The Stanley Parable – How to get the Confusion Ending in The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable – How to get the Confusion Ending in The Stanley Parable 1 -
The Stanley Parable – How to get the Confusion Ending in The Stanley Parable 1 -

How to get the Confusion Ending in The Stanley Parable.


In case you went into this guide thinking it would be spoiler-free, it is not. If you don’t want spoilers for one of the endings in the game, then please leave the guide.

What is the Confusion Ending?

If you don’t care about spoilers, we may continue.
The Confusion Ending is the most complex ending of all, and the second-longest ending.

First Reset

You first must go into the door on the right when you reach the Two Doors Room. Then go into the detour through the maintenance section, but instead of going straight through, go onto the lift next to you.
The Narrator will lead you to different doors he eventually closes, until he opens one which he lets you through, and once you follow it, it will lead you to a catwalk above the Freedom Ending monitor room. The Narrator quickly restarts the game.

Second Reset

The game will seem normal, until you reach the Two Doors Room, which has six doors instead of two. The Narrator will open all of the doors, letting you roam around and “find the story”. After some exploring, he will comment on how this is “the worst adventure I’ve ever been on”. He will then restart the game again.

Third Reset

On this reset, the Two Doors Room has no doors besides the exit door you came in from, which the Narrator will lead you back through, claiming the story must be back there. Eventually you will reach your office room which has a door on the side, leading to a dilapidated wooden house.
The Narrator will comment on how his story took place in an office building. Then “You Win!” will appear on screen and the Narrator will patronize you. He will then admit he was patronizing you, and then he resets.

Fourth Reset

In this reset, Stanley’s office has the Stanley Parable Adventure Line™. The Narrator instructs Stanley to follow the Line™. It™ leads you into a side door further in the office, then It™ leads you further along through unexplored parts of the office while the Narrator has an existential crisis about the path. Music plays and the line gets sporadic movements, on the walls and ceilings, until the Narrator notices a fern and tells you to memorize it very closely, because you don’t want to miss any details. The Line™ then leads you to the monitor room again, where the Narrator yells at It™ before resetting again.

Final Reset

The Line™ is still present, but the Narrator tells you to ignore It™. He explains that you and him can create your own story. You go into a new set of rooms and doors and halls, and you eventually reach a circular room with two doors. He asks you to walk around in circles while he figures out what to do.
He eventually comes to a conclusion that you should go into the door on the right. The door opens, and it leads to a big screen displaying the Confusion Ending Schedule, which contains the entire schedule for the ending, but describes events after the location of the Schedule such as “The Narrator forgets all previous resets” and “After a long time, Stanley dies”.
The Narrator exclaims that he won’t reset again, and the timer on the Schedule stops. After a few seconds, the Narrator comments on it and then the game resets again, losing all previous progress in the ending and returning you to a normal path.

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