Team Roles Guide and Employee Handbook in Lethal Company

Team Roles Guide and Employee Handbook in Lethal Company 1 -
Team Roles Guide and Employee Handbook in Lethal Company 1 -

Team Roles Guide and Employee Handbook in Lethal Company

Yo, quick heads-up! For the first week of your mission, you’re either all-flashlights or a mix of flashlights and walkie-talkies. If a teammate’s not vibing with your style, it might be best to part ways instead of butting heads.

Mastering Mission Control: Your Team’s Lifeline

So, Mission Control is the brain of the operation, right? They chill on the ship, armed with a walkie-talkie, guiding the team with crucial intel like where the baddies and treasures are, and keeping everyone organized. Plus, they can step outside to check the time – pretty handy!

Essential Gear for Mission Control:

  1. Walkie-Talkie: Must-have for chatting with the Communications Officer.
  2. Radar-Booster: Drop this beacon anywhere, and it’ll show up on your radar. Type “ping [Booster name]” in the terminal, and it’ll make a noise. Pro tip: place it near the ship to keep those sneaky dogs at bay.
  3. Teleporter: Beam your buddies back to safety! Just make sure they’re cool with it since they’ll lose their gear.
  4. Loud Horn: When you can’t use walkie-talkies or the Comms Officer is out of action, this horn’s your best bet to signal the crew.
  5. Terminal: Use codes to remotely control doors, mines, and turrets from the ship. It’s a temporary fix, but it helps!

Pro Tips for Mission Control:

  1. Get good at reading enemy moves and sizes on your radar. It’s key to warning your squad.
  2. Just one person (the Comms Officer) should have a walkie-talkie. It’s more efficient and saves resources.
  3. Keep noise to a minimum, especially when dogs are nearby. If things get messy, you can always high-tail it back to the ship.
  4. Got a teammate with a long name? Shorten it for quick calls, but let them know about it first.
  5. Want extra XP? Help grab loot near the mission’s end. But remember, team safety first!

Note: I once played with someone who used an AI voice changer to sound like Mission Control from DRG. Epic experience!

The Comms Officer: Keeping Everyone in the Loop

Comms Officer is like the bridge between Mission Control and the ground crew. Your job? Pass on instructions and keep everyone aware of what’s happening around them.

Comms Officer’s Toolkit:

  1. Walkie-Talkie
  2. Any-grade Flashlight

Zap-Gun: A Mid-Game Lifesaver

The Zap Gun is super handy for freezing creatures for 30-60 seconds. Just scan, zap, and hold it steady while it works its magic.

Radar-Booster: Stay on Track

Comms Officer’s Tips:

  • Keep walkie-talkie chatter to the essentials. Focus on the mission and keep moving.
  • Be the go-between for Mission Control and ground crew. Clear communication = less danger.
  • Place the radar booster strategically to avoid getting lost. If needed, ask Mission Control for a ping.
  • Work with the Weapons Expert. Use your Zap Gun to stun, they’ll do the finishing move.
  • Fun fact: The Zap Gun can scare off Forest Giants!

The Weapons Expert: The Bold and the Brave

This role is all about protection and bravery. They’ve got your back, unless they’re the first to go down (oops).

Weapons Expert Gear:

  • Shovel (light and effective)
  • Stop-Sign and Yield-Sign (for those who like it heavy): All about smacking creatures till they’re toast.
  • Flashlight

Combat Tips:

  • Use railings to your advantage against certain creatures. Makes it easier to take them down.

Remember, just because you’ve got a weapon doesn’t mean you’re Superman! We’ve seen some teammates so busy chasing baddies, they end up taking a nosedive into a hole. Keep your eyes peeled and stay safe out there.

Got a snare flea on your buddy’s face? Here’s a pro tip: give it a good whack to free them. Trust me, they’ll thank you later!

Notes: Choosing your Weapons Expert? Go for someone who’s bold and loves a good surprise. They’re the ones who won’t flinch at creepy crawlies and will have your back.

Meet the Mule – Your Team’s MVP

This role is simple but super important. You’re the pack mule, so your job is to carry as much as you can. Make sure you’ve got plenty of room in your inventory for all the goodies you find.

Tools: A trusty flashlight is your best friend, or you might just go with nothing at all.

Tips: If you’ve got a top-notch flashlight, shadow someone who’s also packing one. This way, you can focus on grabbing items without being weighed down. And hey, don’t forget to drop those bulky two-handed items near the entrance for later pick-up. You’re the speedster of the group, so make it count!

Notes: Not the Mule? No problem. Just hand over your smaller stuff to them. It’s all about making sure everyone’s load is light and the mission goes smoothly.

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