theHunter: Call of the Wild™ – Gameplay Basics – Full Guide

theHunter: Call of the Wild™ – Gameplay Basics – Full Guide 1 -
theHunter: Call of the Wild™ – Gameplay Basics – Full Guide 1 -

Tips and tricks and all I know. Also added a new Hirschfelden part. New dlcs part. Along with the shot placement and harvest screen part I added earlier.

Starting off

In this guide I will teach you all the skills that I know so far. If you have any more that you think I should add, leave them in the comments.
So you will start off in Layton Lake. There are many species and you are gonna need to know about them if you want to get the hang of all that before you start off.

Your starter rifle : The Ranger .243

Ranger .243 : The Ranger .247 is your first rifle. This rifle with the Ascent 1-4 x 24 Rifle Scope and The .243 Soft-Point Bullet. the .243 Ammo can take down animal classes 2-6. Its effective range is 164.04 yards Or 150 meters. This bullet can take down most deer, fox, coyotes, and boar. You can also check animals classes in the codex if you go to wildlife. The .243 ammo has a penetration of 15.00 and expansion of 17. We will talk about what penetration and expansion do later on.
The ranger .243 has an accuracy of 78, a recoil of 46, reload speed of 49, and a hip shot accuracy of 76, and a five round magazine. You can also find the info for the Ranger .243 if you press escape and go to inventory.

Your Starter Shotgun : The Caversham Steward 12G

You also start off with a shotgun, The Caversham Steward 12G. It has an accuracy of 33, a recoil of 82, reload speed of 69, Hipshot of 88, and a magazine size of 2.
The Caversham 12G comes with 12 GA Buckshot. The 12 GA Buckshot has a range of 27.34 Yards, A penetration of 5.00, an expansion of 0.00, and its Recommended Classes are 2-5.

Your Starter Pistol : The Focoso 357.

The last starter gun you get is the Focoso 357. This gun has an accuracy of 55, Recoil of 64, reload speed of 10, a Hipshot of 100, and a magazine size of 6 rounds.
This gun has .357 Jacketed Hollow-Point Bullets. Its effective range is 54.68 yards, a Penetration of 12.00, An expansion of 18.00, and its recommended classes are 2-6.

Starter equipment ( Minus Your starter scope That’s on The Ranger .243 Page.) This Includes callers, Binoculars, and more.

You need to know your equipment before you go out. You don’t want to just run out there like a primitive monkey that just saw a rock for the first time, You want to know what you have and know how to use it. The first caller on our list is the Deer “Bleat” Caller.
The Deer “Bleat” Callers Affected Species are these animals listed, Whitetail deer, Blacktail Deer, Mule Deer, And Sika Deer. it has a Range of 164.04 Yards, Duration of 90 Seconds and an attraction strength of 50. Trust me it is not actually 90 seconds so don’t worry, You don’t have to sit there for over a minute, I believe it may be measured in milliseconds.
The next caller on our list is the Predator “Jackrabbit” Caller. This caller has a range of 218.72 Yards, A duration of 90 seconds Again not actually 90 seconds, and an attraction strength of 40. It attracts about 100 animals but ill just say them anyways. red foxes, coyotes, Eurasion lynx, side-striped jackals, gray foxes, gray wolves, Lions, collared peccary, Mexican Bobcats, and Iberian wolf if not more.
The last caller on our list is the Roe Deer Caller. It is meant for both Male And Female Roe Deer. But Roe deer are not on Layton Lake, They are in Hirschfeldon. The Roe Deer Caller has a range of 218.72 yards, A duration of 90 seconds, and An attraction strength of 40.
Moving on to binoculars. The 8×42 binoculars are the first one you start off with. These are used to spot animals until you get the Sight Spotting Skill.
Lastly, We have the scent eliminator. The scent eliminator lowers your scent intensity. You can see where your scent is going on the bottom right. The green cone is where your scent is going. You can also see your sound and visibility here.

Difference Between Soft Point And Polymer Tip Bullets.

To be honest, this is a pretty simple topic. Polymer tips are for more penetration. You should use this if an animal is big and you need it to hit vital organs. The only problem with polymer tips is that it does not make the animal bleed as much. But this is where the soft point comes in. If you want more blood loss, soft points are good. Just remember the bullet cant go in the animal as good. This is because it expands when it hits the animal.

Shot placement

Okay, First off you need to know where to shoot. I will show you good places to shoot. Some will lower your score which is usually a skull or brain shot. It is a common trophy organ.
We will first show spots for deer.
theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Gameplay Basics - Full Guide - Shot placement - 034FE8D
theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Gameplay Basics - Full Guide - Shot placement - 563D75C
theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Gameplay Basics - Full Guide - Shot placement - E67A54B
theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Gameplay Basics - Full Guide - Shot placement - 65818CF
theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Gameplay Basics - Full Guide - Shot placement - 3EE33CA
theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Gameplay Basics - Full Guide - Shot placement - F84E1F3
theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Gameplay Basics - Full Guide - Shot placement - C37E99B
Next we will talk about bears.
theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Gameplay Basics - Full Guide - Shot placement - B949894
theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Gameplay Basics - Full Guide - Shot placement - 1B122EA
theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Gameplay Basics - Full Guide - Shot placement - C9E06EB

Harvest screen.

The harvest screen may be confusing at first. I suggest you get the free dlc truracs It is very helpful and a nice edition. Here are some parts of the harvest screen.
theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Gameplay Basics - Full Guide - Harvest screen. - 3454320
theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Gameplay Basics - Full Guide - Harvest screen. - E380E64
theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Gameplay Basics - Full Guide - Harvest screen. - 616717F


There are many DLC’S In this game . They range from dogs to guns, to night vision to portable structures, to ATV’S. We will talk about the useful ones and their pros and cons. First we will talk about different maps.
First off, I would recommend getting the different maps right off the bat. It just adds a totally new perspective and unlocks new rewards and cash. You will learn a bit more about that at the end. Anyways, The different maps just adds a spice to the game that you wouldn’t get from the other maps. It adds a totally different atmosphere, its like entering a new world with new animals and scenery. It also adds more hunting options and even more ways to earn possible better cash from the game specified to that region including guns and what not from the very cool and unique missions and campaigns.
Moving on to atvs. The ATV’S are just a huge help. This Dlc can help you get around the map to explore and possibly even go mountain climbing if you are bored. I suggest doing that to pass the time and bring a tent. Sometimes I used to just climb up to the highest points and stuck tents up there just for fun. I will add a section about things to do to just pass the time later on. Anyways, back on topic. Atvs can fit all needs. This includes pushing pray, Other tactics such as backing them into a corners and just blasting the animals, just pretty much going on a ride, Lighting yourself on fire after you go near water and just exploding for no reason, Old glitch if it still works which is pretty much just looking like your neck is snapped, or moving to point a to point b.
Next we will talk about portable structures. Portable structures are an other need. The portable structures dlc will come with tents, Bipods, tree stands, blinds, and whatever else I might’ve forgot about. Bipods are pretty much trees stands but no tree and you sit so pretty much just a big ladder that you sit on praying to god it wont wobble. Now we talkl about the tree stands. The name says it, Its a metal platform that you sit on and it goes in a tree. A blind is pretty much just a big camo canopy with some windows so you can hunt. And a tent is pretty much just a portable base of operations and somehow you can fit a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ atv in a bin Or in the tents secret garage under it that we don’t know about.
The next Need is a bloodhound. This is a life saver. It saves you the god forsaken trouble of trying to follow an animal that leaves tracks every like mile. Instead you just order your precious tracking dog to guide you to your precious trophy of your magnificent harvest. It can also track pray when there’s no more blood can be a pain in the a** sometimes though, Dog will sit in front of you when a deer is seeing you and you go in to aim dog runs it , game wont let you shoot, Buck runs away. Sometimes when tracking, especially when its tracking pray it will run in a circle and you have to push it. This really pisses me off and I wanna throw the dog off a cliff because the deer or whatever im tracking will just get farther and farther. Anyways, Dog is sometimes glitchy and it can be funny as hell tbh. Def suggest dog it is seriously a life saver.
Next thing we will talk about is the high tech dlc all I remember it having was some nighvision tbh No clue what else, totally forgot. you can check it out though.
Moving on to the gun dlcs. Tbh, its fun to just play throught without the gun dlc. This is because the gun is free and it could give you a big advantage. It is more fun just to play not using it and just grinding for fun. The gun is free but the ammo isnt, Still most guns can be around 20 thousand cash and getting one for free is just ripping the fun right out.

Useful codex menus.

Okay, First off, to even get to the Codex Menu you must first press escape and go to Codex. What you will see here are all the maps. You will also see hunter, Hunter log, Wildlife, tutorial log, and Mission Items.
We will first talk about the Hunter drop down menu. If you click on this, you will see 5 options, Profile card, hunting profile, world, play stats, and leader boards. If you open profile card, you can see a whole bunch of data.
This data includes steam user, in game level and XP Including XP needed to get a level up, How much skills you have unlocked on both stalker and ambusher, How many perks you unlocked and in what sections, and finally weapon scores. Weapon scores are how much points, or the score you have on that certain type of gun. You need certain amounts to unlock different things for that type of gun.
Moving on to the hunting profile. In this section you will see how many harvests you have of a certain rank, how many animals you scared in different ways, Your shots fired, including how much hit and missed, your accuracy with each type of weapon, and your longest shot that you hit a vital organ.
Moving on to the next important thing on the codex, The wildlife tab. In this drop down menu you will see every animal in the game. It also tells stats about them and everything you need to know about them to hunt that animal.
The next important thing if your a starter is the tutorial log. This will tell you some basics and stuff about the game. The rest is mostly just more stats about some things that you have done in other maps. I suggest you explore the codex tab to see if you need anything else that you would like to know. It has all the stuff that you have collected and all different things. So if you just wanna see your progress at some point, just check the codex.

Animal types in Starter Map, (Layton Lake)

Deer species: White tail deer, Black tail deer, Moose (oddly the moose is in the deer species)
Elk species: Roosevelt elk.
Small “varmints” Such as Coyote and White tailed jackrabbit.
Birds: Mallard
Bear: Black bear.

What guns and ammo you should use for the different animals in Layton Lake.

To be honest just check the codex for the animals that are listed. You can get a lot of info and even stuff that I haven’t covered like where they hang out. You will eventually memorize this over time. If you go after an animal for a while, you start to know it. As I hunted bison a lot on Hirschfeldon and just knew what I was doing. Remember, Practice makes perfect.

Stalker Skills You should upgrade and how much you should upgrade it.

Here we will talk about stalker skills. Just remember, you can only get to level 60 and I Believe you only get 22 skills and perks, Correct me if I am wrong in the comments. Anyways, What Skills you should get for stalker and how much times you should upgrade them. Keep in mind though, Different people use different tactics, so you may not want some But I will tell you mostly only mandatory or ones that are very useful.
Locate tracks : 3
Track Knowledge : 3
Soft Feet : 2 (max)
Improvised Blind : (max if you like even better visibility decrease)
Endurance : (Max If you run a lot)
Connect the dots : (if you want tracking to be easier and more Exact In a way)
I’m only happy when it rains : (mainly on rainy and foggy maps if you don’t want to be seen easier.)

Ambusher skills.

Scent tinkerer : ( 1 if you just want to unlock more skills But I suggest 2 for better scent eliminator.)
Spotting knowledge : (max)
The more the merrier : (max if you like grinding mission like me)
Fatal Attraction : (max if you like to use callers to lure them in which I recommend.)
Pack mule : (make sure to get, its an extra bit of weight you can carry with no extra sound or increased visibility, Very useful.)
All others are if you want to get them, its based on your play style but some are mandatory to make an easier game.

Rifle Perks

Muscle memory : (max, get as soon as possible)
Breath control : (max, makes aiming easier)
Steady hands : (max also makes it even easier)
Zeroing : (Get it, its useful but you must know range before you take shot so it is zeroed in as close to the animal as possible, Max Also suggest getting a rangefinder.)

Handgun perks.

Spring and load : (max)
Survival instinct : (max)
Quick Feet : (only if you use handguns)
Lightning hands : (Max for better reload speeds, Better than getting attack by a boar and having to wait 10 minutes to reload and just die instead)

Shotgun perks

Fast shouldering : (useful for quick switching weapons and what not)
Recoil management : (good if you want even better recoil)
Tracer shot : (only if you wanna see spread with shotguns)

Lastly, archery perks.

Full draw : (how ever much you want depending on how much you use the bow)
Move and shoot : (useful for decreased wobble when moving with any weapon, Again your choice.)
Recycle : (depending on how much you use bow again, could be useful if you use the bow.)
Like a pro : ( useful if you use bow but again, depending on if you use it.)
Pumping Iron : (again useful if you use bow you choose how much to upgrade.)
Keep in mind some perks give the use to all weapons so check before you buy, And choose wisely Or you have to pay some $$$ to reset the perks and skills you bought.

Getting XP

Getting xp is pretty simple. You get it by doing missions, finding sheds and all other hidden stuff, Creating hunting stands with your cash, going to green question marks on the map and interacting, getting outposts, Going to lookout towers and interacting with it and lastly, harvesting animals.
In my opinion, the best way to get xp is to do missions and campaigns, it is worth it. Also hunting, which is the point of the game is pretty good.

Getting cash.

To be honest there are a few ways and there are really good ones too. I get money by doing missions / campaigns, it gives good xp and good cash, I use it to level up and what not. You also get cash by harvesting animals and I believe that’s it for getting cash, Please let me know if there are others ways and I just forgot.

Missions / Campaign missions.

Missions and Campaign missions are a good way of grinding. Some campaigns and stuff even give guns and stuff like that, So its really helpful and a way to level and and what not so I suggest doing this A LOT. This also is just a fun way to pass the time.

Your next free map, Hirschfelden

Next, You’ve probably got your campaign and what not done with your first map, Layton Lakes. You may want to switch to the next free map if you haven’t bought any yet. You arrive in Hirschfeldon, Europe. There are many Sub Regions here.
Regions Sub regions
Hirschdort ; Schonfeldt Rathenfeldt
Konigsberg ; Spreeberg Petershain

Hirschfelden ; Ritterstein Müllerwald
Rotwald ; Jonsdorf Bohndorf
Rinderland ; Tichenau Ernsdorf
Now we will talk about species and the species class.
Class 1 : Canada Goose And European Rabbit
Class 2 : Red Fox
Class 3 : Roe Deer
Class 4 : Fallow Deer, Wild Boar

Class 5 : None
Class 6 : Red Deer
Class 7 : None
Class 8 : None
Class 9 : European Bison
We will now talk about how many missions this Reserve has.
Currently, the reserve has 75 missions: 25 main missions and 50 side missions.
Now we will talk about good animals to hunt.
First on my list, Is European Bison. This was my favorite animal to hunt. They are slow and you can just run around and still get them. I hunted them with a bow. This animal is really fun to hunt and its like getting free cash if you have the right equipment. Remember, Bison are aggressive and will charge. But if you get a goods shot and what not its just free Cash and XP.
Next is the red fox. It is a pain in the neck to be honest. They can sense you from miles. The best chance you have is to just sit down in a tree stand This animal really Infuriates me and I hate them to be honest. it feels good to put an arrow through their tiny brain. i suggest just leaving them alone.
Next is the Canada Goose. Just get in a field with haybales, place some decoys down, use your caller get your shotgun and soft point .243 bullets and get good XP and Cash. I have never hunted these animals here. You need a DLC to do it. But I know it gives good Cash and XP. If you want to do this, get the wild goose chase dlc.
Next is the European rabbit. To be honest I never really hunted them but their almost just free cash and xp as they die over pretty much anything. If you just wanna grind do this. I don’t know how much cash or xp But i know its an easy grind.
Next is the Roe Deer. it is an absolutely retarded animal. Its pretty much just a whitetail but with tiny
horns and easy to kill. They are so basic to hunt.
Next on our list is fallow deer. They are pretty hard to get as they leave like no tracks and have good senses in one mission it was an absolute hell show trying to get one in a specific area I had to lure one and pray I got it in the mission area. You had to get 2 and I wanted to throw my pc off a bridge, run it over, Set it on fire, Run it over again with a tank, And then blow it up. Mainly just a sadistic dev mission. Anyways kind of hard to hunt but not insane.
Wild boar, good way to grind. Pretty easy to kill. I once sat in one tree stand and got like 4 and they still kinda kept coming. good for grinding.
Red Deer. can be a pain in the neck as they have good hp. They are decently easy and a good grind. I suggest hunting them as they are good just to unlock stuff, get cash, and get xp.
Callers you will need : Roe deer caller, Predator “Jackrabbit” caller for the sadistic fox that Plainly makes life living hell on wheels, Antler rattler caller, Boar caller (or hog caller I forgot, Possibly wild boar caller.) Red deer caller. You don’t need a caller for bison because they are “So aggressive” It would be nice to have one because they aren’t that aggressive. Its like chasing a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ land whale, it isn’t very fast and you can just run around and find them. They stick around in pine forests and stuff so go get em, they are like a money machine and an XP machine in one.
Where to hit these animals. If you don’t have the best weapon for that animal, try the heart. The lungs work too. The heart is just an insta-drop but the brain is too. The heart is just a way to get the animal without lowering your score. I suggest going for the heart or lungs. Brain is an option if you just wanna Rambo that ♥♥♥♥ and not give a damn about about you’re Cash and XP you earn.

The End (unless I get more info and what not)

If you think I should add more please let me know in the comments and if I had any spelling errors (which I for some reason cant spell right now and my brain is on system shutdown for grammar) And make sure to give feedback, Ideas and more so I could possibly continue this as I will be checking for comments. And also if you did like it and thought it was useful make sure to share and like and whatever so starters can use this to their advantage Of course including players that just want some tips. Also let me know if you enjoyed it or whatever other feedback, all feedback will be read.
I would also like to just say thanks for all this has grown over time. Every time I look at this guide I am happy to see that so many People have seen it and most likely enjoyed it. I am also very happy to know that some people loved it. This shows that people are learning new things. Thank you for all the support and this guide helping so many people in a matter of 4 days, Thank you so much. Again please comment if I should add anything.
Have a great day – Shark.

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about theHunter: Call of the Wild™ – Gameplay Basics – Full Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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