Thronefall – Frostsee Quest D+E Gameplay

Thronefall – Frostsee Quest D+E Gameplay 1 -
Thronefall – Frostsee Quest D+E Gameplay 1 -

Hello and welcome, We will discuss the Thronefall – Frostsee Quest D+E Gameplay in this post, and we sincerely hope you will find it helpful.

Thronefall Frostsee Quest guide, Showcase is 15275. Most people can do it in an hour.


Base Score: 776

Gold Bonus: 570

Mutator Bonus: 7909

Full Score : 15275

Tip. If I had picked 3 instead or 4 Mutators, my Full Score would have been 1272.

Thronefall - Frostsee Quest D+E Gameplay - Overview - 363513A

The Setup



  • Spear




  • Arcane Towers, (increased Tower Range and Attack Speed)
  • Castle Blueprints, (increased HP of Walls and Towers).
  • Power Tower – The closest tower has a x4 increase in attack speed




  • Challenge the Tiger God – Enemies Deal More Damage
  • Challenge the Gods Of Destruction.
  • Challenge the wasp god (first waves have two enemies)
  • Challenge the Gods Death (Allies units do not resurrect at night).


Base Upgrades


  • Builder’s Group (after each upgrade of a House)
  • Castle-Up – Reduced Cost for Walls and Towers


Youtube Video

Written Guide and Tips

Wave 1

Build Base

Build 2 Houses (don’t place two at the top).

Tip: Your Ability lasts a longer time the lower your HP.

Wave 2

Build Fire Arches

Build One House

Tip: Use your character to block the enemy so that they have to take longer to get to your Archers

Wave 3

Build a Defense Station Above the Lake

Build Two Houses

Wave 4

Build Harbour

Build Two Houses

Tip: Wave 2 is similar to Wave 1, but harder

Tip2; use your Ability at the moment your Archers are shooting. It will be easier to keep enemies in fire longer.

Wave 5

Upgrade Base Builder’s Guild

Build 1 House

Wave 6

Build 1 Defense Tower near Enemy’s spawn

Build 6 Homes

Wave 7

Upgrade the Defense Tower at the Harbour

Upgrade Harbour to 6 Houses

Tip: Let the Archers fight the Tower. You and Archers are only fighting the Siege machines.

Wave 8

Upgrade Base (otherwise the wave will not be possible)

Build Wall

Build two towers, and upgrade one

Tip. Make sure you keep your Archers inside. You can keep the Wall intact.

Watch the Youtube Video on Wave 9-13.

Wave 9

Build all Defense Towers near your Base (except for one). Build the second Wall. Upgrade your house

Tip: You have to stay close to the Defense Tower that is on your right. You will lose all your houses if you don’t.

Tip2 Build the Blacksmith to have Melee resistance at 4 Gold. This should reduce Melee-related damage by 1.3. 23% less Melee-related damage. This will help you defeat the boss!

Wave 10

Upgrade the Defense Towers on the left side of the lake. The two upper Defense Towers can be converted to Oil Towers. Upgrade the left to oil. The bottom one should be a Balistae. I recommend that you upgrade the other one, too.

You can place your Archers next to your Defense Tower. They can then hit the enemy without having to worry about the Archers hitting back.

Tip: If your build a house and the enemy Archers shoot over it, you will lose it.

Wave 11

Build Archers if you don’t want to lose your Houses in this wave.

Upgrade 2 Defense Towers as Oil Tower

Upgrade Wall

Tip: Watch this Youtube video. Your two objectives are to protect your house from Flyers as well as to protect the Tower outside by staying near it.

Wave 12

Upgrade all Defense Towers

Build Tanks

Tip – Place your Archers in exactly the same place that you placed Wave 10

Tip2 (Optional): Use the tank units to delay for a few second the bottom-left swell

Tip3- Start your Wave by standing alongside your Archers. After your Archers have stood still, move to the other side. After protecting your tower on the right for two waves move back to the other side.

Wave 13

Build the Defense Tower located at the bottom right corner of your map.

Build Spearman

Build left Wall

Upgrade Units for each 8 Gold (8 total)

Tip. Gather your troops in front of your base to keep them from committing suicide. You will need your troops for the final 3 boss phases.

Tip: Your task is to afk beside the Ballistae Defense Towers. Maybe you’d like to watch the Youtube Video

Boss phases:

1st place: bottom right corner of the lake

2nd: bottom-left of lake

3rd place: bottom right corner of lake

4th : bottom left of the lake

5th : top right of the lake

6th : top left of the lake

7th: Top the lake. (enemies may enter your base).

8th : top right of the lake

9th : top left of lake

10th: the top of a lake (enemies can enter your base).

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