The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – Gas Station and Map Layout Walkthrough

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – Gas Station and Map Layout Walkthrough 2 -
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – Gas Station and Map Layout Walkthrough 2 -

Hello and welcome, Everything you need to know about The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – Gas Station and Map Layout Walkthrough may be found in this guide. Take each step in accordance with this guidance.

A complete guide to using the Gas Station map (mostly for the Family)

A complete guide to Gas Station with as much information as I could gather for the time being, as well as some personal tips that may assist you in dealing with it more simply.

I should mention that this guide is primarily for Family because I am primarily a Cook and thus lack knowledge when it comes to playing Victim, but if there is anything you think could be added to help our favorite walking meals, please leave a comment and I will consider updating the guide.



Map layout

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Gas Station and Map Layout Walkthrough - Map layout - 7B3BB4C

The map was provided by the game’s official website, which has maps for all the current locations : – []

  • Green lines are doors
  • Red lines are doors that are always locked at the start of the game
  • Purple lines and text are the different exits and their names (basement exit excluded)
  • Locks are tips for Cook players (detailed in the respective section below)
  • Cars are the 2 spawns for the car battery
  • Lightning is the generator
  • Top hats are the 2 spawns for Grandpa
  • Numbers are places and positions that I feel are important and will be detailed in their respective sections below

Note : I have not marked valve spawns and fuse spawns since they’re randomized and I do not know all the possible locations as the moment, I will add them in time or if anyone can let me know the spawns they know about.

There is no available map for the basement areas of any location, but if anyone is willing to make one, I could indeed add it to the guide.

Generator area

The Generator Area is perhaps the most significant part of the map for both sides; there are two escapes here, one of which is relatively easy to escape from because all you need is a lockpick, therefore Connie excels at that one.

However, it is quite simple to hold out this entire section of the map with a single family member, especially if you have a Cook on your team who is aware of it.
If a family member patrols around position (1), no single Victim will be able to lockpick their way in unless they employ Connie’s talent or have very good coordination with their teammates.

Furthermore, both a Valve and a Fuse can spawn in here (sometimes both at the same time, unless I’m mistaken), as can the pressure tank in front of it, allowing a single family member to protect 2+ exits while also collecting nearby blood, feeding Grandpa, and checking around the house. If done correctly, this one technique makes the map much more manageable and prevents what I’ll refer to as “Connie rushing.” To maximize efficiency, let your teammates know they don’t need to come to aid you with it and instead focus on the more difficult exits to defend.

Note: You should not stand there like a boulder the entire game; instead, patrol and provide a hand if Victims try to force other exits. This method is effective but not unbeatable, and astute Victims will recognize what you’re up to.

Rear/Car battery Area

Most coordinated teams tend to try to rush basement escape or force their way through here, which means it’s also important to have someone patrol this area, preferably not Cook because he’s more efficient near the generator and is too slow to defend both entrances to this area. Patrolling from one gate to the other from position (2) while keeping an eye on the house and its surroundings is usually sufficient because victims will have to go in the Central Area of the map and have to lockpick their way through one of the gates to get to the Rear Area, so as long as the locks are still here, you don’t need to go check on it.

There are normally just two blood buckets in the region, thus it’s not worth it to stay in here.

Central Area + Basement

Since there are so many obstacles in those areas, a good Leatherface/Bubba is going to be crucial (just like on other maps, to be honest). He can handle them the best, and since there are so many wells scattered throughout the map, it’s crucial for him to clear them all out and patrol them to stop Victims from gathering resources too quickly and, if possible, score a few kills.

Bubba is certainly capable of assisting his colleagues when necessary and checking the fuse box to stop a basement escape.
There isn’t much more to say because Bubba’s job is incredibly crucial and effective but also fairly simple.

Cook tips

Now in this part, I will give more of my own advice as to how best to play Cook on this specific map and provide general tips.
Start the game off right by collecting some blood nearby, before quickly heading towards the Generator Area to gather as much as you can and lock both gates leading there (look for lock symbols on the map) as quickly as possible.

Your teammate must go turn on the car battery right at the beginning of each game if you are too slow and lock everything up. If they spawn near it (only Johnny at present I believe), please ask them to activate it right away, since communication is key; waddling all over here would only compound matters further.
Once your setup is complete, you should have one lock remaining; use it either on the Rear Escape or one of the gates leading into it. If one of the Victims manages to make their way into the Generator Area somehow, quickly head towards the Road Escape door and lock it immediately since it may be their exit route. Let your teammates know immediately who has entered as soon as someone enters here and leave door marked (3) open so you can check more easily on exit points; from then on just patrol as best you can or delegate tasks to one of your teammates if noise hindering ability prevents you from using your abilities too efficiently due to generator noise!

If you find yourself needing to move away from gate patrolling for any reason – perhaps helping teammates or giving blood to Grandpa should he appear inside the house – your focus ability (default key: middle mouse button/mouse button 3) is an invaluable way to keep tabs on all aspects of gameplay from anywhere on the map, especially your locks and their status; using it every few seconds allows you to monitor whether any have opened and what they should do about it.
If your ability is upgraded to level 3, this strategy becomes even more efficient as it allows you to highlight Victims from a distance so your teammates know where they are and get them killed while still staying within your patrol route. (Of course, this assumes you opted for the level 3 upgrade to let teammates see who you find with your ability – something which should definitely be considered since that upgrade provides the only worthwhile solution anyway.)

Addicted to Cook is often slow; use this element of surprise to your advantage!
Make an attempt at appearing to be unaware when approaching a victim in hiding; use your power to find someone nearby without alerting them that you know they exist; call for backup if necessary and ambush them; use an extra lock as a trap – something which is key in controlling an ambush situation.
Cooks will typically struggle to catch Victims quickly, so using voice chat as much as possible to alert victims about positions and escape routes they should monitor is key for effective tracking.

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