Thronefall – How to Get Frostsee Quest F Victory Achievement

Thronefall – How to Get Frostsee Quest F Victory Achievement 1 -
Thronefall – How to Get Frostsee Quest F Victory Achievement 1 -

Welcome to this post We hope you will find this page helpful as we provide information regarding the Thronefall – How to Get Frostsee Quest F Victory Achievement.

This guide will assist you in finishing Frostsee Quest F Victory, which will assist you in obtaining the Frostsee Ruler Achievement.





  • Long Bow




  • Royal Mint
  • Arcane Towers
  • Commander Mode




  • Challenge the Turtle God
  • Challenge the Wasp God


Town Centre Upgrade 1


  • Godly Curse


Town Centre Upgrade 2


  • Castle-Up





Wave 1


  • Town Centre
  • Archery Range for Hunters


Wave 2


  • Fishing Hut
  • House
  • Slash the slimes with your Hunters


Wave 3


  • House
  • Tower – To Deal with Crossbow Men


Wave 4


  • House x2
  • Tower – to Back Up Hunters


Wave 5


  • Upgrade Town Centre – Godly Curse
  • Tower
  • Make use of the GODLY CURSE each night


Wave 6


  • Blacksmith Upgrade for Archers Attack
  • Gold Mine
  • Harbour x2


Wave 7


  • Tower x3
  • Barracks – Soldiers and Spearmen
  • House x2


Wave 8


  • Upgrade Harbour by utilizing MOST Boats
  • Archery Range – Hunters
  • Tower x2
  • House x6
  • God’s curse for faster creatures


Wave 9


  • Tower x6
  • House x2
  • Upgrade Harbour x2
  • Place 4 Hunters in Right Harbour
  • Placer 4 Hunters on Top Entrance
  • GODLY CURSE on Right Side


Wave 10


  • Upgrade Tower Centre – Castle-Up
  • Wall x4
  • Tower x3
  • House x2


Wave 11


  • Upgrade Melee Defense Blacksmith
  • Upgrade Archery Range 2
  • Upgrade Barracks Soldiers
  • Upgrade House x6


Wave 12


  • Upgrade House x11
  • Upgrade Tower x9
  • Upgrade Archery Range
  • Hunters Right Side
  • Soldiers & Spearmen Bottom Left
  • Towers can deal with 30 Soldiers at the Top
  • God’s curse at the bottom left


Wave 13


  • Upgrade Archery Range
  • Upgrade Barracks 2
  • Upgrade Wall x4
  • Upgrade Tower x8
  • Spearmen & Half Hunters right
  • Soldiers & Half Hunters Left
  • God’s curse on stays on Boss’s Whole Fight

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