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Timeline – How to play 2 - steamlists.com

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This game will help you how to play the game.


To Long and Didn’t Read

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Move From the area’s best food-producing tile, hunt and gather food.
  3. Move A gatherer is sent into a jungle to gather 5 pieces of wood.
  4. Gather 10 natures from the same woodland by moving the gatherer.
  5. Get “Crafting” in Technologies unlocked
  6. Move Gatherer to the location where you want to set up shelter. I favor mountains.
  7. Choose the Gatherer, and then click Build “Camp” in the options menu.
  8. On the tile with the greatest nature production, start the Gatherer and start gathering nature. Usually, it is a densely forested area.
  9. Unlock agriculture to begin farming in the settlement.


User Interface

I haven’t come across any documentation or information on how the interface’s developer views its different parts. The interfaces have names, which I will eventually discuss in the user guide.



Start A New Game

Read the headers for each section as well as the hover tool-tips for settings. I had no problems setting up multiple games , and overall , I found this page to be self-explanatory.

If there are comments that require a more detailed description, I will add it.

Active Game UI

After setting the world settings, click to start the game. A screen will show up that says:

  1. Information tabs
  2. Resources Bar
  3. Select Entity Information and Action Menu
  4. Information on Hovered Tiles
  5. Utility Menu
  6. Game Map

Timeline - How to play - User Interface - F9CF1C6

Resource Management

Early in the game focus your effort on building fields on any plains/grassland/savanna tiles you can find. It is essential to build fishing villages on the tundras and frozen useless tiles.

The capacity to produce gold and industry point will determine how efficiently you can make the most of the space that you have. This allows you to sell manufactured goods to others and not rely on farms.

You should take advantage of the opportunity to sell your items when they arrive. There is no reason to having a huge surplus of items when you could be selling them to pay for resources you do not have access to. I was playing a game where iron and copper were not available. Yet, I was able still have access to steel since I created a cotton plantation/weaver combination to make textiles that I could sell on the market for resources.

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