 ($2B)

Notes: Enemies periodically spawn around this planet, destroy them to gain Organic Matter.

Planet: Diamond Glaciers

Quote “Diamond wasteland”
Size 20
Terrain Roughness 14
Fuel Per Second 60
Composition 20 Diamond, 10 Diamond, 5 Diamond
Vision Tier to Unlock 3
Cost $2,000,000,000,000 ($2T)


Planet: Agaricus

Quote “Moon of Diamond Glaciers”
Size 15
Terrain Roughness 50
Fuel Per Second 900
Composition 15 Sulfur, 12 Rock, 5 Gold
Vision Tier to Unlock 3
Cost $10,000,000,000,000 ($10T)


Planet: Mortem

Quote “Radiation effect applied on this planet, will remove fuel every second”
Size 20
Terrain Roughness 20
Fuel Per Second 20
Composition 20 Uranium, 10 Uranium, 5 Uranium
Vision Tier to Unlock 3
Cost $700,000,000,000,000 ($700T)

Notes: While the fuel per second is low the radiation effect will considerably raise the actual amount. The core of the planet is solidly encased in rocks making accessing it a little more difficult than most. The planet also has a trippy visual effect.

Planet: Letum

Quote “Meteors fall from the sky”
Size 30
Terrain Roughness 5
Fuel Per Second 10
Composition 30 Tungsten, 20 Lead, 10 Mercury
Vision Tier to Unlock 4
Cost $10,000,000,000,000,000 ($10Q)

Notes: Meteors will spawn on this planet which can be mined for the Meteor material.

It was a pleasure for us to walk you through the To The Core – Full Walkthrough And Achievements, and we sincerely hope that you found the information beneficial. Please let us know in the comments section below if you see any mistakes in this piece or if you have any suggestions for how we can improve it. A tremendous amount of gratitude is for your time and effort, and I hope you have a good day today! The author and creator NialMontana inspired this post. Don’t forget to add us to your bookmarks if you enjoyed the post; we update regularly with fresh stuff.

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