The Wings of Dawn Playtest – Tech Demo Guide + Mechanics & Features

The Wings of Dawn Playtest – Tech Demo Guide + Mechanics & Features 1 -
The Wings of Dawn Playtest – Tech Demo Guide + Mechanics & Features 1 -

Welcome to (The Wings of Dawn Playtest – Tech Demo Guide + Mechanics & Features). This chapter contains everything you need to know about the public tech demo, including the controls, AI creatures, how to fly, and where to find food. You can leave a question at the bottom of the guide if you have further questions about the tech demo.

What is the “Tech Demo?”

This tech demo is a highly early prototype version of the game. It serves as a proof-of-concept of what these developers can do without funding. The tech demo will be available during the crowdfunding campaign. It is free to anyone interested in trying it out. The tech demo includes bare bones survival mechanisms, so don’t expect anything fancy yet.

Within the tech demo, you can play as Vulgan dragons or William drones. We have plans to add very basic humanoids later in the demo. Still, we will not allow them to appear until we have all the necessary human-related assets and mechanicals.

Mechanics and Features

The current mechanics are hunger, thirst, stamina, health, and recovery. It takes 45 minutes for a Vulgan to mature from a hatchling to a full adult. You can breathe fire at 0.5 and take to the skies with 0.6 growth. The maximum growth rate is 1.0 now, which is a full adult. Williams does not grow! Instead, Williams spawns as a fully grown adult and allows you to explore the island’s smaller, hidden corners.

There is both passive and hostile AI in the world. From the single player (, until we have our server hosting sorted) has wild-spawning William hives. In the multiplayer version, we have Skaith, William hives, and the antelopes. The hostile AI has unique behaviors, hunger, and stamina pool that prevents it from overhunting the AI. If the predator AI runs low on stamina, it will stop hunting and take a break. If the predator AI isn’t hungry, you will see it roaming with its pack. If the player is too big for the predator AI, it will ignore them (. The passive/skittish AI won’t react to small players unless it is attacked. It will then run away.

[]Passive A[/u]I ]

– Grassland Antelope

[]Hostile AI[/u] ]


William hives

Survival Mechanics

Hunger & Thirst

Over time, players will become more hungry and thirsty. The (green bar)’s hunger and thirst (blue bars) will gradually decrease the more hungry or thirsty you are. The adult Vulgan will have a slower depletion rate due to its hunger and thirst. To balance their smaller size, speed and lower depletion rate, Player Williams has a slightly slower rate. All water sources, except the ocean, are drinkable. Keep an eye out for rivers, swamps, lakes, ponds, and lakes. The AI is currently the only food you can eat, and AI spawns all over the map. Be careful. Wild William hives can spawn with soldiers and warriors to defend their smaller worker classes. The honeybees might swarm you if you are not careful and cunning.


All creatures, AI and players, have health. This function lowers when they are attacked and increases when they rest. As they grow, the dragon player’s health pool grows. Different AI species have different amounts HP. The larger AI species tend to have more health than smaller ones, so keep that in mind before you jump into combat.


The game features bare bones combat with physical attacks and elemental assaults. Vulgans have two (2 ) physical attacks and one (1-1 elemental attack). Williams currently only has one (1) form of physical attack. We also decided to add two (2 – status effects via battle to get feedback for future balancing.

Game Modes

We have made it possible for people to play single-player mode until we have figured out how to host server hosting. There were very few issues during the tech demo’s launch. After the tech demo, single player development will be discontinued. We will no longer be developing single player games. Future game versions will not include a single-player option.

Multiplayer is currently unavailable until we ensure the server hosting functions as intended. We look forward to having servers in the US and EU. This will allow us to test the server networking and performance.

Game Controls

Here are the basic controls for the tech demo.


1 – Broadcast call

2 – Friendly call

3 – Aggressive call

4 – The Submissive Call

5 – Neutral Call


W – Forward

A – Left

S – Back

D – Right

Sprint Hold LShift

LMB – Primary attack/Bite

Hold RMB – Secondary attack / Fire breathing

C – Tertiary attack/Vulgan’s claw attack

Hold E – Eat and Drink

H – Rest

Z – Toggle trot + Walk

Hold Alt – To get a free look in flight.

K – Suicide/respawn

Chat with us – Enter

Esc – Option


How to get off :

Sprinting is the best way to increase your speed. Look up and hold the spacebar. Once you are in the air, release the spacebar.

Turning /banking:

To bank left or right, you can use the AD keys. Banking while moving your mouse in the direction you want will help you make sharp turns and turn faster.

How to slow down :

Hold S to slow down. It will slow you down over time. If you hold it for too long, you’ll fall from the sky. Vulgan cannot hover because it is too heavy.


Developers will be listening to feedback and fixing bugs. Please be aware that the tech demo or Kickstarter campaign might not fix some issues. We will try to resolve the most important or problematic issues for players. The Tech demo’s purpose will be to identify issues and get active feedback from players to help us understand and plan for the future.

To help development, you can submit a bug report via our Discord server #bug–reports or this link: – []

We are grateful that you participated in the tech demo testing.


Written by Shadzerios

Hope you enjoy the Guide about The Wings of Dawn Playtest – Tech Demo Guide + Mechanics & Features, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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