The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – Playthrough Guide

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – Playthrough Guide 1 -
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – Playthrough Guide 1 -


The mighty Erebonian empire is one of the most prominent nations on the Zemurian continent. However, political unrest between the upper class as well as the commoners trying to rise to power has been growing steadily. Tensions between the Noble and Reformist Factions are only going to get worse if they don’t make compromises shortly.

Rean Schwarzer, just like every other citizen of Imperial Nation, is not immune to these rising conflicts. The class system has been deeply ingrained in the hearts of every Erebonian from the beginning. As a 17-year-old student, Rean Schwarzer notices that his crimson uniform is different from the ones given to his peers. They are usually green for commoners and white for nobles.

Welcome to Class VII of Thors Military Academy. The academy’s prestigious history has changed: rank is nothing, but skill is everything. Rean is one of the nine students selected by Class VII. They are all from different backgrounds and abilities.


The series’ first episode, Trails of Cold Steel (Sen no Kiseki in Japanese), takes place on the same continent that the fan-favorite Trails in the Sky franchise. It explores the inner political conflicts of the powerhouse nation and many other issues. Explore the rich lore that has made the series a household name, bond with your fellow students, learn new skills in battle, take advantage tactical turn-based combat with “ARCUS”, and discover dramatic events that will change everything these two social classes believe.



A World Rich in Depth For Veterans and Newcomers Alike

Trails of Cold Steel’s events are well-told so long-time Trails fans and casual RPG enthusiasts can enjoy the rich, nuanced story.

New Link System Adds Depth To Combat

You can use the Combat Link System and bond with your classmates throughout the school year. This will give you various combat benefits such as healing, guarding, and more.

A Modern Update to a Classic Growth Mechanism

Trails of Cold Steel streamlines the “Orbment” magic system of previous titles with new “ARCUS”, allowing for faster customization and more readily available abilities.

The Game like Never Before

The PC release has 50% more English voice-overs, which brings a new experience to those who have already played the game on the console.


The Erebonia Arc

Now we move on to the third Arc of the Trails Series, namely the ‘Erebonia Arc. This Arc is located in a nation frequently mentioned in the previous games: the ‘Erebonian Imperial’.

The third story Arc in the Trails Series, the ‘Erebonia Arc,’ is the third story Arc. It begins two years after Trails in the Sky. It also starts at the same time as Trails to Zero. The Erebonia Arc’s first two entries run concurrently with Trails to Zero, Trails to Azure, and the final two entries occur afterward. Erebonia, located to the North and West of Crossbell is one of the largest nations on the continent.

We will be learning about Erebonia and its many problems with these military academy students.

Trails of Cold Steel –Trails of Cold Steel is sixth in the Trails Series. It is also the first game of the Erebonia Ark. This game is a sequel to Trails in the Sky the third and the other Sky Trilogy games, but it also takes place alongside Trails to Zero or Trails to Azure. This game introduces a new cast and plot and continues the story.

The setting of the game is a prestigious military academy. The game follows the academy’s new students as they discover how fierce this divide can be and see the conflicts that arise within the nation. While they are caught up in the turbulent times, their empire is going through,

The proud Erebonian Empire was one of the most powerful nations on the continent, from the Dark Ages through the Middle Ages to the Post-Orbal Revolution Zemuria. The Erebonian Empire emerges into a new age with time, and gradual changes to its ethics and values. This is an age in which Erebonia must confront its past ideals and traditions. The Empire’s society is divided between two classes: the noblest and the commoners. Two opposing factions have been formed within the Imperial government: the Noble Faction (and the Reformist Faction). These conflicts have had a steady rise and have significantly impacted the lives of all Imperial citizens. Students are divided according to their social class and where they live. Thors students of the noble class wear white uniforms while students from the commoner class wear green.

Rean Schwarzer is a new student at Thors Military Academy. Rean is feeling lost when he enrolls at the famed military academy. He hopes that it will help him find his way through life. When he enrolls, Rean discovers that he and other students are wearing crimson-red uniforms instead of green or white. There has been a slight change at Thors this year: there is a new class. This class does not distinguish between nobles and commoners. This new class is known as Class VII and Rean is one of nine new classmates.

We follow Class VII as they prepare to dive into the political quagmire that threatens them and the Empire. In the face of uncertainty and adversity, Class VII must learn how to create inseparable bonds among themselves.

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