Valheim – How to make Half Door/Small Gate 5 -

Valheim – How to make Half Door/Small Gate

February 10, 2021Steam0

This is quick guide how to make neat little half doors or you can even call them small gates.   How it is done ———————————————————————————————————- […]

Valheim – Easy Fireplace 1 -

Valheim – Easy Fireplace

February 9, 2021Steam0

Easy fireplace that vent’s out completely.     Fireplace This is for a fireplace that will not go out in a rain storm, and will […]

Valheim – Full basic guide 9 -

Valheim – Full basic guide

February 5, 2021Steam0

A full compilation guide about Valheim. This guide is still work in progress Introduction Welcome warrior! In this guide you will find usefull information about […]