The Dream Libra had – Quest List

The Dream Libra had – Quest List 1 -
The Dream Libra had – Quest List 1 -

– List of the all quests
– How can you accept them

Quest List

Title Place
Desperated to live Forest3
Lover turned into clover Forest4
The Snake and the Frog Cave1
How to cast a Curse Cave3
Uminoke Ice1
The Poor Penguin Ice3
Live a life for others Ice2
Finest Mushrooms Coalmine3
The Unsuccessful Painter Coalmine2
The Child of the Mansion Mansion1
Elixir of Immortality Mansion3
The Hero beyond Sacrifice Hospital2
Stay with me forever Hospital1(night)
Ancient Romance Mansion2
A Taste of Photosynthesis Cosmos

If you can’t find inhabitants, you might kill some.
In the case, you can revive them by throw in a coin into offering box will appear in Forest2.

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